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Tue 22nd Jan 2008

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Mad_Bomber commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

At first I loved the virtual console but now it just makes me sad.


The only retro games I'm waiting for are from non-nintendo systems or third party companies. My feeling is that these companies should just ignore the "little N" and release their titles on other download services or on collection discs for the 360 and PS3 like Sega is doing with their Ultimate Genesis Collection.

Sonic 2 is great but Sonic 2 with voice chat, online co-op, leaderboards and achievement points is even better. HD option is nice too.

Gamers want a gaming community - take this website as clear evidence of that - and Nintendo obviously couldn't care less what gamers want. They'll just give us what they want: Shaky controllers with half-finished motion sensitivity technology that will require you to purchase an add-on to make it work like we were all lead to believe it would.

Here's a twist on an old slogan with a message that is as true today as it was years ago:
"Xbox does what Nintendon't" Nintendo most definitely don't.

(I'd have included the PS3 in that slogan but the PS3 is for ignorant yuppies and people who eat babies.)

Maybe I'm just feeling especially jaded today...



Mad_Bomber commented on Hands-on with Datel's Wireless Retro Controller:

I just got one. The corded classic controller really did bug me; I have to say, so I guess there is some sort of market for these things.

I like the feel of it and the grips do make it a bit more comfortable. I've tried it out with most of my games and found it works fine with Smash Bros. Brawl as well as the N64 titles I have. Problems do arise when trying to play most other VC games I own - as noted above with the curser disappearing at the save state screen. Makes this thing kind of pointless for an all-around controller since you'll have to at least have a wiimote on standby.

I still like it, though. It works fine and it frees up another wiimote/nunchuck for multi-player on Brawl.

Why Nintendo can't or won't fix the issue with the curser is a mystery to me. I guess if you have the wii-mote tethered to you like an umbilical cord it isn't much of a problem.

EDIT (12/19/2008)

After three days of use and 4 batteries I'm going to try and take it back to the retailer. It apparently devours batteries, even when turned off. I also occasionally lose the curser due to anologue stick issues. It may be that mine has an issue but I'm not taking any chances with another one unless I can't get a refund or store credit. It is a slick controller and if not for the battery drain issue and menu problem mentioned above I'd still recommend it.

Not anymore, though. Sad Face.



Mad_Bomber commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

Easily my fondest console gaming memories are from my Sega CD.

List needs to include Dark Wizard, though.
A brilliant game and one of the best turn based strategies I can remember playing. There's a ton of other games that were pretty good as well.

The VC would be a perfect place for many people to finally get their hands on these truely classic games for the first time.

Someone at Nintendo and/or Sega needs to make this happen. C'mon people, its Christmas...



Mad_Bomber commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

An average game at best.

I love Kirby but this one was just 'meh'.

Still kinda fun but no where near Kirby's Adventure - download that NES classic before this boring sequel.



Mad_Bomber commented on River City Ransom:

Great. Great. Great. Game. So many memories, none of which were spoiled once I downloaded this classic rpg-ish brawler.

Love it as much as when it first came out on my NES!



Mad_Bomber commented on Rolling Thunder 2:

This game is damn-fun. Challenging but I just keep coming back.
I can't believe I never played this game on my Genesis. I can't wait until they release Rolling Thunder 3.

The graphics are a bit dated and some of the levels can feel a bit bland. The controls are decent but are obviously born from the arcade. From the looks of some You Tube videos, Rolling Thunder 3 adds a lot more depth to the gameplay though it loses the 2 player. This isn't a perfect game, but it has that addictive quality that so many games lack.

Also, this game is a lot like Capcom's Code Name: Viper which I absolutely loved. In fact, I believe that Viper was a direct nock-off of the original Rolling Thunder. That doesn't make Viper any less of a great game though. I hope they put that out on the VC as well.



Mad_Bomber commented on Golden Axe III:

I downloaded this on a whim mostly because we had several slow weeks as far as new releases go.

