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Fri 19th Sep 2008

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laconfir commented on Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on...:

That's really sad... BK gave me countless emotions during the n64 era and unfortunately i couldn't manage to play BT at all (thanks to the italian distributor of the time). In fact i'm seriously thinking about buyng a copy of BT on ebay and play it on my old fashioned 64.



laconfir commented on Super Metroid:

played after the prime series and the GBA releases.
I was really hoping for this title to be re-released, since i've lost it during the snes era.
It's REALLY a great title that everyone who claims to love video games should play, i don't put it first on my personal metroid chart only because i first played MP, and the first love is never forgotten lol