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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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ouenben commented on Want to Know The Real Reason Star Fox Was Rena...:

Spelling mistake in the second paragraph (after the quote):

It should be; Occurred

I found Star Fox 3D to be pretty fun albeit short game, I owned but actually played very little of the original N64 version.

Have a nice day.



ouenben commented on NSFW: Zelda, Peach and Samus Shed Clothing In ...:

Yeah Betagam7, things are obviously not the greatest if websites are cutting their direct feeds from you.

Stupid 'news' articles aside it would be nice if the writers here gave the puns a bit of a rest. They're just not funny.



ouenben commented on NSFW: Zelda, Peach and Samus Shed Clothing In ...:

Shouldn't it be NSFS (Not safe for school) given that's where the majority of the sites readers will be at, not work.

Which further emphasises the point that this website:

  • Does not need this kind of articles
  • Should not have this kind of articles
  • is a joke
  • Coming next week on Nintendo life, We found a whole bunch of zelda hentai, direct video embeds and image hotlinking included!!!


ouenben commented on DSiWare: Pre-release Roundup:

joshysquashy - No absolutely not but on the other hand you have access to a bunch of GBA games, many many great games much better than DSiware games.



ouenben commented on DSiWare: Pre-release Roundup:

thewiirocks - you are going by nothing more than a rumour I'm afraid. A virtual handheld would be sweet but i gave up waiting for that and bought a GBA SP.

Warioware snapped looks okay but the real fun come when they release Made in Ore for DS, a Warioware game where YOU make your own Microgames!!



ouenben commented on DSiWare: Pre-release Roundup:

Hmm still not enough to make me buy a DSi I'm afraid!

I woulda considered it had A) it not been so expensive and B) they not removed the GBA slot removing the ability to play a large library of games, and the accessories/addons and DS-GBA link games that worked with it!

Sorry Nintendo i'll just wait for the sequel to the DS.
I might always pick up one of these in a few years if they're cheap enough at the time though



ouenben commented on Brand New Harvest Moon Series: Ranch Store Scr...:

Congrats Bahamut! You've been nominated for the Douche awards 2009!

This game looks bizarre. I love my harvest moon but they all play very similarly so it could be nice to see something a little different.

then again this looks worryingly like a bunch of minigames (Milk the cow! shear the sheep! etc)



ouenben commented on USA VC Update: Life Force:

sstinsd: You're an idiot.

Kotaku is bad enough with all the idiots going "first"
I'd hoped they wouldn't come here sigh.

Also another weekly update that doesn't interest me at all. Ah well



ouenben commented on USA VC Update: Sonic Chaos:

My guess is that Sonic & knuckles won't hit the VC til Sega/Nintendo work out how theyr'e gonna get sonic 3 + knuckles on there.



ouenben commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

Bass X0 thats exactly how I felt about it! I think the bonk games are over rated and far too simple.

This game looks lovely, the art style is beautiful.
It plays very well and has co-op and the new animal friends who enhance your powers. Many levels to play through, great music.

It was mostly a little on the easy side but I find most Kirby games like that. Seems crazy to give this only 3 stars. An insult even given Kirbys dream course got 4 stars and the NES one got 5 stars.
The problem seems to be everyone thinks Superstar is better, and that is probably the case but that doesn't make this one bad or redundant it's still a great, charming and fun Kirby game among the best of the series.



ouenben commented on SnakeByte Christmas Compo - Win Yourself Some ...:

Two more:
"A few NES Games £5 each
Two Super scope £10 each

Having all this cool Retro stuff only for none of it to work with Virtual console.... Priceless!!!"

Turns out it's a movie poster!
Nintendork the Movie!
"Coming soon to a ULTRA cinema near you!
Prepared for the most SUPER movie you've ever seen?
Take your frienDS! If they argue just tell them seeing the movie is NESessary!!"

The WIIzard! (The Wizard II)
"The sequal to The Wizard. You'll love it more coz It's TWO bad!



ouenben commented on SnakeByte Christmas Compo - Win Yourself Some ...:

"Later that day after spending all his birthday money his parents gave him a Playstation"

"This Nintendo addiction is much better than my WoW addiction! And cooler!"

Sega: We do what Nintendon't! Has anyone seen 2 menacer guns lying around?

"This image was taken the day before the second largest videogames crash"

"You don't wanna know where he had to plug in that Gamecube Broadband adaptor"

"Little did he know he was getting a Playstation one for christmas"

"Here is the single reason why the Sony and Nintendo partnership was terminated"

"Gamer: Y'know maybe casual gamers aren't that bad!"

"Poor fella. Caught Nintenditis. It spread so quickly... not even Dr. Mario could save him now"

"Classified prototype image of the Wii 2's user interface."

Cammy Dunaway: aged 16



ouenben commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

I'm still glad I imported my Wii. (I live in UK but got it from Canada)
We may not have got a great game today but we have Secret of mana and Europe don't so that's good enough for me =p



ouenben commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

I liked this game but if you ask me the first boss is quite difficult for a first boss. (plus you have to wonder why Robotnik didn't just let sonic fall into the lava)



ouenben commented on Hands on with SnakeByte's XS Starter Pack:

"It’s always struck us as rather strange that Nintendo held off allowing third party manufacturers to produce controllers for the Wii for such a long time."

