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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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peda commented on September is Hanabi Festival in Europe:

yeeah, sin & punishment!!! and for how long are those games available on the VC? does nintendo remove them end of october? are they also more expensive like smb2j and picross? hopefully not! so enjoy your hanabi!!!



peda commented on EU VC Releases - 14th September - Double Japan...:

i never thought that games originally released only in japan would come to europe's VC! i hope there will be some more coming soon! but what the hell is that with only available to the end of september??? can anybody tell me what is the reason for this? is that also true for mario's super picross? because in the shop you can see a small star beside both games, but a statement is only given to super mario bros 2 japan!!! i hope that this kind of marketing is not getting standard for the VC!



peda commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

i suggest strongly to wait for "turtles in time" for the SNES! not because it's that easy, but it is the much better game! Above all it has one of the best two-player modes like "contra 3"! If you want a real challenge, download this NES-version!!



peda commented on Super Metroid:

i missed playing this game in the past, but after all i heard of it this must be amazing! i will definitely dowload it for vc!



peda commented on Hardware Focus - Nintendo Entertainment System:

it's interesting to hear, how different the companys were present on the continents with their console's. i didn't know that sega was so popular in europe, especially in great britain! during my childhood nearly everybody got a nes and later on a snes! i only remember two persons who had a mega drive (genesis) and i never heard anything of a master system back then! hopefully i can play all my former favourite nintendo-games on the virtual console soon!



peda commented on Wonder Boy in Monster World:

if you like dragon's curse, you also like wonderboy in monsterworld and vice versa. it's a great game until the last boss. i didn't manage to beat him until now...frustrating! That's not necessary though it's the last enemy. what a pity!!



peda commented on Punch-Out!!:

one of the best NES-games ever beside "bionic commando"! download it! nintendo did everything right and made the best boxing-game until now! i'm not interested in boxing in any other way, but i love this game! only one thing i don't understand: they replaced the last boxer, mike tyson himself, with somebody called mr. dream?!? ok, try to reach a 14-0 KO record...i did it! much fun!!!



peda commented on Super C:

i only played "contra 3 - the alien wars" for the SNES! do you think that game may be interesting for me too?