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United Kingdom

Sun 20th January, 2008

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Mendez commented on Guitar Rock Tour:

I had this on DS, it's pretty good though I found it got a bit boring after a few hours.
I wonder how much it'll be cut down compared to the full retail release.. I might consider buying it again as a download.



Mendez commented on Review: Harvest Moon (SNES):

I really couldn't get into this after playing Back to Nature and Friends of Mineral Town so much.
Just feels too basic.. I got bored after about 2 hours.



Mendez commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

I hope we get this on Halloween (next VC week)
I've heard some great things about this and over the past few months I've gotten really into the series for the first time.



Mendez commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

ONM's 58% review put me off this slightly but I'll be getting it as soon as I next buy Wii points. I now have space for more games as I've finally parted with Toki Tori..



Mendez commented on USA VC Update: Sonic (Master System) and Splat...:

If only this was the EU update!
These are 2 of just 4 or so games I want on VC that look they'll be coming over the next few months.
Looking back at the news stories the last VC game that actually got me excited by it's release was Kirby 64 on March 7th...



Mendez commented on Wild West Guns:

I was just about to get this until I discovered it takes up 300 blocks
Looks really good though



Mendez commented on Earthworm Jim:

Only just noticed this is ESRB rated =o
*Gets excited *
Hopefully not much longer before we see it!



Mendez commented on The Wii Hard Drive Is Here And Hilariously Fake:

First half of the title had me fooled for a second
I've given up waiting, I'll just be surprised if we do get something.
I'm a bit fed up though, I've completed less than 20% of my VC games and not played about 15% of them for more than an hour because I've had to delete them before getting a chance.



Mendez commented on Space Harrier:

Can't wait for this, always liked Space Harrier 2 on MD and if this one really is as superior as people say it should be great. =]



Mendez commented on Review: My Pokémon Ranch:

Hmm, I saw this coming ages ago but I still hoped it'd turn out good. Ah well.

What's the bet Europe will get this alone for the next fortnights release?



Mendez commented on WiiWare Launches In Europe:

I'm kind of dissapointed we didn't get Pop, that was the main one I was looking at when I found out Defend Your Castle wasn't coming out yet.

Dr Mario makes up for it though, and I've deleted my N64 games to get Toki Tori or Lost Winds...

Edit: What was with that Dr Mario demo? It was up there for free last night but when I looked at 10am this morning it was gone =/



Mendez commented on Defend Your Castle:

121 blocks?!
That's definitely a put off for when it does come out here as I'm running out of games I want to delete...



Mendez commented on Introducing WiiWare World:

@52. Pocketim: Don't give up, just keep practicing like I am. You can only get better, right?
I saw one of your reviews quickly and it wasn't that bad.



Mendez commented on Earthworm Jim:

I hope we won't end up waiting about half a year, I used to love this!
Can't wait to play it again.

@Cally: I haven't actually played the SNES one but that version was missing the level "Intestinal Distress" so I'm glad it's the MD version we're getting.



Mendez commented on Mega Man:

"Dang those lucky europeans they get everything"



Mendez commented on EU VC Release - March 21st - Sega Week - Mega ...:

I was hoping for Super Mario Kart a bit too much I think...

It just made sense for Nintendo to release it this week, with people being off school and possibly work for Easter and with MKWii out in 3 weeks...



Mendez commented on Rolling Thunder 2:

Got this game yesterday, it's awesome!

Really glad I decided to take the risk and be adventurous for a change =D



Mendez commented on Kirby's Avalanche:

I think I'll download this now, I'm just desperate for something Kirby, even if it isn't a proper Kirby game =[



Mendez commented on EU VC Releases - 25th January - Super Street F...:

I don't know why I even bother reading comments anymore, they always consist of 50%+ moaning posts. =/
The VC is obviously going to slow down eventually, some people are just can't accept that..

I'd download this but I've already gone and bought Turbo because I was told it was the best. Ah well.



Mendez commented on 1080 Snowboarding:

It's alright, but I find it hard to control and the tricks are way to difficult to perform...
I was thinking about giving it another go but other games take priority.



Mendez commented on Tetris Attack:

One of my favourite Puzzle games ever, this needs to be released ASAP!
So many memories in need of refreshing!



Mendez commented on Harvest Moon:

Good game but it's hard for me to really enjoy this after playing the PS1, Gameboy Advance and DS games.

If you've never tried a Harvest Moon game before I highly reccomend you giving this a go, it's a truly great series.



Mendez commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

Damn it.
I'd probably have a 360 by now, but I've heard they break a lot and I'm mega unlucky with consoles. =[
Plus I don't really have the time for any more consoles than I have.