Why would it be strange? More money for Nintendo because consumers wouldn't be buying the 3rd party alternatives for whatever reason and plus if they were really bad or had poor motion sensors they could put off potential wii owners. I'm surprised Nintendo has/will let ANYONE make a 3rd Party Wii remote given how important it is to the console.



ouenben commented on Nintendo Channel for Wii now available in Nort...:

"Atlantis1982 United States 08 May 2008, 07:57 GMT

I also happen to have around 20+ VC games, all the channels excluding Mario Kart, and the big 'ol Brawl save file. Here is the thing that I do; I keep a certain amount of games on the memory. Problem solve. "

No not really, you're taking the solution that many of us want to avoid donig, deleting games to make space for others, it's a pain in the ass, I'd like all my games available at once, without having to move them around on a SD card or re-downloading them! Hence why we want a HDD or something.

Nintendo channel takes a hefty 200-300 blocks so I deleted it, as I dont have a DS anymore and the videos are useless as I can see them on my PC quicker and easier.



ouenben commented on LostWinds:

Not played Final fantasy but I know Lost winds doesn't try to get more money out of you for extra classes etc.
Love it so far, impressions in the Wiiware subforum on VC forums for those interested



ouenben commented on TV Show King:

Impressions in the Wiiware Forum on VC forums for those interested.
I voted 4/5 stars



ouenben commented on Master System Hitting US 'Soon', 400 Points Pe...:

DJ Trifoce - Err no. Yen is very high numbers for even small purchases.

1 Yen = $0.010052 according to

Japan pays the least going by exchange rates and Europe pays the most.
I have a US Wii so I pay say $20 for 2000 points which is £10



ouenben commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

"yes kewdew... the question is who doesn't have a 360 that still works, LOL, personally I wouldn't touch one for 3 reasons...
1. 3RLOD - see if yours can last more than a year
2. extortionate add-ons (60 quid for wireless net adaptor (We thought Bill gates was rich enough (and too many suckers to buy it))
3. Does nobody ask Microsoft why Nintendo and Sony manage online gaming for free but M charge 40 - 50 a year (Some ppl are getting ripped off methinks)
No thanks

I will miss not being able to play these titles on a modern console, but i'd rather fish out my old N64 than line Gate's pockets even more."

1.My xbox 360 is 17 months old. Still going strong. It's not as bad as you think and with the new Falcon chips the reliabity should increase greatly. 3 year warranty too so if it does break you can get it replaced for free (except postage)
My wii died. 13 months old. The xbox 360 outlived it. I was careful with it and everything too.

2. They don't force you to use wireless. everyone knows wired is better anyway. Wii makes you pay for Wired adaptor or usb adaptor if you dont have wireless router. Besides no-one pays £60 for the adaptor you can find it much cheaper elsewhere.
Nintendo aren't known for cheap accessories either. £20 for a plastic gun attachment? (fair enough it includes zelda minigame)
£45 for one controller? (Nunchuck is required in most games and it cant be used by itself can it)
Charging docks are expensive on Wii too (Dont think Nintendo makes any though)

3. Because Xbox live is much better. it's £40 for a year or £5 a month but many retailers will do the 12 month subscription for £35. It's not far off magazine subscriptions which only give you 12 issues a month.
Sure PSN and Nintendo Wifi are free but do they have anywhere near as many players, servers and games as Xbox live? Hell no.
Friends codes suck and you cant see your friends list at any time on PSN like you can on Xbox live. I can see what they're playing, send them voice messages, pictures (if i have the vision cam), invite them to a game Im playing online (very easy to setup games unlike Nintendo wifi/PSN)

Xbox 360 has a better library, better online, more power, better storage (Nintendo need to sort the storage issue ASAP), same prices as Wii games too £30-£40 for new releases.

Im a big fan of Nintendo have been for a while but the Wii continues to dissapoint me as Nintendo have left the Core gamer and fed him only scraps while they give out the full meal to the casuals.



ouenben commented on Goldeneye NOT Virtual Console Bound?:

diablos79 - Dont forget Microsoft own Rareware too!
Shame they cant release the originals on the Wii VC and remake them for XBLA. I seriously expect remakes of some sort as they can't just stick an N64 emulator on there without Nintendo's authorisation



ouenben commented on EU VC Release - 4th January - Harvest Moon:

Am I the only one really happy to see Harvest moon on the VC. I've been hoping for ages it would appear but didn't think Natume/whoever were signed up.
Hopefully it reaches USA Virtual console soon



ouenben commented on US VC Releases - 31st December - Light Crusader:

Can anyone confirm how similar the NES Bubble bobble is to the Master system version?

