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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Link_O_Fett commented on Ninja Combat:

Looks pretty fun. I've never heard of it before, but it could be worth download points if it reaches the U.S.



Link_O_Fett commented on Super Mario 64:

I think it's about time I download this. I haven't played the N64 original in ages and instead I've had to deal with the DS version, which isn't nearly as good.



Link_O_Fett commented on Super C:

I've got Contra 4 on my DS, which includes this game on it, but I think I'll download it on my Wii for the co-op.

I'll do the same with the original Contra when it comes out.



Link_O_Fett commented on Nintendo Power Poll - What Games Do You Want T...:

Hmm.. I think these would be the five I want the most.

Super Smash Bros. (N64)
Star Fox (SNES)
Goldeneye 007 (N64)
Ken Griffey Jr.'s Baseball (SNES)
Super Mario All-Star's (SNES)

Goldeneye and especially Griffey are fairly unlikely, but hopefully it happens. Two of my all time favs.



Link_O_Fett commented on Wii Neo Geo Joystick Coming in April:

Nice. I haven't downloaded any Neo Geo games yet (although KoF '94 is very, very tempting right now), but when I do, I'd like to use the controller that was meant to be used!



Link_O_Fett commented on Original Smash Bros Coming to VC?:

Smash Bros. is one of the great N64 titles in my opinion. It seems like just yesterday me and my friend were playing this game in his room. I'd really like to relive some good memories. ADD THIS GAME TO THE VC PLEASE!!



Link_O_Fett commented on Sonic 3D Blast:

For 800 points, I can't entirely recommend it. I have it on my Mega Collection disc for Gamecube so I definitely don't need it. The controls aren't really too comfortable and just the overall funfactor is ho-hum. It's a decent game, but it would be a much better choice downloading Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, or 3 instead.



Link_O_Fett commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

I agree with chadnorred, Super Metroid may have been the only 2D game of the time to beat out SMB3. Super Mario World, however, came REALLY dang close to beating it. There are two types of Mario fans: the ones that list SMB3 as their fav 2D Mario, and those that prefer SMW.



Link_O_Fett commented on Paper Mario:

Currently one of the best VC games. For 1000 points, PM will last you a good 20 hours. It's a great adventure full of fun characters and great boss battles. Download it now RPG fans.



Link_O_Fett commented on Sonic Spinball:

Not a terrible game at all, but it's tough and probably not entirely worth 800 points.



Link_O_Fett commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

The worst of the original Sonic trilogy, but still dang good platforming fun. The save feature is also a nice touch.



Link_O_Fett commented on Pac-Man:

Pac-Man is a classic, but just about every game already owns this game in about 5 different forms already! Still, for 500 points, good deal.



Link_O_Fett commented on Ristar:

The art style is gorgeous and the gameplay is pretty fun. Solid platforming action.



Link_O_Fett commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

It's the odd ball in the Zelda family, but Zelda II is still a fun classic. I personally love the music and the gameplay, while quite different from the other Zelda games, is still fun. The only reason I knock it down a star is because the game is quite difficult.



Link_O_Fett commented on The Legend of Zelda:

Still one of the best games of all time. For 500 points you get a lengthy adventure with tons of adventurous fun packed in. If you don't have it on Gamecube or GBA, download it immediately.



Link_O_Fett commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is my favorite Sonic game ever and also my favorite Genesis game. If you don't have the game already for Mega Collection on the Gamecube like I do, it's definitely worth the 800 points. The graphics are still colorful and the music is still awesome, one of my all time favorite game soundtracks. The game has a decent length and provides a good challenge (although the final boss is an absolute pain) and having a buddy play as Tails also adds to the fun. A must have for any Wii owner.



Link_O_Fett commented on Metroid:

If you don't already have the game unlocked on Metroid Prime or Zero Mission, it's a good buy for 500 points. The graphics are quite dated and the game mechanics feel odd compared to recent 2D Metroids, but the music still remains classic and it's still a fun game.



Link_O_Fett commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

SMB2 in my opinion is still in the same league as SMB1 and SMB3. My childhood was spent playing all three of these games and I therefore respect all three of them equally. I can see how SMB2 is ultimately considered the "black sheep" of the Super Mario franchise, but it's still a classic.



Link_O_Fett commented on Punch-Out!!:

Well, I knew about him in Brawl. I mean when will he get his own new game?



Link_O_Fett commented on Punch-Out!!:

I will love this game forever. The music and characters are truly memorable and the gameplay itself is just so perfect. Little Mac, when will you come back?



Link_O_Fett commented on Gunstar Heroes:

An incredibly fun shooting game that's great to play multiple times, especially with a friend.



Link_O_Fett commented on Excitebike:

A great game from my childhood and one that's still fun today. The track creator is out dated but still ok and knocking your opponents of the road is still a blast. Classic.