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Sat 11th Apr 2009

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nice_shirt commented on Features: Don't Touch my Samus: Metroid's Cont...:

Just finished the game and I think it's great! I feel like she agreed to follow Adam's commands because she enjoys the sport of it. The game would have been pretty dull if you had all your power-ups from the start. This attitude is illustrated perfectly when she activates her space jump on her own authority and sarcastically asks the m.i.a. Adam if he has any objections. Just go with it and enjoy the ride, it's a good one.



nice_shirt commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

I would have preferred another Prime game to what Other M became. There are still plenty of ways to shake up and old formula without making the main character so unlikable. If Nintendo ever releases a budget collection of top sellers and Other M is on the list I may consider adding it to the collection.



nice_shirt commented on Review: Resident Evil (GameCube):

Thanks for reminding me to play this game in October. Anyone finding the game too difficult you should know there is a very helpful Grenade Launcher Glitch. But try to stick it out without cheating and save the glitch for a second run through.



nice_shirt commented on Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs (Wi...:

I for one would like to see MORE educational software like this on WiiWare. My daughter is so excited to have a game that she can play on our tv. The software could use more content for the price but what's there is well designed and engaging.



nice_shirt commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii):

Best game I have EVER played!
BUT I wish those long winded dialogues were shippable!
Right? You hear it once, why subjugate you to the same 4 panel dialog over and over when you just want to transfer your starbitts to the next player?



nice_shirt commented on Review: Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Wii):

Great review Mr. Corbie. I'm picking this up as soon as I can. The original is my favorite wii game if not my favorite game of all time. I cant think of game that I played more than the original. I would like to see more behind the scenes for this game. Who made it, what was their thought pattern? So psyched!



nice_shirt commented on E3 Promises Over 30 Nintendo Titles:

Zelda, Zelda, Zelda!!!
That's all they need to win the console war. Let's face it, that's why we're Nintendo fans. Excellent game-play combined with excellent expectation delivered. Come on Nintendo! Give us what we're craving!!!



nice_shirt commented on Wii Least Connected of U.S. Consoles:

Not surprised. Most people I know that own a wii don't even play it let alone access it's lame online service. Personally I love online play (Tetris Party, Conduit, Call of Duty + more) and feel that Nintendo's service works fine for my needs.



nice_shirt commented on Rage of the Gladiator:


Must have for old school gamers who have laid Mr. Tyson down for the count. This game constantly puts a smile on my face. No regrets for downloading this gem and supporting a great product from Gostfire.



nice_shirt commented on Review: Blaster Master: Overdrive (WiiWare):

I want to hate this game. 4:3 ratio - Really?

The over head on foot action feels like a lame Flash game. The original was way better.

But, it's Blaster Master. One of the best original NES games ever made so I cant help but love jumping around and blasting mutants in SOPHIA.

Die-hard fans of the original will enjoy this remake but it could have been so much more.



nice_shirt commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pas...:

You can't possibly be on the fence about this game, right? I must have played threw this game no more than ten times since it's 1992 release on multiple systems and it still has a hold on me! No better game exists. I guess I sound a little bias. You're rite, but you have to play this.



nice_shirt commented on Review: Cave Story (WiiWare):

If you consider yourself a gamer, you must include this amazing effort to your resume. Remarkable for so many reasons but mostly because of its solo creator. I'm happy to support this kind of indie game because the game makes me happy.



nice_shirt commented on Review: Dead Space: Extraction (Wii):

I haven't enjoyed an on rails game like this since Time Crisis on the PS1. Great characters, awesomely dense fictional universe, cool and creepy monsters. The heavy dialog creates a pretty slow pace for a shooter but I like that this games does it's own thing.



nice_shirt commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

Any new Kid Icarus game should focus on bow and arrow combat with the motion+ at center stage. A Kid Icarus re-imagining done with the thought and care of the Metroid Prime series would be so awesome!



nice_shirt commented on Review: Blaster Master: Overdrive (WiiWare):

Wow, I cant believe it turned out that good! I still have very fond memories of the first game and the video and screen shots of Overdrive weren't doing it for me but this review has changed my mind. Thanks!



nice_shirt commented on World of Goo:

@ dimothydobis, You're lame.

This is still the best *ware game on Wii. Challenging, charming and charismatic. Well worth then15 points an then some sum!



nice_shirt commented on Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy (Wii):

I'm keeping my original three games even though I just picked up the trilogy. This is the very best video game franchise in existence. I'm sure the older games will become a collectors item someday.



nice_shirt commented on Metroid Prime Trilogy:

I have these games already and was going to pass but I'm so glad that I didn't. The new play controls makes it feel like playing these games for the first time again. I will be playing this collection for years.



nice_shirt commented on Review: The Conduit (Wii):

Don't forget about the online glitches. For some people this game is completely broken due to it's random re-spawning design. Even with a great internet connection and luck on your side you'll have to reset the console at least once a day.



nice_shirt commented on Conduit Release Date Slips in EU:

From what I've read about the game my enthusiasm has been substantially reduced to luke-warm. Looks like I'll be sticking to COD for my online face blasting or maybe not, we'll see how the final product turns out.



nice_shirt commented on F-Zero X:

Does anyone know whats new with the re-downloadable version of this game?



nice_shirt commented on Bit.Trip: Beat:

Messes with your head in a hurtful way but no one should miss this. Perfectly priced game experiment. This is the kind of software that can make the wii relevant.



nice_shirt commented on Review: Onslaught (WiiWare):

I've had this game over a month and honestly it's been a regretful download.

I never play it and match making takes too long plus the game single player is repetitive.

A fun download experiment but ultimately this game will leave you unsatisfied.



nice_shirt commented on Onslaught:

A fun experiment but it will fail to keep your attention for more than a few days = SHALLOW!
But, still recommend it for $10.ºº



nice_shirt commented on Kid Chameleon:

This is a challenging and interesting game with a really cool style. A game for gamers.
Not of Mario caliber that it tries to emulates, but what is? You will fall in love with this game if you give it a chance.