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United Kingdom

Tue 15th Jul 2008

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Gloves commented on Super Metroid:

Did you see the pointer on the wii menu! They must have dropped the remote or something!



Gloves commented on Samurai Shodown:

This looks really good! I like the fact that there is some method involved, and that you have to counter and look for openings to win. This is a definite download for me, after I get Ocarina of Time.



Gloves commented on Imagination Is The Only Escape May Be Coming T...:

There's been a big uproar about the game though because an ex-concentration camp victim has accused the game of being distasteful. To be honest, looking at the DS screens, I can't disagree with a clean conscience.
If you haven't seen the DS screens, then find them on google. The text is extremely graphic in places. Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Luc Bernard pushing for kids to play this?
Does he really think that kids will enjoy that? Sure, it's educational, but if you hand a chirpy nine-year old a DS, you'd expect them to want to play something along the lines of mario, or at least something reminiscent of it. I don't think that they'd chime in, "Have you got any depressing games on the holocaust?" Kids play games for entertainment, not fits of bipolar syndrome.
Look, if the guy does want kids to play it, then he should water it down a bit. If not, then just make it a completely adult orientated game. Not both.



Gloves commented on LostWinds 2:

Lostwinds was great, but too short. I hope that games of this quality aren't impossible to produce on wiiware without a stepdown in longetivity. Also, am I missing something, or does the promise of exclusive information on lostwinds 2 on the official website mean nothing? I still haven't gotten any mail from them about it. Maybe it was just a way of finding out how many people were interested in a sequel.



Gloves commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

It's a shame that you have to flesh out on a virtual console or gamecube controller just to play SNES, N64, etc games. It would have been nice if Nintendo made the Wii-mote and nunchuck compatible with them all.



Gloves commented on Metal Slug:

To answer your question Mr. Cheez, if you die in the level then you lose any POW's you'd collected so far in the level. It's a pretty hardcore game.