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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ho11oWxxMaN commented on New Play Control! Pikmin 2:

I have a question about this from people who have played both Pikmin games. Would it be smarter to wait for the Pikmin 2 release or buy the first now, and play both games? If the first one is good, I may pick it up this weekend when I pay off my reserve on Wii Sports Resort.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Review: Metroid (NES):

I am currently playing Super Metroid. But I remember really enjoying the original back in the day. I think this fall I will go on a retro binge and d/l this along with Legend of Zelda.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Nintendo Download: Super Smash Bros., Cocoto, ...:

@ Jolted85

I know what you mean, about playing the different versions of SSB. To me, they seem to each have a different feel, so it is fun to change it up and not just play Brawl. Some people have argued, "Why would you wanna play the original...there is nothing to it."...They have a hard time understanding the beauty of nostalgia.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Wii Sports Resort: now with online features!:

I know I am going to order a stand-alone Wii Motion Plus in the next week or so (for my girlfriend), and then reserve Wii Sports Resort for my second WM+, because I am not interested in either Tiger Woods or Grand Slam Tennis. I guess it is good to be prepared, because I am not sure, it may be really hard to find (much like Wii Fit had been for a while).



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Adventure Island: The Beginning:

Picked this up today, along with Bubble Bobble Plus. I must admit, despite it's flaws, I am actually enjoying the game. Yes, it does feel a bit unpolished, but its an $8 game...what do you expect? Anyways, I was a huge fan of the original, so maybe thats why I am more forgiving, but I truly recommend this title to people looking for a fun little "adventure" pun intended.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To F...:

You know its funny, I have a friend that illegally pirates all his Nintendo DS games. He complains to me about the high prices of games, and why he would never waste his money, purchasing one. Well, I simply told him "Games are expensive because of people like you." As the first poster commented, it really does just hurt the game industry and makes it tougher on all of the honest gamers that are willing to pay for these quality titles.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Nintendo Download: Clubhouse Games, Paper Plan...:

What a lackluster week...I just want Adventure Island: The Beginning and Zelda: Marjora's Mask...sigh

@ Link79: I agree, I don't own a DSi, and could care less about DSiWare (it looks like rubbish anyways). I really hate how the VC titles are taking a back seat on a site I joined long ago FOR VC info...



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Review: Tetris Party (WiiWare):

I loved Tetris DS. Not that my Wii is all I have, I think I really need to d/l this game tonight. I know my girlfriend and I love co-op/v.s. games, so this looks right down our alley. Great review.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Review: Mega Man (NES):

@Rypcord...Yeah, I believe it wasn't released everywhere. Also, I think the only two MM games to bother with are 2 and 3 (I already own 2 on the VC), so I will probably just buy 3 on the VC, since I dont really care for 1, 4, and 6.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Bit.Trip: Beat:

I am glad this game is only $6. I have 100 pts, so by adding 1000, it will allow me to buy this and still have 500 left over for an NES title.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on The End Of The World Starts In Europe:

I am jealous of you European gamers. This was one of the few Zelda titles I started playing and never finished. So I am very excited for it to come to the US (hopefully in late April, if not EARLY May), so I can finally finish it up.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Kirby's Dream Land 3:

@KnucklesSonic8: Thank you for your feedback. Yeah, I will most likely do that for nostalgic reasons (used to own the 64 version as a child), so I was just curious if this one was any better...just doesn't seem like it.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Bonanza Bros:

The game is pretty lackluster, but I would recommend it for the 2-player gameplay.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on SD Card Game Launching + Arcade Games Availabl...:

Yeah, I woke up at 3 a.m. the other night, to the update, and checked it out. I was very excited, seeing as I am just one WiiWare game from having my Wii's memory full. I have a 2 gb card...does anybody think I should go bigger? Or will that last me for awhile?

Also, the Arcade is totally new to me, didn't even realize we have that...the game selection so far looks...meh.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Tro...:

@Pikmin 95

I am not sure that a DKC4 on WiiWare would happen. I believe Rare is a property of Microsoft now, so I am not sure that they could make the game for Nintendo.

