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Thu 27th Mar 2008

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megacody commented on USA VC Update: MUSHA:

I'm going to agree with the fox.
Nothing interesting here for me, but as long as Nintendo is trying I don't have any complaints.



megacody commented on Nintendo Channel: John Rowlands C64 Interview:

After watching this video I want to get c64 games in US even more. The guy seems nice, but he seems like he's only interested in making c64 game. I wonder if we can hope for another 8-bit...Nevermind, I'll shut up now.



megacody commented on Nicalis Updates Cave Story Progress:

Cave story is my favorite game currently, I've beaten it numerous times already. I didn't care if they released it on the holidays, my only worry is if the game will get updated in America.



megacody commented on USA VC Update: Kirby's Dream Land 3:

Hey, this release was pretty good! I love challenging games, but I might get it. I've been keeping a close eye on this release for awhile, because I had some good memories playing this in the 2nd grade.



megacody commented on Super Smash Bros.:

I loved this game, but it can only be fully enjoyed with four players. Melee sucked, Brawl was awesome, but the original is fun because it was simple.



megacody commented on USA VC Update: Phantasy Star IV:

Another uninteresting week for me, I was expecting a Christmas miracle in the VC releases these holidays. Merry Hanukkah/Christmas all.

By the way...Who thinks they should release MSX games on VC(other than in Japan) sometime in the future? I just thought it might be cool.



megacody commented on Club Nintendo Comes To North America:

I tried logging in, but it didn't work. I clicked forgot password(also I set it to remember password, and it didn't remember.) and it recognized my account name, but not my email. I had my password sent to my user name so it will appear in my email. That didn't work of course, and I need help. Of course, I've been having problems with my yahoo account and sending passwords recently.



megacody commented on USA VC Update: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master Sy...:

No dude, it's barely a decent game and it's just the same as getting no game to most of us. But you have a point, we should stop complaining and look at VC releases as the lottery.
@ 94. Atlantis1982
Don't. Or you could just not read the comments and your problems are solved. Also notice that some VC releases (cough)Booger man(cough) are a lot more annoying than any stupid comments from whiny fan boys like me. The fact is we got one game, and we can all have opinions.
@ 102. Mr. Cheez & 71. Jockolantern



megacody commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bruiser & Scratch, Hockey ...:

I agree with Damo.
Sonic Unleashed + better level design - werewolf gimmick + focusing less on speed - stupid unnecessary characters + saving cute animals - Eggman + Dr. Robotnik = A GOOD SONIC GAME LIKE THE GOOD OL' DAYS!

As for today's releases...nothing interesting to me on wiiware or virtual console. HURRY UP ON CAVE STORY NICALIS! I downloaded it a week ago, and I just beat Balrog...I love it!



megacody commented on USA VC Update: Space Harrier:

Please come soon Ness, so the western culture can once again be ridiculed. Especially after this inappropriate release. This would've been a perfect Monday for Earthbound or Castlevania 3. In fact, any Monday would be perfect.



megacody commented on New DSiWare Details Revealed:

Is that Pyro from Wario Ware? Let's hope Mother 3 will be for DSiWare. I've imported and can't read Japanese, and the emulators can't capture that gaming feeling in the battle system.



megacody commented on Review: The Incredible Maze (WiiWare):

Wow. Tough Biscuits, Digital Leisure. These horrible games are what inspires me to become a game designer when I grow up. Seriously, this is one of the most unoriginal ideas for a game...even the title lacks creativity. The Incredible Maze? Ugh...



megacody commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I loved the killer bunny scene from monty python's holy grail.

Looks a very nice, too bad I live ins a US and A. Great Success!



megacody commented on Updated Cave Story Artwork Causes Controversy:

The first one looks better to me, although it really tries to looks like its blocky. The second sprite looks like its really trying to look top-notch while staying true to a retro look, know...kudos.



megacody commented on EU WiiWare Update: Midnight Bowling and Potpou...:

I have to warn some people, Protoman's game play is pretty weak. I would recommend endless stage, it's like a new game. Protoman's game play can get pretty annoying. Trust me, I still haven't beaten the game with Protoman, and if your a rookie, you'll probably need a guide to beat the game with him. Endless mode is worth the extra 100 points.

Endless mode 8/10



megacody commented on Review: Potpourrii (WiiWare):

I could have guessed it wouldn't do good, even though I'm not a big puzzle game fan, I much prefer platformers. Keep on trucking Abstraction Games.



megacody commented on USA VC Release: Mega Man 2:

Mega Man 2=Gnarly
I already beat this enough times though, I'm saving my points for Mega Man 9 anyways. Also I spent my money for points card on Conker Bad Fur Day on ebay, since Rare is with microsoft now.



megacody commented on Braid Is Too Big For WiiWare:

I have been following this game around for a few months, hoping it may come to wiiware. My dreams have been broken. Someday I hope I can play this game. Retail, please?



megacody commented on Luc Bernard's Pitch For The Star Thief:

Interesting. Luc, you still have a bright future in the game business. Just because the first review was bad (even if all the reviews were bad.) doesn't mean you can't still make great games. Take criticism, even if it isn't constructive. Please reconsider.



megacody commented on Ecco Jr.:

T for Teen. Wheres all the animated blood and violence?