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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Taulmarill commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

As far as i can recall, this was the last big title for the NES. And what a great one it was. So massive, that they had to include extra RAM in the module. But not only the beautiful graphics and smooth parallax scrolling are worth mentioning, the game play itself makes this a really great title.



Taulmarill commented on Super Metroid:

This game is as good as it gets. I know no other Metroid, Turican, Contra, MegaMan or any other title you would like to compare it to which can touch this. Sadly they don't make them any longer like in the old days. So don't rush through this one but embrace the fantastic graphics and the spine chilling soundtrack because there most probably will never be a better game ... ever.



Taulmarill commented on Metroid:

Me want's! It was the first (besides the budled Ice Climber) i got with my NES and i still think it's one of the best. Clearly the best in it's genre at the time. Although i maybe miss the automap feature every Metroid game got since Super Metroid.