DKC3 is great though. DKC2 built on the great mechanics of DKC and made it better. The newest installment was awesome, but felt like more of the same (not a bad thing). I guess I am just saying, it wasn't the big leap in level design, like DKC2 was.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Mario's Super Picross:

I love Picross DS, so its a bummer we American gamers have yet to get this. sigh...oh well, I am sure it will get here eventually.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

I recall fond memories of playing Sonic on my Game Gear as a kid. At the time, it blew me away. I thought it was amazing that I could play Sonic on the go. However, I don't think it has really stood the test of time. My honest opinion, is that you save your wii points and buy Sonic 1, 2, or 3 for the Mega Drive instead.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

Zelda II, is much like Super Mario Bros. 2, in my eyes. Both are the off-beat, red-headed stepchildren in the series. It doesn't mean that either game is bad, they are just...different. I suggest buying it, only if you are a big Zelda fan and want to own every game.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Mega Man 2:

Mega Man 2 is one of my favorite games for the NES. Hands down, its got polish, its got style, and its hard. Some may think too hard, but if you keep at it, you will find its not as bad as you think. I downloaded this for nostalgia and to gear up for Mega Man 9. However, after hearing how tough MM9 is, I am not sure if I want to play that, because MM2 is the perfect difficulty. Anyways...looking for a fun and challenging platformer for only 500 wii points? Look no further than Mega Man 2!



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventure:

Just bought this last night. I am quite pleased, with the great atmosphere (its very cheerful and calming). The 2-D platforming is good as well, not really difficult, but still fun. It's a good game to play on a rainy afternoon to cheer you up. I could careless about no translation.

I gave it 4/5 stars, mainly due to the fairly easy difficulty.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on DoReMi Fantasy: Milon’s DokiDoki Adventure:

this is definitely the next game I want to buy. Never heard about it until now, but after reading up and watching gameplay videos...this game sounds like a must-by for any platforming fans. Mainly for people who want to relieve the glory days of the SNES.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on The Sega Master System Rap:

that was hilarious. The part about checking your local dealer for games not drugs is the best part...nice little find. Its sad people thought this was cool back in the day.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle:

This is yet another game I own on the Sega Genesis collection(PSP), and I am very happy I did not spend 800 points on this game. My biggest gripes with the game are that you die pretty much after one hit, so instead of having fun you are just worrying about getting hit by the tons of enemies coming your way. Another big deal is the "Rock-Paper-Scissors" mini-game...its complete crap. Aside from the lame mini-games and tough difficulty(not that its SUPER-hard, but you won't stay interested long enough to finish in most cases), I do enjoy the look of the game and some of the power-ups(things like motorcycles you can drive, etc.)

2/5 stars. Thats being generous...its alright for what it is...but I do not recommend blowing 800 pts. on this game.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

Super Mario Bros. 3 needs no introduction. Ask any gamer and they will tell you it is their favorite "old-school" game. For good reason too, it is among my favorite NES releases(Kirby's Adventure in a close second). Everything about this games presentation is great, from the platforming, to the level design, even down to the music. Everybody must own this game on their VC. I have played through it a NUMBER of times, and still am playing through it again and again on the VC. Buy this game, plain and of the best games in the Mario series...period.

5/5 stars...did you expect any less?



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Wave Race 64:

Wave Race 64 is very unique, especially for the time it was released. I was worried upon downloading this game, there really would be no nostalgia, or I would not enjoy the game as much as I did when I was younger. That is not the case at all! The game is just as fun as you remember it. I was amazed at the wave physics, they were way ahead of their time.

The game is a pretty good challenge, but ends up falling a bit short in number of racers and tracks. Its a nice departure from games like Mario Kart and F-Zero if you are a big racing fan. The stunt portion is fun for just fooling around and racing with a dolphin. I suggest this game if you are looking for something to play that is a bit different than what you are used to when it comes to racers.