This is not a horrible game and if you've played the original to death at least the third game offers up some new gameplay ideas. Not really that attractive and the controls are no where near as slick as the Streets of Rage series but still pretty fun with 2 players.

Not really worth 800 points though so it’s hard to recommend.



Mad_Bomber commented on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:

I was never impressed by this series back when it first came out and they certainly never convinced me to buy a SNES, however I felt compelled to give at least one DKC game a shot on the VC.

After playing DKC2 (supposedly the best of the series) I have to admit that it is a pretty fun and even sometimes innovative platformer.

That being said, however, it never reaches the heights of Super Mario World or SMW2. It doesn't even come close. This is a decent platformer mostly due to its size and secrets. The level design is decent for the most part and in some instances fantastic but there are far too many linear jumping levels and static or one directional enemies that might as well have been spike traps.

Also the graphics are horrible. I thought so back when the original was released and it is even worse looking to me now. It looks like someone took a ps1 title and squashed it flat. These games are nowhere near as attractive and timeless as Super Mario World or Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Still, it is pretty fun and there is a ton of game content to explore.

These really aren't 5 star games, though.

Some people just get Nostalgic for Monkeys I guess.



Mad_Bomber commented on Eternity’s Child Confirmed as WiiWare:

This is the kind of thing I was hoping WiiWare would be putting out.
Creative. A bit Retro. And hopefully Fun.

I hope we don't get too many 3d HD pseudo arcade games like the 360 and PS3. IMO most of them suck. Best downloadable game and use of your money on either system is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, a PSX game that originally came out in 1997. Though I'm sure you already knew that.



Mad_Bomber commented on US VC Releases - 4th February - Operation Wolf:

I spent all day yesterday curled up in a ball and sobbing until I decided to look on the bright side of things - At least it's not like Nintendo had a few fantastic games already out in Europe they could have released in the US on Monday. I mean, these two games were obviously the ones most demanded by gamers. We should stop our wining and be grateful that Nintendo has decided to release anything on the VC at all. Especially since it is such a horrible failure of an idea that hasn't been able to make them even the most minuscule amount of profit...

Sarcasm keeps the tears away...

Meh. I just downloaded some Genesis games I had been holding in reserve. And who knows, maybe WiiWare won't suck.



Mad_Bomber commented on EU VC Releases - 1st February - Adventures of ...:


I mean... Wow.

I wonder how the US will fare this Monday...

Maybe they'll let us play catch up and we can get some Mega Man games, Super Picross or Harvest Moon...

.. eh..

We'll probably get Skate or Die...

The Lolo games are good but getting a sequel to a puzzle game after waiting a week for something new...

Sucks to be European.



Mad_Bomber commented on US VC Releases - 28th January - 1080 Snowboarding:

I guess.

I used to own this and it was a pretty slick game for its time but I really don't need a snowboarding game on my VC.

I could use a Mega Man game or something, though.


It would be nice if they'd release some games that someone might actually Want to download.

I'm just saying...



Mad_Bomber commented on Win a Classic Controller! - Caption competition:

Luigi: "Hey sis, you see that kid dressed up as Sonic? Let's go beat him unconscious with these pumpkins and take his candy!"

Mario: "I hate that hedgehog with all the fury which burns in my tiny Plumber's heart. I'm in."



Mad_Bomber commented on Master System Games Coming to The VC!:

My friend had a Master System and I was blown away by how much better some of the games seemed in comparison to the NES titles I was playing at the time. The MS version of Double Dragon was easily better than the NES one and I remember thinking Alex Kid in Miracle World was so much more fun than Super Mario Bros.

That's all I remember playing, though. Oh, that and the built in snail game. Haha. I was so jealous.

I'm just not sure how the MS line up held up to some of the later NES games, though. I guess we'll all get to find out soon enough.



Mad_Bomber commented on Kid Icarus:

I could never get past level 1 when I rented this as a kid.

Recent Wii VC version passwords helped me out once I downloaded this to try again.

Fun game. Sadly never got a sequel even though lesser games did.
Not the best game but had some great potential.

