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United Kingdom

Wed 9th Apr 2008

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Stu commented on Nintendo: "Hard Drives Are For Geeks":

It's probably true that 'geeks' are the ones wanting hard drives. However, you don't have to be a geek to recognise how limited the current Wii storage is: something which Nintendo themselves seem very reluctant to do.

People I've spoken to who don't even play video games agree that it's a poor show when I explain that visually the Wii Menu provides 48 channel slots, yet many gamers will stuggle to fill half or even quarter of them before having to resort to the current 'solutions' Nintendo is offering.

It's almost creating the illusion that there is enough space: I thought people would run out of channel slots before memory blocks when I first got my Wii.



Stu commented on Kid Icarus:

Just bought this today as I was browsing the shop...very impressed.

It's certainly challenging, but I like games that offer unforgiving gameplay mechanics.

I also thought it would serve as a nice precursor to the Kid Icarus content in Brawl. Yes, I'm a (patient/foolish depending on your view) European who didn't import.



Stu commented on Where In The World Is Pop?:

Great little interview that answered my questions regarding Pop in Europe.

To me it makes the wait for games so much more bearable when you know why you are waiting!

I wonder if we'll see Pirates this Friday in Europe.



Stu commented on Pirates: The Key of Dreams - First In-Game Video:

I must say I'm much more interested in this now having seen the video.

I know it's only aesthitical, but I like the menu designs. The gameplay seems to exude the pirate theme nicely, as it should.

May well get it depending on how it scores in reviews, etc.



Stu commented on Bomberman:

This is shaping up very nicely.

The price may make or break it for me.



Stu commented on Pop:

This one's a maybe for me at the moment.

It does look interesting, but there may be other games that grab my attention first.



Stu commented on Gyrostarr:

I like the look of this one!

Reminds me a lot of F-Zero in terms of the visuals and music, but the way you play certainly seems unique.



Stu commented on Gravitronix:

Of all the announced WiiWare games, this one has me the most intrigued.

The price is nice too!



Stu commented on Super Metroid:

I've never played this up until now, but based on the high level of acclaim it gets I think it's time I gave it a shot.



Stu commented on Pinball:

I think this provides a decent game of pinball. No more, no less.

Of course, it does lack the experience of playing on a real pinball table, but at least once you've bought it you don't have to keep feeding it coins!



Stu commented on Super Mario World:

Only Ocarina stops me from proclaiming this my favourite game ever.

I even prefer it to Galaxy, though not by much.



Stu commented on Paper Mario:

One of the true N64 greats.

Slightly better than TTYD on the GC in my opinion, but there's not much to choose between the two.



Stu commented on Fantasy Zone:

I can definately recommend this one. This stands out as a very unique and memorable MS game.

It can be quite a challenge though. Dying can be so frustrating!



Stu commented on Donkey Kong Country:

5 stars all the way!

I remember playing this back in the day and being amazed by the whole experience, but the graphics and soundtrack are truly outstanding.

This is up there among must favourite games of all time.