4/5 stars. It is pretty much flawless at what it does(intense racing, amazing water physics), but the lack of racers and tracks lowers the score a bit.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Pokemon Snap:

Pokemon Snap is pretty unusual. I was never a fan of rail games, or rail shooters(I really need to try Sin & Punishment though from what everybody says). But I have to admit, I owned this game back when it was originally released, because me and my friends were those types of kids who woke up every Saturday and watched the new Pokemon episodes, owned all 150 Pokemon, and had many of them at lvl. 100. Then Pokemon got all screwed up as they added new characters, regions, and series into the mix.

With all of that out of the way, this game is really quite fun when you just feel like relaxing and not playing some epic game. Also for the VC, its kind of cool that you that you can send pictures of your Pokemon to friends. If you are a "Pokemaniac" and have not played this game, I am sure you will love it. Also, if you are like me, and miss the "glory days" of the series, then its good for nostalgia.

3/5 stars. Average, but an overall fun experience.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Kid Icarus:

Kid Icarus is a good game. Its nothing really spectacular, but overall its alot of fun to play. The downfall of the game is its difficulty. Ever heard of the term "nintendo-hard"? I believe that term was made because of this game. Each level is just a huge onslaught of enemies, in which you can take very few hits and do not have that great of a weapon. I am not going to lie, me and my buddies used to play this alot, because once you get used to it and practice you can get quite good. But if you are having trouble with games like Ninja Gaiden, Kid Icarus may not be for you.

3/5 stars is my rating. If it were a bit less of a chore to play through it would get a higher score. I know I am definitely excited for Pit's arrival in SSBB.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Super Metroid:

Super Metroid is without a doubt a must-own game for any action-adventure fans. As far as the SNES games go, its one of the best side-scrollers. The big thing about SM that was so wonderful is the feeling of exploration. Along with pretty much any Metroid game in the series, there are always new weapons you need to progress, which ivolves some backtracking, but just enough to keep it from being a chore.

Overall, this game definitly gets my 5 star rating. With great graphics, sounds, and gameplay there really is no big flaws in this game. Download it...enjoy it.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on F-Zero X:

In one word, I would sum F-Zero X up as "Intense". It is not the best racer around(the Mario Kart series will always have a place in my heart), but it is definitely one of the top racing games on the N64. The game is so fast, that some gamers may be a bit turned off, especially if they enjoy games a bit slower(i.e. Mario Kart).

I'll rate it with 4 very solid stars. Its very fun to play, enough of a challenge to keep you coming back for more(even after you finish all of the Cup races), and there is no shortage of tracks and racers. Also, I would like to note the audio is pretty well-done as well (who doesn't love the Big Blue theme?!).

D/L this one if you want something that is frantic...if you want something ever MORE frantic, pick up F-Zero GX for the Gamecube.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Kirby's Dream Course:

Kirby's Dream Course is a pleasant surprise. Its one of those games you have to really try to see how much fun it is. To be honest, it was tough deciding to blow 800 points on this game, because the videos and vid-reviews of the game said it was great, but it seemed so boring. I have always been a Kirby fan, but did not want to let the inner-fanboy get this game just because of that lovable puffball.

Overall, the game is a blast to play, because it is challenging but not frustrating. It is pretty original as well, so when you get tired of playing a few platformers or action-adventure games, its nice to just sit down with a friend and play this skewed version of mini-golf.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Ristar:

I bought the Sega Genesis Collection for my PSP(has many of the games found on the VC), and Ristar is one of them. I was pleasantly surprised at how addicted I am to this game. I know this may be a bit drastic to say, but I enjoy it more than Sonic. Its got nicer artwork, a cool, cartoon-like visual style, and the gameplay is very fun.

You kill enemies by grabbing onto them (your arms extend rather far), and "bonking" them with your head. As the Mad Bomber stated, the level design is a bit odd, but still enjoyable seeing as how nice every level looks. If you do not have access to the Sega Genesis Collection(PSP or PS2), then definitely invest the Wii points in this game, you will not be disappointed with this solid platformer.



Ho11oWxxMaN commented on Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Tro...:

DKC3 is a great game. Sadly, it is really just a rehash of DKC2, just with a new Kong. I know I will be buying it on the VC only because I never finished it when I had an SNES. If you are a fan of DKC by all means download it. However, if you never really got into the series, it will not change your mind.