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Divock commented on Review: Animal Crossing (GCN):

This review seems accurate. It's funny because while stuff goes on in real time, it is a good thing to have unique things happening every day, it gets annoying when you want to do other things, becoming almost like homework. Best examples of that for me was the Gold/Silver/Crystal games and more recently Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. Clock going on, different stuff every day, yet if you leave for a year everyone still "loves" you.



Divock commented on Rumour: EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console:

Well. I've never played earthbound. I don't know much about it. The only things about earthbound I know of are in Super Smash Brothers. From what I heard, it sounds good, but I know nothing about it, so I shall wait and see.



Divock commented on Vectorman:

@Nintendork: Shovelware? Are you joking? Just because it's simple gameplay does not make it "shovelware". This game is fun. That's all it needs.
@Cally: Same here, just because it's not "creative" doesn't mean it's not fun.



Divock commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

@Ferret75: Yes there are 49 abilities (well, 50 if you count the final boss), but are all of them useful? Are all of them worth using? Novelty is nice, but sometimes it's just annoying. But you're entitled to your opinion
@Nintendork: I personally thought the bosses were easy. Even the final boss. But you're entitled to your opinion.



Divock commented on Adventures of Lolo:

Ah, so THIS is what lolo is. I saw "$00pah NiN10Doh!" on Newgrounds and this guy appeared twice randomly, and now I know where he's from. Whoa...must I check it out...? I guess.



Divock commented on Talking Point: Is the Virtual Console On The S...:

Well, I think that Nintendo will eventually release some of these great titles we have, obviously due to the fact that the technology has increased and they have the same data files and whatnot. I can see the anger, I really can, and do. It makes sense, but what we don't know, is what Nintendo really plans to release. Yes they have announced some, but maybe they're trying to surprise us, or maybe they're working on these solutions and using these 1-game a week trends to help emulate these different games. I currently have 14 Virtual Console TItles, (I think) and there are plenty I'll take, and I think there are plenty you all can get to. If you've downloaded every single virtual console game that isn't rated 3 stars or higher(example), then you have reason to complain about it. There are PLENTY and I do mean PLENTY of games to choose from. The only real issue is the storage problem. Besides that, the VC is just probably just taking a little break. Remember what the main games are for the Wii, and I'm almost positive that no one here has every single game out there.



Divock commented on USA VC Update: Enduro Racer:

You know least there are good games. It's not like there's a total lack of good games, it's just some games aren't on there yet.



Divock commented on Gunstar Heroes:

Quoting Screwattack, "The NES had Contra, the Neo Geo had Metal Slug, and the Megadrive had Gunstar Heroes."


I think I'm going

Frig. There's only one way to settle this and that's to buy them all.

Fine! I'll buy all three. They all got 5 stars anyway.



Divock commented on Galaga:

The are are two reasons why I won't buy this.
1. I downloaded an emulator and the sound quality is not quite the arcade. And because I loved winning the bonus round and getting that sweet music, that really hurts the position of me buying it.
2. No saving record feature. I may not be the best or even very good at 2D shooters, but I think that not having a save feature is kind of lame.



Divock commented on Space Invaders: The Original Game:

Yeah...if it was 500 points, it would be a little higher, but 800 points is just stupid.

I can't believe SPACE INVADERS made the Super Nintendo have one bad game released on the VC. Dangit...



Divock commented on Donkey Kong Country:

You know, I owned this on the Gameboy (or GBA, I can't remember) and then I lost it. @#$#. Whatever, I'll buy it again.



Divock commented on Axelay:

This game is fun, but I suck at 2D shooters so I suck at it. Either that or It's just hard. Sigh...
It's fun though and the soundtrack is awesome. The way the weapon system works is genius and the graphics are great too.



Divock commented on Metroid:

Yeah, I played an emulator to test out metroid, and for the record, it's not bad. It's just that Super Metroid is well...Metroid, um...super? Super Metroid is actually one of the truest names ever. It's metroid, but super. Whatever...anyway...the game is fun if you want a challenge, but it's not as fun as Super Metroid. Then again, what would Metroid be without the original?



Divock commented on Super Metroid:

This game is the pure substance of greatness. I love it. It's just fun! I...don't know what else to say! IT'S JUST FUN! I mean, yeah I could comment on the controls, the music, the graphics, the weapons, the story, the difficulty, the secrets, etc...but I don't want to spoil it! Trust me, and all these people...Super Metroid, is worth the 800 points, it's not just worth it, IT NEEDS TO BE ON YOUR WII! BUY IT! It's just...kick...@$$! I'd say I can't wait to beat it, but I CAN WAIT! I can embrace this game as long as I want! AND I WILL!

But if you'll excuse me, it's time to blast some Space Pirates...heheheh



Divock commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

I would buy it if I didn't have the collectors disc.
Sorry Nintendo, but your money is in another castle...probably Yoshi's Island or something.



