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United Kingdom

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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metallicorphan commented on Europe VC Releases - 13th April - Actraiser:

i too was waiting for starfox or whatever they wanna call it...gutted that it didnt make it

but,i may download actraiser,even though i have never heard of it before or never played it before
with it being square enix,hopefully this will pave the way for a certain chronno trigger to make and appearance....oh wait,let me guess...if it does come it will be USA only.......please make it UK as well!!



metallicorphan commented on Europe VC Releases - 5th April - Megadrive Trio:

damn i wanted starfox

just bought a lot of points as well

GAME are doing an offer where 2000 points cost £7.99 when bought with anything i bought the day after tomorrow on pre owned UMD for £2.99,LOL..still cost less than usual

this week only for the GAME offer



metallicorphan commented on Mario Kart 64:

this game(when i downloaded it on VC) made me buy the DS mario kart,and they are both great(although MK:DS is cool with all the retro tracks)..and yeah double dash never really grabbed me like these ones do



metallicorphan commented on SimCity: do you get that money cheat?...i think its been disabled for the VC version,not sure....i could leave my Wii on i suppose...