The MS version seems to have the edge graphically (Those NES screens look bad to me) but the MS version had extra bonus levels and the extra 100 levels if you collected a few things on the way, and a few bosses (Arcade only has the final boss which sucks)



ouenben commented on Check Mii Out Channel to hit on Sunday:

"This is so lame. Finally a channle that might be worse than the Everybody Votes, it doens't get worse than that. They should spend their time lowering prices on the VC games and developing one decent game for the Wii." Comment by Birr

Okay so Metroid prime 3, mario strikers charged, super mario galaxy, super paper mario, Zelda twilight princess. I think they all classify as publicly decent (In the sense that the majority of us see them as decent, inc reviews)

Also VC prices are fair, it's not like Nintendo are forcing you to buy them, nor are they stopping you from getting the original consoles and games themselves.

And lastly while you may not like the new check Mii out channel, everywhere I've checked (various forums/news sites) have all said nothing but positive things about it and I gotta agree. It's free, its fun and it's community driven, if you don't like it. Don't download it.



ouenben commented on US VC Releases - 1st October - Two Japan-only ...:

Once again USA catches up on games it missed AND still has Yoshi's story and Super metroid to itself =p

Also 1800 = $18 = £9
Europeans have to pay... £12.60 for them.

Although mario bros 2 is gone.

USA FTW (or Japan but I like being able to read my games)




ouenben commented on Yoshi's Story:

They don't have super metroid yet =p

I think USA gets just as many games before Europe as Europe get before us, we got Super mario bros first, we got Zelda ALTTP first, Metroid first, etc. plus we pay less =p

Also Europeans tend to get N64 games before us and usually only by 3 days (F zero x was an extra week i think)



ouenben commented on US VC Releases - 17th September - Yoshi's Story:

Demon212 - sorry but thats a bunch of lies, yoshi's story may not be in your good books but doesnt make it one of the worst weeks ever.

Zack - 'One, the stage ends after you eat enough fruit, and NOT after you've been through all of it. Two, you don't even get to play every stage in one play-through of the game! It has some weird system that results in you only get to go to two or three stages in each world. And three, the game was very unforgiving with its lives system, giving you only five different-colored Yoshi's, and if you die, you lose that Yoshi and have to pick a color you don't like as much. It's definitely not worth $10.'

So? You can exit some mario levels far from the end of the level so I guess Mario bros 3 and Mario world must be crap.
The whole games to do with eating the fruit, they don't force you to eat the first 30 fruit you come across you know, you can ignore certain fruit and get only lucky ones or favourite or even only melons. it's a unique gameplay method that is a nice break from the typical yet traditional run from the start to the end, left to right.

Not being able to play all stages in 1 playthrough just gives it more replayability, you can play 1 stage in each of the 6 worlds, each level is fairly long (except the first) which will last a good 5-10 mins per level, and like i said more replayability, you could have countless different playthroughs of the game, choosing different levels each time, with a total of 4 levels per page and 6 pages thats 24 levels, you could even play all of them in just 4 play throughs.

Given that the game is quite easy I don't think it matters that much about dying, there is 6 yoshis and the vastly superior black and white ones if you unlock them. Obv. you go for your favourite colour but if he dies its not the end of the world if you cant choose him anymore, but at least they gave you the choice, wish i could be Green in FEAR and Gears etc, but I can't so they both suck.
TBH thats a bad reason to dislike the game.

This game is well worth $10, it's got something for easy gamers, casual gamers, kids, gamers wanting a challenge, yoshi lovers, etc!
Most importantly to me it's just fun and charming to play through.



ouenben commented on Yoshi's Story:

To me Yoshi's Island is a superb game, not 10/10 but worthy of download for definate

It's a fairly short & somewhat easy challenge if you go through the game's 6 worlds only sampling one of the levels.
Great for kids or someone looking for a break from all the serious games like Gears of War, bioshock, etc.

However you can dig deeper into this game and there's more on offer if you put the effort in, such as the ace black and white yoshi's, 4 levels in each world meaning 24 levels, if you chose a different level per world each time the game is different each play-through giving tonnes of variety, also you can try and get 100% melons or favourite fruit in each level which is quite difficult.

I think it's a charming game that's great for gamers of all ages, it may look kiddy (personally I think it looks beautiful) but it's got challenge within it for those who seek it, and offers fun throughout the whole adventure.



ouenben commented on US VC Releases - 17th September - Yoshi's Story:

Yoshi's island was great imo. not a superb platforming classic, specially after Yoshi's island but it's a cute, fun enjoyable game, going through the main game isnt difficult but theres more challenge if you set out to play each of the 4 levels in every world, unlock the white/black yoshi's and get some stages with 100% melons or favourite fruit.

It's by no means the next 10/10 platformer to grace the VC (that'll be mario bros 3) but it's a fun romp for adults and kids. Kids can play through it normally and adults can dig deeper into the more challenging unlockables/ways of playing it.

Couldn't care about not getting SMB2j tbh, more interested in the vastly superior SMB3!

Yoshi's story is a great title people don't be put off because it looks kiddy.



ouenben commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 3:

I know its a game on its own right etc, but people you really should be playing Sonic 3 & Knuckles, it's the True sonic 3! and it beats the crap out of Sonic 2.