Hopefully Pit will kick some butt in Smash Bros Brawl and we'll see a rebirth of this unique franchise.



Mad_Bomber commented on Streets of Rage 3:

You can run now, which is sweet.
Also, you can play as a kick-boxing kangaroo and a geriatric cyborg.

Beat that, Final Fight!

Otherwise, this one was kinda just phoning it in. Levels felt rehashed and boring. Robo-Axel should have been Robo-Adam.
And speaking of Adam, what the heck was he doing during all this? Don't tell me he was kidnapped again! Dude was probably too busy trimming his banzai trees and just let his little brother go out and get the crap beat out of him... again.

Still 5 stars though.



Mad_Bomber commented on Streets of Rage 2:

Great game.
Skate is a little twat.
Why kidnap Adam and not Cody er I mean Axel? Jerks.
Max is also lame.
On the plus side, Skate was a heck of a lot of fun to play.
Max not so much. He's no Haggar, that's for sure.

Superior to the following SOR3 in the level design department at least(3 was kinda dull) and even though they wouldn't even let you unlock Adam after beating the game I still loved it.



Mad_Bomber commented on Super Metroid:

Ok. This is an amazing game, blah blah blah...

I think I've played far too many of the GBA Metroids to fully appreciate the awesomeness of this game. It is most certainly a 5 star game but I can't help but feel like I've done all this before.

I'm sure that's how most of you feel about the GBA games.

I just wish I had played this when it originally came out on the SNES.

Classic game. Beautiful graphics. Perfect sound and moody music.
I don't have a bad thing to say about it, but I think I liked Fusion and Zero Mission better. <Shrug>



Mad_Bomber commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

Not so legendary.
Kinda boring and repetitive with some truly fantastic gameplay moments thrown in here and there. If you can wade through the muck you may find a few choice catches here, but it’s not really worth the time or the points in my opinion. Not with so many other great choices on the VC.
Are you sure Nintendo won't accept refunds?...



Mad_Bomber commented on Paper Mario:

I think Paper Mario 2 and Super Paper Mario are superior games, but that's the way it should be with sequals even if that is so rarely the case.

Download this now if you've never played it. It is great fun for both Mario and RPG fans. We're still waiting for Super Mario RPG, though. I had a Genesis. I need it now.



Mad_Bomber commented on Castlevania II: Simon's Quest:

My favorite! I loved it! Best Castlevania of all time!

And it is definitely a 3 out of 5 star game...

Great ideas, great open ended exploration, wish the series expanded on the ideas presented in this game.

Problems? Yes. Oh, hell yes.

Basically this game suffers from a severely broken translation which practically makes referencing a guide a necessity. Also, the illusionary blocks in the mansions are suck. I'll admit that the lack of any real notable boss-enemies to confront really hurts too.

This is still my favorite and its still 3 stars at best.

Deal with it.



Mad_Bomber commented on Wonder Boy in Monster World:

I cannot believe that I never played this game on my Genesis!

This is absolutely my favorite kind of game. I would have liked a bit more RPG elements included, but still... This series was obviously the inspiration at least in part for the sublime Popful Mail. (I'm a fan-boy. See my avatar)

Controls are a bit floaty and the weapons/equipment are quite basic and limited. Graphics are nice but technically unimpressive with mostly basic static sprites. Holds up well visually though considering its age.

Now, speaking of Popful Mail, can we start getting some Sega CD games on this puppy? And please don't insult us with the Super Famicom or PC Engine versions of Popful which are suck!



Mad_Bomber commented on Gunstar Heroes:

I've found that I'm not a huge fan of this style of game.

That being said, this game is undeniably amazing. Super-fun, fast paced action with some seriously impressive sequences including brilliant boss battles that had my heart racing. 'Seven Force'!

Not really impressed by the graphic style. Game moves smooth and fast with screens full of enemies, though.

I'd have to say that Treasure certainly mastered this genre.

Check it out if you like to run and gun.



