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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Poopface commented on Super Metroid:

To the poster not far above...are you kidding me? Metroid 2 was amazing! I'm not sure how many more puzzle elements were in either the first game or Super Metroid than this one, it was structurally a different game for sure, and I never thought the spider ball was all that annoying. If Metroid 2 did one thing flawlessly, it was how they set the ambience and the mood/tone, using creepy audio effects instead of music to fill in the cave areas, if you were ballsy enough to explore them. Metroid 2 in my opinion is vastly underrated, and the original Metroid is vastly overrated, as I think (despite being fun) the two GBA ones are as well. I find spinesharking in those games more annoying than virtually anything in any other Metroid game.

Super Metroid, however, is purely awesome.