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Sun 22nd Nov 2009

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ShawnAustin commented on Review: Super Street Fighter II (Wii Virtual C...:

I just downloaded this and am a bit disappointed. I have the SNES version on VC as well and it's the far superior port. I remember owing the actual Genesis version of this and even that seemed faster than what's offered here. Online play is cool, but tough to find other players.
Can't seem to figure out a control setting to match my preference on the SNES version either.



ShawnAustin commented on Castlevania: Rondo of Blood:

Just grabbed this a week ago, great game but I do prefer the feel of Super Castlevania IV. The music is superior in the SNES game and the 8-direction whip would have been a big plus here.



ShawnAustin commented on Chrono Trigger:

Just finished it after playing through for the first time, excellent game, can't believe its from 1995! 10/10



ShawnAustin commented on Phantasy Star IV:

I've had this on my wii for almost 8 months but never got around to playing it until about a month ago. I really wish I hadn't waited that long!

This is a near perfect RPG with great action, story, characters and all the essential elements. Ive played I, III and now this and am looking forward to going through no. 2 very soon. This is the definitive game in this series and is on par with FF2 for depth and keep you intrigued. 9/10 for sure.



ShawnAustin commented on Review: Castlevania The Adventure ReBirth (Wii...:

Grabbed this last night, and while it's certainly not Super Castlevania IV, the game does have its charm and I agree with many of you, LEVEL 3 IS FREAKIN' HARD!!!! It's got some new twists and revamps the old weapons, but I do miss swinging my whip all over the place and the grappling especially.
Nonetheless, for my first WiiWare d/l, I was quite happy with it and look forward to getting into the game more.



ShawnAustin commented on Street Fighter Alpha 2:

I just grabbed this yesterday and having played sf2, sf2 turbo and ssf2 on snes, it's actually a good conversion. The graphics and sound might have been compromised a bit, but I seriously didn't notice a huge delay for load times and the gameplay is actually quite smooth.
This one is definitely enough to get me interested in playing the sf games again.



ShawnAustin commented on Super Metroid:

Found a used copy of this at a flea market about a year ago. The best $20.00 I've ever spent on any game. So engrossing, great challenge and overall one of the best games ever made.

I've played the original NES version and Prime for Gamecube and this is hands down the ultimate Metroid game!