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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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darthmix commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

My second-favorite game of all time. Overall I'd have to say the N64 was a bit of a disappointment; at my house the PS1 got a lot more use from the years of 1996-2001. But all is redeemed by this masterpiece. I still have my WW bonus disc so I won't be downloading this but anyone who hasn't played it really should.



darthmix commented on Super Mario 64:

Hate to be a heretic, but I always felt this game was a bit overrated. It's a technological breakthrough, but it traded in Mario's "hop to the end of the level" gameplay for "collect 120 of the exact same item" gameplay, and that just never felt very compelling to me. It's a quality title, but it set up the conceit of performing tasks to collect so many stars/bananas/notes/shines/precursor orbs that gave the first wave of 3D platformers a really repetative feel. Rayman 2 was the first 3D platform game that I really loved, largely because it was more traditional and action-oriented. Hopefully it'll make it to the VC at some point.



darthmix commented on Super Metroid:

This is, quite simply, the single greatest game of the entire 16-bit generation.