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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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CraftierPantz commented on Super Metroid:

Awhile back I bought Super Metroid because the Metroid series is my favorite game series and also I had heard how amazing the game was. I got pretty far in it, I think, but then I stopped playing it for some reason. I have played all of the other Metroid games, except for the one for the original Gameboy. So far Metroid Prime is my absolute favorite game of the series, but also my favorite game of all time. I think the music in the game is phenomenal and I love the story in it.

I am dying for Nintendo to release this for the Virtual Console and I cannot wait to go through it and beat it.

The only thing I can remember from the game is the menu, and watching all of it, and thinking it was freaking sweet, like it was gonna be a freaking awesome game. Can't Wait!