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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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720isback commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

If they release Sonic and Knuckles with this I'll be happy, Sonic + Knuckles 3 is one of my top 3 favourite games ever.



720isback commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th July - Paper Mario:

Demonic Steev - Come on, the Europeans aren't used to getting games first so give em a break.

Hell we'll probably get this next week yet Europe dont get super paper mario until September.

If Europe get Super Metroid before USA though. Then it's a different story! >=[



720isback commented on Super Metroid:

I gave in and started playing the Snes version, I couldn't wait any longer! unless its out tomorrow i'm just gonna plough through the SNES version.



720isback commented on Super Metroid:

I have this feeling that on 25th June, USA gamers will get super metroid, if not then it'll be a pretty good game (ie. Yoshi's island or something)

Then again i'll probably be disappointed.



720isback commented on US VC Releases - 18th June - Bloody Wolf:

You PAL gamers have fun playing f zero x a couple weeks ahead of us (you know... a game most of us still own or played years ago)

and we'll get busy in our Super paper mario and wait for smash bros brawl which you guys will probably be waiting an extra month or so for!

Also I do remember you guys having to wait for zelda LTTP for quite a few weeks after us USA gamers got it =p



720isback commented on Super Metroid:

I'd say its 100 times better than Prime myself.

Recently borrowed it off a friend on the Snes and got half way and the save deleted.
So decided to wait for the VC version to finish it, but i might just lose my patience and play the Snes one again.

i'd hardly say every metroid after it was disappointing, Metroid fusion was very similar but linear and guided by a computer, metroid zero mission is brilliant too.

I want a new 2D metroid on the VC and/or DS