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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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-Regii commented on Mega Man 9 Downloadable Content List:

Just one thing I wanted to make clear Dazza, I think that you are not able to change your continental Region anymore in the WIi settings, last time I tried all I got was European states.



-Regii commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

"And lastly, to all of you who use illegal methods to download games and what not, you- no matter how large or small your number may be- need to stop using them. If anything, it seems Nintendo is hesitant allowing a memory space update because they are worried about all this crap that is robbing them of their money. You guys are part of the problem, so stop please."

Well, at least I said I useD, y'know. On top, most of the games I've been playing per emulator won't come to VC anyways, like FF and stuff =/
But you are right. Nintendo's hesitation really does have to do with Homebrew and Emulation. They don't want to have the update and the SD reading to be abused, but if there's no solution, the gamers will also be disappointed and annoyed.



-Regii commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

"I heard about Homebrew that already enabled the use of USB in FAT format, but at the time only reading."

Actually, as far as I have experienced (I used Twilight Hack for SNES Games on my Wii), you can already save the SRAM to the SD card as well, not only read the games.

I'm also having massive problems with the storage. Without Brawl (since that's not out here in Europe), I already don't have enough space for a new Virtual Console game (at least no large one) Just have 118 blocks left and I already had to delete some of my VC games. And now with Wii Ware coming up, I could actually puke,
Nintendo HAS to do something on this issue. Making promises and then letting us wait half an eternity is not the way we want to be treated.



-Regii commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Luigi: "Uhm, Mario, are you sure we jumped in the right pipe?"
Mario: "'Course! Didn't you see that sign with "Peip tuh Bauwzer's kastle" on it? I think it looked very genuine!"
Luigi: "Mammamia ..."



-Regii commented on Super Metroid:

Legendary, just legendary. Everything fits PERFECTLY, the sound, the atmosphere, the gameplay, nothing feels or plays faulty. And it is addicting until the end, just great.
I love this game =D



-Regii commented on Pokemon Snap:

I loved this game back then so I'm probably gonna get it, Pokemon Stadium would have been better though ^^



-Regii commented on Strider:

Yeah, really looks awesome. The first time I saw Strider was also whilst playing Marvel vs. Capcom on PS1, can't wait to get my hands on that.



-Regii commented on Star Fox 64:

@Coral: Dito!
I really love this game, I could not stop playing it after my download.
I is worth every of the 1000 points, really!
DL it now !



-Regii commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I also never played Gauntlet, but that definitely was my worst VC-Download ever. I don't like it very much. It's rock hard and even I played it with two players (I don't get more >_>) I just get to the second dungeon and that's it.

No, I think I just delete this piece of crap to make space for better games.



-Regii commented on Super Metroid:

I regret I never played this one. I really have to overtake that. Definitely a must-DL for everyone.



-Regii commented on Yoshi's Story:

Although this is just a rumour I hope it comes out. I played this game at a friend's and it's f**kin' awesome. Want to have it on my own.



-Regii commented on ActRaiser:

I gave it a shot because I heard a lot of positive arguments for it. It is really awesome and didn't disappoint me at all, though the game is very hard. Well, I hope some SNES-bombs like Super Metroid or Secret of Mana (Maybe even 2) will come out soon.

But THIS definitely IS a bomb. If you like Platform games, then download it immediately!

Greetings from GER