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United Kingdom

Sun 20th January, 2008

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link64 commented on Super Fantasy Zone:

to be honest, with my pea brain, I have no idea what all the fuss is about I found it to be quite an average shmup.



link64 commented on Yoshi's Story:

People say that collecting all of the melons gives the game more replay value but I found this to be a very tedious process that’s not worth doing.

Also Yoshi's Story isn’t the kind of game that can brag about getting a high score to your friends.



link64 commented on September is Hanabi Festival in Europe:

"All the games in the Hanabi Festival will stay forever, except for Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan), which, as NoE puts it, is a "collectors' item" and won't return after this month (At least for a while, I guess)."

How can a downloadable game be a collectors item.



link64 commented on Super Thunder Blade:

is this like Space Harrier if so I will skip this one since Space Harrier always gives me a headache after 5-10mins.



link64 commented on Devil's Crush:

I have herd that the Megadrive version had different music ( the same songs just arranged differently) which are considered worse.



link64 commented on Paper Mario:

Paper Mario was released in Europe it was just largely ignored.



link64 commented on Ninja Spirit:

The edition of the pc engine mode is nice but this game is to short.



link64 commented on Alien Storm:

why does everyone keep calling this a beat em up when it looks more like a run and gun game.



link64 commented on Contra III: The Alien Wars:

Far better than Gunstar heroes there is a real sense of atmosphere in this game thanks to far better level design, you can store 2 weapons and can use bombs.



link64 commented on China Warrior:

Has every one who reviewed this game played it (judging by some of your comments I don’t not think so).



link64 commented on Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts:

By the way how is this version different from the Capcom classics version I mean is that based on the harder American or Japanese version.

I know about there being less slow down and no save state.



link64 commented on Gunstar Heroes:

I could not really get into this ether all the levels seemed really flat and the game seemed to lack atmosphere.

It just seems to be about speed I would recommended contra 3 / super protector over this.



link64 commented on Super Mario Bros.:

I think this game has not aged that well I mean the controls are tight but there is not that much variety in the stages.



link64 commented on Super Castlevania IV:

"I wanted to write a small review to warn others from spending points on this mediocre title since it seems so strongly suggested here.

I have no idea why so many people seem to like this version. I have played just about every Castlevania and this, while it isn't the worst, it is far from a "great" game.

The music is OK, but it doesn't fit the game. Overall it is very monotonous and lulls you to sleep. Not bad, but it's not dark like most of the the Castlevania games tend to be.

The gameplay is just average. No better or worse then past generations. This is the first time you can hold your whip out and actually swing it around even after it has fully extended.

Overall this game is pretty boring and I would not recommend it. If you never played it and you're a big Castlevania fan, go ahead and get it. If you are on the fence, save your points/money and pass."

You sound as if you haven't got very far on the game yes the music is very slow paced on the first few levels but then the first few levels are very slow paced and very easy compared to the last levels.

When you get though the first few levels the gameplay and music are at far faster speed.



link64 commented on Metroid:

The game is very repetitive (you see the same areas way to much).



link64 commented on Breath of Fire II:

well from what I have read the GBA has:

-2x the EXP
-3x the $$$
-a dash button for travel
-cut scenes
-different character art
-slightly different translation (I hear it has similar engrish to the SNES version)



link64 commented on Super Star Soldier:

I would like to give this a higher score but the lack of check points and often confusing weapon system mean I have to give it a lower score.



link64 commented on ActRaiser:

Well the controls are better than castlevania you have to give it that.



link64 commented on Super Star Soldier:

I actually think this is better than soldier blade its just very unfair both the music, weapon system(although the lack of bombs is annoying) and level design seem better.



link64 commented on Silent Debuggers:

wait this was released before doom wouldn't that make this the worlds first FPS.



link64 commented on Mario Kart 64:

You should only get this game for the multiplayer the single player gets boring very quickly.

I preferred Diddy Kong racing for its single player mode but Mario kart 64 defiantly had a better multiplayer mode.



link64 commented on Dead Moon:

Dazza wouldn't this be a good game for a beginner due to easier difficulty.



link64 commented on Dragon's Curse:

"Also, there seems to be a bug in this version that makes you have to pick up heart pieces in the correct order or they won't appear! It didn't happen to me but I've read about it a few times."

It happened to me but if you go back and get the heart you missed you can still get all of the hearts.