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Sat 19th Jul 2008

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Modern_Legend commented on E3 2010: Corbie's Reaction to 3DS on Video:

Lol i love how everyone is like wow...incredible, and says that like 5 times. I also love how the people interviewing dont understand that the people theyre talking to want to keep playing the 3DS and not waste time on them hahahaha



Modern_Legend commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Gets Perfect Score i...:

Im sorry, i disagree with famitsu as well. I dont believe this game ranks up there with the likes of brawl in the slightest. im sorry, i just dont feel the same way. 35-37/40 more like what id have expected

EDIT I recognize this is FOUR opinions, and that four people may not share my own out of thousands of reviewers, so im not complaining



Modern_Legend commented on Toribash Has Finished Development:

This to me doesnt look interesting. Is it just a case of whoever hits first wins? i know nothing about this franchise, but seriously, i dont see any combos or actual strategic street fighter fighting in this. Can someone who knows this title please explain lol



Modern_Legend commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade Destiny Trailer:

Can we start asking for tatsunoko vs capcom videos too, i get the point of this (and would like continued trailers) but i also want to see more vids for that and whats different in the american/european versions hands on



Modern_Legend commented on Muramasa: The Demon Blade Boss Trailer:

Wow first time seeing it now and it is suuuperb, graphics, combos, everything, now hope for co-op lol wishful thinking. Will probably pick this gem up.

On a more gruesome note, can u imagine how graphic this game would be if there was blood in it. Geez with all those 60+ hit combos this would be like a 2D madworld gone mad.



Modern_Legend commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

Good review, i say a 9 or 10 would have been what i expected (the 9 being if the reviewer valued multiplayer or not). I still say the fact multiplayer has taken a hit is a downer for me, still not sure if its worth my money. I think i will pick it up but ill wait to see some multiplayer footage, because that will be the only truly new experience i may have with this game.



Modern_Legend commented on Brand New Rage of the Gladiator Gameplay Video:

Yo Scott, what job do you do at Ghostfire Studios? Also, since it seems you guys are pretty good at First person graphics....maybe we can see a sweet fps on wiiware from you guys! Or maybe even a retail oblivion type game if you want to keep the first person weapon wielding genre instead!



Modern_Legend commented on Nintendo Download: Ninjas, Picture Books, Slot...:

YEEEES REVENGE OF SHINOBI!!!! We have that arcade game at the dentists place but u cant beat the first level due to the fact the analog stick is broken so u cant jump down once u jump to a higher level! my brother's always wanted to beat it, so i guess we'll pick it up

EDIT Dammit, its the wrong shinobi, bust everything i just said, i thought this was the first one



Modern_Legend commented on The Three Musketeers: One for All! Coming to N...: i guess, not sure if i want it though XD
EDIT Actually...the platforming and art style is good i should say, but theres only one type of attack you can do from what ive seen and that attack looks bogus, why couldn't there be hack and slash combos lol



Modern_Legend commented on Review: Battalion Wars 2 (Wii):

we need more third person shooters like this ill be honest, this game did a good job trying to pull it off, now if they keep working at it and add offline (or if another company does) the game will be our Gears of war and will be a sell out



Modern_Legend commented on Review: Wii Sports: Resort (Wii):

Wow...i have actually changed my mind on not buying this (for those of you who knew, i really disliked this when i saw it, looked like a gimmick) BUT NOW Its definitely on my bottom spot in my waiting list Just kidding, this is actually a must buy now, who wudda thunk it XP



Modern_Legend commented on Stunt Cars:

looks like it could be a cheap excitebots crossed with mario kart. Will keep my eye on this
@KS8 Id rather have no online in return for a game that runs at a constant/steady framerate in single player and local multiplayer



Modern_Legend commented on Super Mario Galaxy Shines in 720p:

I know its about gameplay but man no matter who you are, if ur asked the question, would u like to play it normally or in HD, DOESNT MATTER WHO U R, you will not say it doesnt matter, you'll try and play it cool like it doesnt and say maybe ill try the HD, but the point is u wil pick HD if u had the option lol even i a gameplay guy admits to that lol