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United States

Tue 11th Nov 2008

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blankshore commented on Super Metroid:

This is a great game, but it's so huge that if you get lost it can be a loooooooong time before you find your way again. I've never beaten it actually. I got lost. Have no idea where to go.



blankshore commented on Super Mario World:

My favorite game of all time. I still have this on my SNES but I bought it again for wii. It's that good.



blankshore commented on Paper Mario:

This is brilliant. I didn't "get" this game when I was a kid. It was too complicated for me. This is probably the best virtual console game I've bought thus far (and I've bought many). If you're wondering weather to get this or super mario rpg, I'd go with this one. It's easier to get into and much more fun.