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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Inimitable commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Arcade Games on Virtua...:

I don't see why alternate versions shouldn't be made available for those who want them. A majority of the differences are trivial, but sometimes they change the entire experience of the game (and the nostalgia factor has to be included too). I can't see any reason why N shouldn't make them available...



Inimitable commented on Super Metroid:

Never had the chance to play it on a TV (I was a Genesis kid, unfortunately), so it'll be nice to not have to play it on a computer screen.

Beats out Prime as my favorite Metroid game, and is surely one of the best of the genre.



Inimitable commented on Metroid:

I've gotten this game already through Zero Mission and Prime, but I downloaded it anyway so its icon can sit next to Super Metroid next week. I shall be worth it.