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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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neuzd commented on Mega Man 2:

We all know Capcom is doing so good with Mega Man 9 and I was so delighted with all the decisions they took about that game, that I was going to buy Mega Man 9 even if I never played any of the previous games, nor a title from any of the alternative series; just to shout out: "Hey world, Capcom knows the way!".
So, victim of the hype I created by myself, I realized I was already in need of a Mega Man fix and so I downloaded this second episode.
I'm finding it very fun and interesting, and I already feel I want the first too.

Mega Man has just won another fan.



neuzd commented on E3 2008: Mega Man 9 First Impressions:

This will be my first Mega Man.
I've never been into this kind of platformer, but the music, the 8bit(plus!) graphics and most important the decision to make this episode a retro style game, makes me want to have a capcom tattoo right on my forehead.

I decided I'm gonna try making some SID and NES chiptunes, thanks just to the music in the gameplay video.



neuzd commented on Mega Man 9 Cover Song:

How to kill a very good tune.
Where's the rocking exhaltation?
Sorry, I just summoned the ghost of Sergei Prokoviev and he's confirming this version sucks so bad.
(And yes, I noticed it's just the end-level tune, don't waste your time telling me.)



neuzd commented on High Voltage Interview - Animales de la Muerte:

: (
I do really hope they implement alternative controls then (why not, evey game should have multiple or even customizable control configurations)

The problem is that in a game like this, if I have to use the wiimote, I would experience heavy motion sickness because of rapidly and continuosly moving my eyes between multiple targets and the character.
In Geometry Wars with wiimote controls I need to watch at every target, while if I play with the classic controller I just need to see where it is, it needs less concentration from my eyes/brain.

I hope they do the wisest thing and provide the game with alternative controller options.
I didn't notice the other Dazza's message, nice then if I can hope in a double analog configuration.
I do really love the graphics and crazy setting of this game.



neuzd commented on High Voltage Interview - Animales de la Muerte:

AAAGH, the controls Corbie, you didn't ask how the controls are!
That will define if this game is a hit or will be a flop!
Robotron 2084, Smash TV, Geometry Wars, there's only one way to play this kind of shooter: me wants double analog!



neuzd commented on The Wii Hard Drive Is Here And Hilariously Fake:

I really doubt the storage solution Nintendo is thinking about is going to be a hard disk drive.
It should be noted that Nintendo is already doing something the audience requested and that they originally didn't want to think+build+sell-cheap a device of this kind, so there are very few chances they are doing it also the way people want it.

I do really hope their plan is that of supporting bigger SDs (2GB was the limit for the Wii some times ago) and being able to run software directly from there.
That would be very smart....well in reality I mean that every other solution would be just stupid. HDDs are cheap enough but definetely too big, while Solid State Memories are still extrememely expensive (talking of course of at least 64GB).



neuzd commented on Four More Virtual Console Games for South Korea:

The fact that South Korea is the #1 country for professional PC gaming, it looks really strange that they're still missing these unvaluable pieces of videogaming history.
I cheer for Korea, too. Maybe they're a young country (videogaming related) but they did catch up with the rest of the world quite fast....



neuzd commented on My Pokémon Ranch Due This Friday For Europe:

Finally, but heck, it's my round for rants: I do love surprises, why they announced this one that's one of the few titles I was waiting for?
Not fair, I could have come home tonight (after dinner at a friend's) and discover it by myself and proceed to dance and hug my mudkip (....stuffed doll; ok, ok...).

Anyway I have a feeling some surprise is due for tonight.....



neuzd commented on Nebulus:

Wow, now that's an awesome use of parallax scrolling!! How many parallax levels there were in the shooter sections? And it's just a C=64 game!
I don't remember to have ever seen this game, but I'm impressed.



neuzd commented on South Korea: Two More VC Updates:

I'm really curious to see if they release StarCraft64 over there.
Probably it wouldn't be so popular, being a somewhat stripped down version of the original, and SouthKoreans may not be interested in what isn't "the real stuff", but....I don't know, I would find it to be a very kind demonstration of affection. If they do I would feel really amused (in a positive way).



neuzd commented on Beer Pong Is Evil And Wrong!:

Why is it keeping so long to developers to let out a game called "GTA: the Jack Thompson clones" or "MADD rising"?
Really let us learn how to get rid of stupid people who aren't able to educate their sons by themselves
(I hope no one really takes this seriously, though I'd buy both titles).
If you can't let your kid be a kid, you should consider getting back to your planet....