Mad_Bomber commented on Super Mario World:

I didn't think much of this game back when I was speeding through Forest Hill Zones with Sonic. I was not a huge Mario fan back in my NES days as I was more of a Mega Man kind of guy. I did a complete 180 when I played Mario 64 and have loved the plumber ever since.

I finally got a chance to play this sublime platformer the day I hooked my Wii up to the "inter-web". The hype was justified. This game is platforming gold and possibly holds up even better than Mario 64 due to the simpler 2-D gameplay that doesn't suffer from crap-tastic camera issues.

Not much more to say that hasn't already been said.

I will probably still love Mario 64 just a bit more but I finally understand what all you SNES nerds where wetting yourselves over.

Oh, and I hate Yoshi.



Mad_Bomber commented on Super Castlevania IV:

Um. I didn't like this game. Please don't hit me.

I actually played this on my friends SNES years ago and while he was completely in love with it I did not find it fun at all. I downloaded it based on its critical acclaim and while I was mildly amused by it, I found myself thinking that it felt very very old. Slow, plodding gameplay, muddy graphics, and boring levels. The sound is excellent (the score is brilliant) and the whip mechanics where very cool, but I still can't believe that this could be considered superior to Castlevania III by anyone.

I guess if you loved it back then you'll probably love it now. This is probably the best Castlevania game on the VC right now, but when Castlevania III and Castlevania: Bloodlines come out that will no longer be the case.

Please note that my favorite NES Castlevania was II. (III was technically superior, but I still favored II because of its adventure/rpg elements) I know I'm in the minority there as well but that might help explain my low opinion of this game to some of you.



Mad_Bomber commented on Streets of Rage:

5 stars. Easy. I love this game. I even love my police car driving bazooka firing buddies. (Wave hi fellas!) It's a blatant Final Fight clone, but a brilliant game that brings its own style to the table.
Still have really fond memories of me and a buddy taking out the street trash. I really didn't care for the super moves of the sequels though they are both 5 star games that brought something new to the series. Oh and I miss Adam Hunter.



Mad_Bomber commented on Ristar:

I'd say 4 stars is more than fair. This game has some nice bright graphics and interesting gameplay mechanics but it still falls short of classic status due to some odd level design choices which really choke up the gameplay. It's really nothing spectacular. Worth checking out as it is a solid platformer but it's no Sonic CD.



Mad_Bomber commented on Beyond Oasis:

Just about as awesome as I remembered it.
Beyond Oasis was pretty slick for its time and gave us Genesis owners a game that was at least somewhat comparable to SNES' Zelda.
This game is nowhere near as deep but it’s still very fun and well worth 800 points.



Mad_Bomber commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

Classic. One of the few games that make me regret never getting a SNES back in the day. This would still be a 5 star game even by today's standards. It still feels brand new and just drips with quality.
No excuses. Download this now.



Mad_Bomber commented on ToeJam & Earl:

3/5 is about right. Could be worth a download only if you have someone to play with.
I never liked it when I had a Genesis but my wife convinced me to download it.

We played it once. Yay.

Being able to suspend your progress at any time thanks to the Wii does make this much more playable than it was back in the day, though. Jammin'!



Mad_Bomber commented on Kirby's Adventure:

This is the first game I downloaded on the VC. Fantastic game. I can't believe I never played this on the NES. I guess I thought Kirby looked too cute or something. A few console generations later, and Super Smash Bros. proved me wrong . If I had played this game when it came out on the NES I would have been a die-hard Kirby fan even earlier. Kirby kicks some serious @$$! Now where's Kirby Super Star?!



Mad_Bomber commented on Bonk 2: Bonk's Revenge:

This is the first TurboGrafx-16 game I downloaded. (The only one so far, actually). I always wanted to see what I might have been missing out on back in the day. I’d say Bonk's Revenge is a fairly above-average platformer. It's pretty challenging and fun for the most part. Graphics aren't anything mind-blowing but they do hold up ok (not nearly on par with most Super-Nes and Genesis games, though). The music and sound is mostly god-awful, though. I nearly had a brain hemorrhage during the first few levels. Were they trying to give kids migraines?