Divock commented on The Legend of Zelda:

The power of the Zelda series has influenced people throughout the world to pick up a controller and experience the magic. It's one of those games that says, "I am worth my weight in gold!" The game is definetely worth the 500 points if you don't have it.



Divock commented on ActRaiser:

By the way, I just beat the game. The game has a good difficulty curve that makes you WORK for your victory. Man, I feel like replaying it again now.



Divock commented on Super Castlevania IV:

It looks fun. I'll probably get it. I haven't played many Castlevania games and they look fun, I'll start with this one probably.



Divock commented on Super Mario World:

by the way, if you plan on buying this but use a gamecube controller, I'm letting you know the control scheme for the gamecube controller is a bit wonky. The classic controller is probably better, I don't know though.



Divock commented on Pokémon Snap:

This game actually looks like the stupidest game ever, and if it sucked, it still would have been popular. Because this came out at one of the heights of pokemon's popularity. However, it does not suck. It's not bad. It's actually pretty fun, and if you can get past the pokemon theme, it's kind of like a drive by shooter, with no danger...

It really is not bad. The posting of the pictures is a nice touch for pokemon fans, but it is short. Getting all the pokemon is a...sort of challenge.

And if you hate pokemon, it's also a great game for venting stress. You get to throw pester balls (pokeball sized balls filled with a deadly/annoying gas) at pokemon! Unlimitely!

I'd say its a good download, but it costs 1000 points, and it's not worth looking into unless you ran out of stuff you've wanted.



Divock commented on Donkey Kong Jr. Math: you really...really...REALLY...must have this game, just get Animal Crossing.



Divock commented on The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past:

The only reason I probably won't download it unless I completely run out of titles I want to download (highly doubt) is because I own it on the GBA. As far as I'm concerned the GBA is almost a perfect clone, but...

This game kicks major buttocks. It has an amazingly perfect dificulty curve and it really makes you think for the puzzles. This was the last (good, stupid CDI) 2D Zelda game, and it hit the mark with ablomb. I actually had the soundtrack stuck in my head for the castle, and I couldn't remember what game it was for a while, because I hadn't played it in a while. That's how good the game is, if you don't play it for a while if you haven't beaten it, it will call to you*. Like most of the Zelda Titles, it's definetely worth a download and your points. Come's only 8 bucks!

*Game might not actually call to you



Divock commented on Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure:

This game looks like one of those polarized games. People either love it or hate it. I might pick it up, but I got a lot of other games I want to get before I get this game. It does look kinda fun though.



Divock commented on Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting:

It's a great fighting game and it's pretty addicting too. The Controls are pretty responsive and you can almost always get someone to do the super move when you want it. I can't really say much more, but if you want a great fighter, you found one. (by the way, I seem to have trouble doing Ryu's uppercut, the wii handbook says its forward, down, forwarddown, but I can't seem to accomplish it. I don't need it but if someone can give me a tip that'd be great)



Divock commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

There is only one reason to NOT buy this game: If you don't own it in any other way shape or form. You don't? BUY IT NOW! This is probably one of THE best games ever made, and I think this was one of the games that made Link and Zelda a household name, well...mostly. The first thing you have to notice is that the transition from 2D to 3D actually IMPROVED the series. Second, notice the graphics are actually pretty good. This was the first game that really showed Link's true adult form (except for Adventure of Link and the Zelda cartoon, but the Adventure of Link was a different kind of game and the Zelda Cartoon does NOT count) and his grunts. As annoying as you might think the grunts and sword strikes might be, it's really not. They're classic. The sidequests are enourmous, the storyline is great, the music is perfect, the characters are memorable, and it's just great fun! There are even parts that scare the everloving PISS out of you, and it will make you like it. It is worth the 10 bucks and more. I would buy it, but I have it on a collectors disc so I'm good.



Divock commented on Excitebike:

It's good, but you could probably save some money and play it on Animal Crossing. It's got awesome music, great controls and is pretty addicting, but two things make it hard to recommend: No multiplayer, and it's on animal crossing.



Divock commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

It is great. Of all the Mario RPGs, this was the last one I played. And it's pretty cool! It's got easy controls, mingames, music, graphics, story, comedy, action, you name it, Super Mario RPG has it! When I played Paper Mario for the first time I was worried that it had taken a comedy turn to get away from the original mario. Turns out, they were just doing what worked! When I played this, I realized why Mario RPG's worked. They don't over complicate numbers. Think about it: Final Fantasy games involve your character doing like 1000-5000 damage and it's completely random. Mario RPGs are simple, but f'in awesome. This game makes Mario proud. 5/5



Divock commented on Mega Man 2:

Mega Man 2 is pretty dang sweet. Some NES titles don't have good music, but this one, dang...the tunes are just awesome. Also, the sound effects, while repetetive, are just classic. The game play is solid, and hardly sticky. I recommend it. It's worth the 500 points. It's also quite difficult. You have to work hard to beat it. It's awesome.