Doesn't this woman realize that in this way she's exposing her total lack of common sense? I mean, fantasy is children's playground and we all exploited it to pretend being someone/somewhere else because, well just because that's all what fantasy is about.
And she's telling you that your children arent' able to discern fantasy from reality, I guess she has never been a child, poor lady.



neuzd commented on Review: Star Soldier R:

At first I frowned upon the "just 2 levels" issue like almost everyone else, then I started to think that having few levels is probably a good thing for time attack gameplay.
Let's there any recent and awesome shooter with very few levels?
Did I hear "Geometry Wars"? Yeah, I think I'll get this!



neuzd commented on Dr Mario WiiWare Pulling A Sickie?:

"We are getting Dr. Mario with our launch on Tuesday."

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch."

Now we can count it.
No grudge in my words but after decades of "ghetto living", every treat Nintendo reserves for us before the states, sounds so fair.



neuzd commented on Hardware Focus - Commodore 64:

Great reading Kelvin
Is this your first article on vc-reviews?

Talking of developers who pushed the C=64 hardware to the limit, I'd like to recall some of the first true 3D games (+ developer/s) like:
Elite (Ian Bell & David Braben)
The Sentinel (Geoff Crammond)
Stunt Car Racer (Geoff Crammond)



neuzd commented on Everyone's Pokémon Ranch - WiiWare - New Details:

Way too cool!
I'm paying everything they want for a program like this.
It could awaken again my currently low interest in the Monsters, caused by lack of wireless internet access and friends who abandoned the game too early.



neuzd commented on Check out the updated Check Mii Out channel:

Yes, not bad at all!
I think the channel really needed a way to improve navigation among submitted Miis and to clearify the ratings system: I don'tknow if you ever noticed but your own Miis display different "ranking stars" levels depending on...well, I really don't know, but my profile says my most popular Mii has 1 star, but when I look at all my Miis they are almost all rated with 2 stars.



neuzd commented on Revamped Site is Now Live!:

Hey, is HVGN really Derek?
Man, you're the only AVGN spoof that makes sense.
Your reviews are fun and educational.
Come in the forums!



neuzd commented on Revamped Site is Now Live!:

There's a full range of options between "huge animated GIFs" and unpresentable JPEGs.

Really, also the banners are suffering from this.
JPEG compression is perfect for photos, a videogame website should ban jpg images.

Anyway, your interest for the matter is really appreciated.



neuzd commented on Revamped Site is Now Live!:

The look is neat and I'm looking forward to see what these new feaures will bring.

Thank you guys!
In particular to those that aren't inside the community and worked under secret...
Nice work.



neuzd commented on US VC Releases - 14th January - Pac-Attack:

My greatest concern is that it was said that NA would have had 200 vc games for the end of 2007, but with this releases we're (well, you: I'm on the 'right' side of the ocean) just at 194.

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!!!!!

And I'm reading on the internet:
'Nintendo PR have stepped in to "clarify" Reggie's comments, saying that the 200 figure was only an approximation, not a hard number. Sorry.'

Reggie, Reggie, Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



neuzd commented on Nintendo of Europe relaunches with Wii Points ...:

Sad situation BF-Medic, hope you just don't know what to look for.
Look among all the papers that come with the game.
There should be the manual (obviously), a Nintendo advertising sheet (all white) and...
a sheet that generally has the cover artwork depicted on one side, while on the other side there's written stuff that refer to the Nintendo Club Stars (in a lot of languages) and a SILVER coloured piece of tape attached to it.
Scratch the silver thing with a coin, the code for the stars is under there.



neuzd commented on EU VC Releases - 19th October - Castlevania II:

Ohhhhhh Simon's Quest....I remember this.
This is the first
and only
super debut
of the AVGN!!!!
I got the itch about Gate of Thunder when it got released in NA this monday. I watched the video and I'm going to buy it. Kewl......



neuzd commented on Super Metroid:

The saga is NOT complete.
Metroid 2 is still too obscure to anyone.

But you won't hear me crying for it here, as I don't think (and find almost stupid) that there will ever be a GB emulator.

If you really miss my metroidy whining, no problem: who the hell has decided to deny the existece of Metroid Dread????



neuzd commented on EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid:

Dear JJ, Suiper Metroid is hailed as one of the greates games in history.
Yes, you did read right, not one opf the best adventures, or action games, it is one of the best games in all videogame history.

Zero Mission is an enhanced remake of Metroid, your question doesn't make much sense.
In addition, Zero Mission's area is quite small, they added locations to give it some Super Metroid feeling, but the original is a game of 21 years ago, so...



neuzd commented on EU VC Releases - 12th October - Super Metroid:

Jazzem came to the chat and typed a simple "It's up."
'What' was a superfluous question....

Probably a lot of people had to recover from the shock, because I immediately connected and downloaded it like it was shinesparking.

Immediately changed buttons config (B = BBBBBBBBBlastSpacePirates ), and carved a smile which I hope will last some weeks.

If you're Ridley, start your prayers now.



neuzd commented on Hardware Focus - Super Nintendo:

It's some times that articles like this are becoming more frequent, this is a feature that our friends at GiGa TV probably missed, as they are comouflaged among the other news. They missed some pearls....

