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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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andsoitgoes commented on Review: Final Fantasy III (Virtual Console / S...:

Bar none one of my favorite games of all time. I remember playing this with friends, taking turns, in between Lunar on the Sega CD. BUt man, even though Lunar was bloody awesome, there was something so special and unique with FF6.

I remember that it easily cost $80 upon release. $80!!! And I loved it then, so damn much. Bought it when I moved to Canada back in 97 for $60, had to make a trip to some dude's seedy apartment complex, complete with a printed copy of the manual

Got it on the Gba and was so damn thrilled. You'd have to kick me dead to pry it from my hands. And believe it or not, it looked AMAZING on the gba micro (clearance sales ftw!). I played it with an amazing sense of love.

Does anyone remember hunting for the super rare esper in the forest? I think it was some dinosaur or something, I can't completely remember....

Ugh I'm torn. Do I buy this, again?? I added the wii points, but I'm torn. It's not the gba version, just the stock snes port...

Well, it's not going anywhere



andsoitgoes commented on Fatal Fury:

Okay - I have to admit I loved playing this game in the arcades when I was younger. I sunk a lot of quarters into it. However, the same reason that I don't drop money on a NES game that I may have enjoyed as a kid, is the same reason I regret spending almost 10 bucks on this one. I picked it up, played it for a few minutes and then sat back thinking "Why? What did I do that for?" Maybe I was just better at this stuff when I was a kid. Who knows, but in the end I'm not thrilled that I spent the money, and the game to me PALES in comparison to even the SNES version of SF2, but that could also be how much that game meant to me, it was the first game I ever bought. This just strikes me as shallow and not the game it was when I was younger. Sigh. Shame I can't send this game to someone else, would be a nice gift maybe?



andsoitgoes commented on Super Metroid:

Good heavens, I love this game. I remember it fondly when I was a teenager, and I loved it when I snagged it from a friend and I don't think I ever returned it (Sorry Kyle!!) - it has forever been my favorite game, and I've played through countless times.

The first time I replayed it after say 6 years it took me 8 hours, because of the love of everything, the weapons, the special moves, all the secrets and man - that music. It's a combination of meloncholy and uttery amazing beauty.

This has such depth, such story, but without anything ever being said. Those silent moments running from corridor to corridor, it's impossible to relate just how awesome that is.

For anyone who liked Fusion - Bleh to you. That game turned Samus into an idiot. This game, THIS game is Samus in her finest since Metroid Prime. Get it, if you don't like it - at least you know you own one of the best games ever!!