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Wed 27th Feb 2008

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Pavetheway commented on Ys Book I & II:

Doesn't look like the best game ever but... It's the best we'll get. You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit. lol



Pavetheway commented on TV Show King:

It might be fun with a group of people but alone... this has to suck!



Pavetheway commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a...:

Everyone keep in mind that this is nothing what final fantasy is really like. Take it from someone who is a HUGE final fantasy fan! I wouldn't ever consider this game to be a spin-off! Square-Enix is just using the name "Final Fantasy" to get people to buy it.(to promote it) I guess so it will catch peoples eyes. TRUST ME if you do not like this game then that does not mean that you won't like any other Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy games are RPG's (not sims games) that have EXCELLENT storyline and graphics. The battle systems are different in each one. They might as well just called this game "My Life as King" instead of tagging the Final Fantasy part on it.



Pavetheway commented on Will Sega CD Support Ever Come To The Virtual ...:

If they did put the Sega CD on the VC they would be losing a bit of money. You see, you can buy "Shining Force" but if they came out with the CD that had that game and more on it they would just be hurting them self. I'm not against the idea, I'm just not holding my breath for it.

It's kinda like "Super Mario All-Stars." It's probably never going to happen because that's 4 games in 1. The 4 games that are on there were "Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros: Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario Bros. 3." They would lose so much money if they ever released this.

500x3=1500 + 600(import)=2100 points


800 points (with better graphics and gameplay!)



Pavetheway commented on US VC Releases - March 24th - King's Knight:

Before I buy a game on the vc I ALWAYS try it out on an emulator first. If I like it then I buy it. If it's no good like King's Knight then I don't. Some games are blocked by the ESA so you just have to watch videos, talk to people, and hope for the best.

I'm a huge fan of Square-Enix! But not all of there games are great. You have to remeber that they still weren't that big when this game came out so they weren't professionals. (or rich...) That new final fantasy game for wii ware isn't looking that good in my opinion. I hope it has some RPG elements in it. Square-Enix need to release a good game on the VC. Too bad Final Fantasy VII wasn't on N64 or we might of had that on the vc. For people who don't know this...
Final Fantasy VII was originally going to be released on N64. Square-Enix come on!!!



Pavetheway commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

I remember this game being very intertaining. (no it wasn't as good as the previous kirbys, but It was still a great game.) I would recommend this to any kirby fan.