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Thu 2nd Oct 2008

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Ptolemy commented on Japan to get the Classic Controller Pro:

Yeah, what's wrong with the D-pad, I heart that bad boy. I actually prefer the CC for Megaman 9. Now the D-pad on the DS Lite. It is such a pain to register diagonals on that thing.



Ptolemy commented on Hori Announces New Classic Controller For Japan:

Things I noticed:

  • it has two z-buttons (nice)
  • neither (z-button) appears to have turbo (wut)
  • the analog shoulder buttons DO have turbo (huh?)
  • Is it wireless directly to the Wii's bluetooth or is there a dongle for hooking up to the Wii controller?
  • This things looks like it would be ideal for Brawl.
  • I can't see how it would work with 'cube games


Ptolemy commented on Wii Firmware Update Makes Transferring to SD F...:

I hope this is just a step towards the "storage solution" and not THE "storage solution" itself.

Anybody who didn't do the update able to give us a comparison time for transferring WoG? I actually haven't filled my internal sorage yet so I don't need to do this yet. I may get there soon though if I keep taking so many screen shots in Metroid Prime 3.



Ptolemy commented on Sin and Punishment:

Just downloaded this last night. I wanted to for a while now. I hate to say it but the driving factor behind the timing of my purchase was that I had the exact amount of Wii Points hanging around. Regardless, I anticipate many hours of fun with this one. Now I get to play as that chick that whoops my hiney in Smash Bros.



Ptolemy commented on Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share You...:

I'm surprised so many people are upset about this. Do that many of you use the cards? I just bought one for the first time this week because it was the first time I've actually found them in a store (my local blockbuster has them after reorganizing the store). The only benefit I see for actually going out and buying one of these is they're cheaper than using a credit card on your Wii from home. Cards are less than the face value of the card even with the tax (2000pts = $19.98) while points on the console are the exact amount you're buying plus tax (2000pts = $20.12). Thats the one benefit, which is probably pretty much moot once you figure in that you've gotta drive to a store to get one. Then there's all of that packaging to hold a string of digits, which doesn't sit well with my environmentally concerned conscience. Just buy the points you need on each system that you need it on.
What I really don't get is why everyone thinks that not being able to transfer the points around is stupid. How did you think they would do this exactly? Where does this happen already that you expect it to happen in this situation? You redeem a point card on one system or the other, how exactly are you supposed to share them between systems? Through WiFi. Great. How's that work? What happens when the signal is interrupted? What happens when you turn the DSi off mid transfer? Whay are you buying cards again, anyway? OK, so you get a card as a gift in a high denomination. Maybe that would be a pain.
I see no problem with the fact that the points are non transferable between the two systems once they're redeemed. Stupid would be if they made a completely different card that only worked with the DSi.
Sorry for the wall of text. I'll be more concise next time. Promise



Ptolemy commented on Sorry Kids – You're Not Allowed To Share You...:

They need to drop the forced chunks of points and let us just pay for items directly. Adopt a shopping cart method already, Nintendo. I wouldn't even mind entering my cc info and paying the EXACT amount for every single item that I buy as long as I don't have to deal with 200 superfluous Wii points just hanging around forever.
Hey, then they might as well just get rid of the damn points all together and just use actual currency. (I envy you for that, PSN)



Ptolemy commented on Earthworm Jim:

I preferred the SNES version when I was younger. I played both and remember it looking better on the SNES. If you look at the middle screen shot in the thumbnails above, you'll see that the Sega version did not have transparency and instead used dithering for the glass tunnel. Yick. The SNES also had multiple scrolling backgrounds that looked quite nice.
I also remember being very frustrated with the button response on the Sega controller, fortunately thats not an issue these days.



Ptolemy commented on Mega Man 9:

SInce this is a WiiWare game, this doesn't support being suspended, am I right? For instance, I feel that the save stations in Super Metroid are pointless now because I can just suspend the game anywhere. Is this something I can do in MM9? Is there any save at all, or do I have to play through the game in one sitting?



Ptolemy commented on Super Metroid:

Chozo statue comes to life and attacks you! Best mind f*%$ in a game! Ever. Period.



Ptolemy commented on Jumpman:

That is amazing. Watch the jumps in the video. The dude doesn't even move through a smooth arc. Its as if the hyperbola required too much processing power in that day and age. Hard to believe.



Ptolemy commented on WiiWare Games To Be Playable Directly From SD ...:

@ cipher and thewiirocks:

I think you guys are getting to the bottom of how this is actually going to work. Ironically enough, I pretty much felt that this was confirmed when the DLC method for GH4 was announced, even though nobody seemed to make the connection that WiiWare and VC games could work the same way.

Here's how I understand that the GH4 DLC will work:
There will be a 200 block space reserved for the song that you will be playing so that that song is being played directly off of the Wii's internal memory. All of the songs you download will be stored on SD and seamlessly streamed to the reserved space on the Wii internal memory as they're selected.

I expect the VC and WiiWare storage to work the same way. If you store any software on the SD card, you'll be required to keep a certain amount of free space on the internal 512mb for these games to be copied to and run. I still believe the SD card reader is too slow to run games right from the card, so this solution is ideal and only really presents the user with a slightly longer load time when they fire up a game.

So basically all this does is streamline the act of moving games around. It'll be nice, but what I hope the update brings with it is much better file management.