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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

Eh, Bit.Trip Beat and Art Style: ORBIENT are good for what they are, but they have their fair share of problems. Similarly, I suspect this is OK for what it is, too. For 600 points, it could be a nice deal for folks who are interested in the "bit" aesthetic.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Retro Game Challenge Sequel Localization Looki...:

xesbeth, Europeans can at least import NA copies of this game, killing two birds with one stone:

1. You get a localized copy of the game (in English, anyway, for whatever that's worth, but since you're posting here in English I assume that's OK).
2. You boost sales of this poor little feller for XSeed.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Nobunaga's Ambition:

This game is awesome. I actually prefer this one to its sequel, too. It's relatively simple and streamlined, which means it's also very well-balanced. Very very happy to finally see this one released.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Sony: We Own the Living Room, Nintendo Owns th...:

@ joshysquashy — He said Microsoft, not the XBox, owns the office. Yasee, Microsoft also produces this line of popular and successful computer software...

Actually, thinking along these lines is basically the only way their "Sony owns the living room" comment can even be justified, since Sony produces a huge number of different home entertainment devices. Problem is, they explicitly said it was the PS3 in this case. Sorry Sony. Maybe they don't realize that their friends only get their PS3s out and play when they're around, because they know they're Sony employees and want to make them feel good.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on id Chief: "Show Me Why I Should Develop For Wii":

I agree with you Clayfrd. A big part of the reason games like this might sell poorly on the Wii is because many "serious" gamers that this kind of game would appeal to have more than one console—a Wii and something else—and they would rather play an id game on the "other" console.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Nintendo Download: 14 April 2009 (Japan):

Hudson picked up the VC version of Der Langrisser? Wow... that kinda sorta gives me some hope that we'll see Warsong over here in North America, if Hudson is willing to pick that one up as well.

We'll never see Langrisser II or Der Langrisser, unfortunately, but for the love of all things sacred, give us Warsong!



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Welcome to the New Look Nintendo Life!:

@Nanaki: Yeah, I've provided detailed constructive criticism to the staff of VCR and WWW in the past. I kept the responses they sent me.

But as for the retained NintendoLife content, if I have any constructive criticism, it's simply that I'd like to see news blog posts and reviews be proofread before they're posted.

Sorry if my first comment came off as rude. I legitimately thought this merger was a joke.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on US DSiWare "Launch" Titles Confirmed:

Kudos to the article author for correctly saying "North America's first confirmed titles". Too bad the article header is still incorrect. "NA" has the same number of letters as "US" so it's equally effective as an abbreviation, more culturally sensitive, and has the added benefit of not being incorrect.

I am tentatively interested in the Wario and Art Style titles, but they're not enough to convince me to downgrade from my DS Lite quite yet. I'll be keeping an eye on the library as it expands.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Review: Super Punch-Out!! (SNES):

So... what's the "step back" the review mentions? Just the literal step behind Little Mac?

This is one I never got to play much when I was younger. I'll probably give it a chance when it comes to North America, especially since I'm a fan of the NES one.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on USA VC Update: Ogre Battle: The March of the B...:

Me. But only because I've been predicting it every week.

And to the guys who are asking but getting no reply yet: this game is not turn-based. It's nothing like Shining Force, Fire Emblem, or Final Fantasy Tactics. It's still awesome though. It's just a very different kind of strategy game.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on USA VC Update: Ogre Battle: The March of the B...:

It's an Enix classic or a Square Enix classic, but it's not a Square classic.

I wish I hadn't sold my complete SNES version. At least it helped pay for my education...

Oh another thing... the levels don't play like Fire Emblem at all. This isn't a turn-based game. There's no grid. You deploy units on a map, select destinations, and they move in real time until they come into contact with enemies. Then a mini sort of traditional RPG fight takes place. But this is not a traditional turn-based, gird-based tactical RPG by any means.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Review: Yoshi's Story (N64):

Wait, the music is "nothing special" and the only real downside is Yoshi's annoying voice, and that drops the score to a 4/10? OK... This review actually makes the game sound pretty fun.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame Hits Japan Next Week:

Hudson is apparently pulling support for the VC so they can continue what has turned out to be a very lucrative venture developing WiiWare games. This game looks fun enough, but I'm not keen to pop and drop money on it and support a slap in the VC's cute little face.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Review: Fun! Fun! Minigolf (WiiWare):

Like many other people commenting here, I give this game an 8/10 too (in the WiiWare ratings thread on VC-F). The graphics are great, and the controls are nice and tight and responsive.

While the out-of-bounds mechanic was the main problem I had with the game as well, I don't think it detracted THAT much from the game. The "in-bounds" areas are not as small as this review makes them sound, and NO hole requires you to get a hole-in-one to remain in-bounds.

The lack of extra features (especially ridiculous features like weather effects) are not a big issue, nor is the lack of stuff to keep you interested in multiple play-throughs, since you shouldn't be playing this alone anyway. The thing that's going to keep you interested in playing this game multiple times is not leaderboards (puh-leaze, why does everyone fall back on this as the bastion of replay value for every kind of game—they have their place) but competition between multiple players. The first course is easy, and me and all my friends easily get great scores, but the fun part was competing to win against those other golfers. We had a great time with it.

Anyone who was keen on trying this out shouldn't be dissuaded by one single "not bad" review, because reviews from many other people who've played the game are coming in better than "not bad".



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Metacritic's Best Wii Games of 2008:

We should all bear in mind that these aren't the "best" games, but the "best reviewed" games, as Dazza and the Metacritic folks have indicated. The people who run Metacritic are very careful to indicate that they're merely a review aggregator. In fact, MaBoShi is a great example of one of the common pitfalls of this kind of site; part of the reason that MaBoShi is so high on the list is because its score is only based on five reviews (Brawl, by comparison, comes by its 93 honestly with 80 reviews).



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Wayforward Launches Official LIT Web Site:

LOL @ people exclaiming "first!", whether they're actually first or not!

I'm watching this game and keeping my eyes on IGN and metacritic for when the reviews start coming in. Could be an interesting title/genre for WiiWare.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bruiser & Scratch, Hockey ...:

These are out in Canada today as well.

I may give the shootout game a try, simply because it's only 500 points. It has multiple play modes and leaderboards, so that must give it 500 points worth of replay value. VC-F folks can expect my professional opinion shortly.



Jogurt_the_Yogurt commented on Uncharted Waters: New Horizons:

Another great Koei game. I'm not surprised that they're releasing this one before the first one, given than they started the RTK series with the weakest game (IV) and haven't released the first three yet...