When you read tons of articles about one of the most influent machines of video gaming, it's great to come across some considerations and aspects that keep you interested in reading.

I like how the 16bit machines expanded the -litelarally- gamefield of gaming experience. There were starting to exist games that were more like a toy to be exploited by oneself curiosity; the 16bit era (and where I live it was AMIGA that was the coolest thing) provided new (mind)places to be explored firstly to the designers then to the players.

A very good reading.



neuzd commented on August is the 'Month of Metroid'!:

Yes. And I can't really add anything else. One of the best games in history. Following games didn't get this high just because:
Fusion: athmosphere and non-linearity have been put aside.
Zero Mission: it's a remake, you're less likely to be surprised by something.

Both these titles are fantastic games, of course. But the improvements Super Metroid had on the first 2 chapters had rocketed it among the best games ever. And it is not just a personal opinion. We're talking of a 13 years old game, all the world look at Super Metroid as one of the highest points of 2D action gaming.

No Super Metroid remake has ever been made.
The ONLY remake in the series is the original Metroid that has been released for GBA with the name
Metroid: Zero Mission



neuzd commented on Wii Menu and Shopping Channel Updated:

There is another important topic we're discussing on the boards.

Several users around the web are experiencing problems with wired connections.
Accessing the Internet with the Internet Channel works fine, but the Wii Shop is unreachable for most.

The strange thing is that there is not a standard problem because someone with official hardware can access the Wii Shop, and others not; and some with compatible LAN adapters can access the shop and others not.



neuzd commented on Metroid:

Hey James, the fact that there are 8 years between Metroid and Super Metroid release dates, does it really make Metroid a beta game?
In 1986 Metroid was something never seen, and it lacking an automap system surely elevates its exploration nature to unprecedent heights in action games.

Do we need to talk about its difficulty, both in 1986 and 21 years later?
No Super Metroid would have existed without Metroid.
Hail to the Hunter.



neuzd commented on Super Turrican 1 & 2 coming to the Virtual Con...:

Well, "exploration" is a pretty big word.
They're great, loved the first two episodes, but this is no Metroid: adventure and exploration are almost absent.

If you feel that finding a hidden power-up is equally disturbing as going back and forth through the caves of Zebes.....



neuzd commented on Impossible Mission - the first non-VC game!:

I don't know, probably I said it wrong...I find your comments in line with what I believe....

You may change the word "system" with "platform" in my previous post...that may be more correct.

I mean, VIRTUAL console are those emulated...the Wii is REAL. Ok?
IM si going to be a game for the it's not a VC game...well I noticed, read the title of this article...

I may also didn't understand your comments, that's an option!
Sorry for that, but I really can't understand why you're saying these things to me...



neuzd commented on Impossible Mission - the first non-VC game!:

This is not going be a virtual console game.
The system running this software is likely to be the Wii itself.

It's nothing more than a downloadable game instead of a boxed one.
Think about it as a new Channel like INternet Channel or Everybody Votes.
I bet it will be available in the Wii Ware part of the shop; otherwise if Nintendo decide to move it in VC, that's because of people are used to find games in there.



neuzd commented on US VC Releases - 23rd April - Gradius 3:

Just to counter proof INpixl statements.

This is my first post in a couple of weeks because I'm dead sick of reading unconstructive comments.
Some like me are not posting anymore because it's pointless. Few read all the posts, and a lot of "kids" just enjoy the mess of people shouting and do the same. There are too many users that have something to say everytime, even when they're out of topic.

If this is not the game you want to talk about, leave and come back when the discussion will gain something with your comments.

I hope the Angry Nintendo Nerd will sometimes review your favourite game so you will turn green of anger and uselessly spit blood against him.



neuzd commented on US VC Releases - 16th April - Punch Out!!:

@DEMON212: you don't need directly to moan or cry, what's annoying is that anyway you're talking of that game. So, there's no difference.

Is it possible to have a discussion about the games that get released instead of those that are NOT in this page? That's ridicolous....



neuzd commented on US VC Releases - 16th April - Punch Out!!:

Great Demon, so you'll be direct resbonsible of me leaving this site.

I really can't stand all of you fake adults.
I didn't cry this way when I was 9.
Good bye, I'll be a passive user by now.



neuzd commented on Opera Browser Available NOW:

You aslo have to download the new version of the Opera browser.
It looks that you just updated your system's software (which is a prerequisite to the final version of Opera).

- go to the Wii-shop
- choose Wii Software
- select Internet Channel (it should have an UPDATE tab over it)

If you can download the update the button in the middle of the page should sasy "update" or "download" and it is a normal blue-that-turns-orange button. Instead it should say "downloaded" and it is just a panel and not a button.