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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Jonno commented on US VC Releases - 23rd July - Shining Force:

I must download... ALL OF THEM! Of course, I'll download Shining Force (I'm a sucker for tactical RPGs) first with my 1000 Points left then Kirby's Dream Course (pretty much the best golf game on the VC) and Devil's Crush. (which is awesome, just a little less than Shining Force)



Jonno commented on Shining Force:

Won-der-ful! Anything like an RPG is an insta-download for me. (Except for Dungeon Crawler RPGs which are quite a bore)



Jonno commented on Paper Mario:

Gotta disagree with you, Drake. PM > TTYD > SPM

'Magnificent Game Award' from Jonno



Jonno commented on Paper Mario:

Coming out in Japan tomorrow. They are so very lucky!



Jonno commented on Devil's Crush:

This = the best pinball machine sim ever (so Mario Pinball Land doesn't count) This is definetly worth a look by all!



Jonno commented on Paper Mario:

So nostalgic and so fun at the same time! Awesome...



Jonno commented on Star Soldier:

The first of the star soldier series, looks... hard. Lol



Jonno commented on R-Type III:

A pretty challenging shmup. Can never get past the 1st level save point!



Jonno commented on Virtual Console Forum:

lol finally. remember that VC forum spoof I sent you to keep on going with the idea, Darren?



Jonno commented on Punch-Out!!:

I bought downloaded this along with Wonder Boy in Monster World and Star Fox 64 today (April 23) and this is the only one that is below average in my opinion. I should basically steer clear of NES titles (except for the Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Mega Man, Castlevania, and Duck Hunt series ) I use a lot.

Also, my newest Wii Points total is 0!



Jonno commented on Super Metroid:

Hmm... According to my source this or SMRPG will be coming out in May... "Popular SNES Game: 65% of People Will Buy This."



Jonno commented on Yoshi's Story:

@M/Zfan: Yes, you can play as many different colored Yoshis.

Blue, Cyan, Yellow, Red, Pink, Green, and the more rare White and Black Yoshis are playable.



Jonno commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

I am odd. Don't tell me I suck. Tell me I suck at 3D Zeldas. I've pretty much beaten every other game I've ever played (Wario's Woods, ALTTP, Beyond Oasis, Super Mario 64, etc.)