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Sat 1st Mar 2008

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MasterMario commented on USA WiiWare Update: Midnight Pool:

i don't think that WiiWare needs a biliards game. Especially when Break In was released on the VC last week. I don't think that it's worth getting, especially when Break In is 100 points cheaper. But I woudn't know since I don't have it.



MasterMario commented on Neutopia II:

In the review, you said Zelda III twice. There was no Zelda III, unless you were talking about A Link To The Past.



MasterMario commented on Bomberman '93:

I know that the Com-Link mode sends you to battle mode on the VC version, but what does it do on the TG-16 version?



MasterMario commented on Super Mario 64:

Love this game. I think that this was my 4th N64 game. Is it true that the VC version looks better than the N64 version? I coudn't see a difference with the graphics.



MasterMario commented on Star Parodier:

This game is very wierd. The first boss you face is a roller coaster! But this the best shooter game I have played and is 10 times better than Soldier Blade.



MasterMario commented on Review: Strong Bad Episode 1 - Homestar Ruiner...:

I beat the game in 2 days and I'm only missing a few things. When I had Strong Bad wear a blue shirt from the photo booth, blue appears on the screen in enviornments when I was in track and outside of House of Strong. Overall, I can't wait for the next episode.



MasterMario commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in America (6th August):

Why are Americans getting Pong Toss? When I first saw it on 2nd place yesterday, I was very mad! I wasn't this mad since Star Soldier R was removed from the popular titles list. What makes the game more special than Dr. Mario? I can't believe that Americans are doing this!



MasterMario commented on Splatterhouse 2:

This game got a M rating by the ESRB and is the first on the VC. Buit it makes no sense. The first Splatterhouse got a T raiting for the same thing. Blood, gore, and violence. Why would the ESRB do that?



MasterMario commented on River City Ransom:

I just beat the game, and it was very short. And the final boss didn't put much of a fight. I give it 4 stars.



MasterMario commented on Tetris Party:

I have been wondering. If Nintendo owns the tetris licence, then how is Hudson making a tetris game?

Now that I seen some screenshots, it looks like tetris DS.



MasterMario commented on Review: Frat Party Games - Pong Toss (WiiWare):

I didn't think that this game would be a "must get WiiWare title" ever since seeing the gameplay video. Developers have to learn to stop making shovelware on major game consoles, especially the Wii. I'm acually surprised that it passed Toki Tori in the popular titles list. With a game like this, I don't expect this to go any higher. But then again, SPOGS racing is one of the top 10 titles so anything can happen.



MasterMario commented on ESRB Update: Sonic the Hedgehog on Master System:

I have this as a bonus game on Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut on the Gamecube. It was the Game Gear version which has no differences. The one on the Genesis was better, because this game is harder than the Genesis one. I guess it's a worthy addition to the VC.



MasterMario commented on Alien Crush Returns - More Details:

Sounds alot better than Star Soldier R. Not only does it have online leaderboads, but DLC and online play as well. It'd about time someone takes advantage of online play. I'm thinking of getting this game if it contuines to impress me.



MasterMario commented on Mega Man 9 - New Video, Online Leaderboards, N...:

Finally! The U.S. are getting Mega Man 1 and 2. Isn't it odd to anyone that a 8-bit game is coming to the XBLA and the PSstore? It would of made alot of sense if Mega Man 9 was a WiiWare exclusive. Just like you said Corbie, Capcom is still Capcom.



MasterMario commented on Review: SPOGS Racing:

I guess it was true. You can judge a book by it's cover. In this case, you can judge a game with it's graphics (sometimes).
Just download Star Soldier R and save 200 Wii points. I don't want it to be in last place!



MasterMario commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I didn't like this version. The music, and graphics are bad and it didn't feel like a Mario game at all! That's why Super Mario Advance for the GBA was 10 times better (even though it was the remake).



MasterMario commented on South Korea gets their own Virtual Console:

I agree, they could have sold the Wii points cheaper to begin with. It would make more downloads to certain titles. Or this could be a sign that the prices will be lowered in the U.S. Europe, and Japan. Let that happen, please Nintendo!

How come now Korea gets the Wii when the other regions already had it for over a year now?