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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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HumanIce commented on Silent Debuggers:

ahhhhaha.. I have this game on my Wii.. please, get the game to your Wii.. it's a very scray, funny at some point game..
but it's the most creepy FPS I've ever played in my life, you walk in a dark dungeon after the lights turn off, and you see all kinds of scary creatures around.. and some of them try to escape from you when you've shot them, and it just.. a very hard game.. you won't beat it.. EVER. but I like this game on my Wii.. it's better than some sonic I got to Wii for a bad point.. getting sonic to VC is a mistake.. I hate sonic.. boring game..



HumanIce commented on Super Metroid:

@ mario/yoshi

umm.. I don't think you have even played this game before.. the last boss is the easiest boss of them all.. or.. almost.. if you could get passed the 2 golden enemies, you could easily beat the final boss..