Divock commented on Paper Mario:

Here's a question: Are Mario RPG's good? Well, do they sound good? Not...really...Did Nintendo care? NO! They made it anyway! A lot of gaming companies made games even though they sounded stupid at the time, but you know what? The Mario RPGs basically say this, "Just because it sound's stupid, doesn't mean it is!" I was born in 1993 and therefore I never owned a Super Nintendo so I never played Super Mario RPG. I did however own a Nintendo 64. I rented this game at a rental store and loved it so much I wanted to not return it, but BUY it! And we did! This was the first RPG and therefore my first Mario RPG I ever played, and I gotta be honest, it survives the test of time. I beat it all over again recently and had almost as much fun! I love this game so much. The main thing I love about it though, is that it tells you that graphics just ain't everything about the game? It may be in 3D but the battles aren't and neither are the characters, well...most of them. I like it better than Super Mario RPG, because their styles are actually pretty different, but they are both epic, so get this game. 5/5. I wish I could give it a 8/5, but I can't.



Divock commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

I never heard about this game because I wasn't alive at the time. Heck, I ignored this game on my friends Super Mario All Stars cartridge on his Super Nintendo. I was stupid, stupid...STUPID! This game is great. It is basically mario and epicness. I would talk about it some more, but just download it! It's 5 dollars! FIVE! DOLLARS! And if you have any doubts at all, remember: The Wizard may have seemed as a commercial for a bunch of Nintendo games, but it was really for only one, the one that deserved it: Super Mario Bros. Three. Just get it.



Divock commented on Ninja Gaiden:

This game is hard. And if it weren't for the fantastic controls, fun gameplay, good music, good graphics (for the time), cool powerups, brilliant cutscenes, and the epic awesomeness that is you playing as a Ninja, this game would not be called Ninja Gaiden. Thankfully it is. Ninja Gaiden is great. It's difficulty is actually a good thing, because if it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be as memorable, and you wouldn't be playing it as long. People play hard games because the challenge makes them feel good when they beat it, and that they wish to beat it because its so hard, making you play OVER and OVER again. The only thing I discourage when playing this game? Trying to get a high score. Just have fun, because if you try making an epic high score, you will probably break something...definetely worth 500 wii points and 5/5 stars.



Divock commented on Super Mario World:

It's awesome. It's greatness. It is a god amongst games. It is Super Mario World. This game is fun, don't overlook it. If you love 2D platformers, get Super Mario World. I can't say anymore. Just...BUY IT!



Divock commented on Star Fox 64:

This game is a god among video my opinion. When I got an N64 I told my parents I WANTED THIS GAME! I never got it. My friends did! I...did...not...BUT! I finally bought it on the VC. I remember loving playing this game! It's just great. The way you play the levels which changes your path depending on your skill level just scream great. The controls arre amazing, and the power up system, while it seems fairly limited, is actually pretty rad. I finally beat it on the hardest path and won, and it was awesome. The voice overs are memorable, whether they be funny, cool, creepy, weird, or just annoying (cough, slippy, cough). I could talk about this game for another hour, but I suggest you just buy it. If you were thinking of buying a DVD this weekend, spend your money on something worth way more time and entertainment, this game.



Divock commented on Kirby's Adventure:

I downloaded this game on an emulator to try it out, and after completing the first level, I saw it was very similar to another game I played. So I looked up on wikipedia, and guess what? Nightmare In Dreamland, a game I bought because I thought Kirby was awesome and I loved the commercial, was a remake of the game! I've only played a little of Kirby's Adventure and I plan to buy it myself, but after looking at the changes Wikipedia said were made, I gotta be honest, this game probably kicks BUTT! Looking at the comments, I gotta say this is true. Kirby kind of reminds me of Megaman...or not...whatever...5/5.



Divock commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

It's a great game no doubt, and the combination abilities are a pretty cool...for a little bit. Some of the combination abilities are just annoiying because they either A. Make you slow down and stop to use them slowing the game down making them useful only for boss battles, and/or B. just plain useless! Yeah, Rock + Rock makes you a giant boulder kirby that crushes nearly all in its path and explodes when you press b, but it moves so slowly that you'd rather just throw it at something. The amount of water levels/areas are fun for a little bit, but without an ability to attack easily underwater, it's sometimes...meh...but the game is pretty fun regardless. In fact, it was the first Kirby game I ever played, and I loved it! I recommend buying it if you're a fan of the series and don't own it already, but if you don't or aren't interested in Kirby games, try some others.



Divock commented on Kid Icarus:

I can say two things about this game. One, that it is hard as hell (which is kind of funny because you start out in the underworld/hell), and Two, it's addicting. When you play it the controls are normally pretty responsive and only slightly annoying, but it's part of the charm. The graphics actually fit the style, not too impressive for the NES, but if it was better, it'd be awkward. It was the first I got on the VC and I do NOT regret it. It's fun. When you die, sometimes it's because of something stupid and you're like "ARGH! MUST TRY AGAIN!" But for some reason, it doesn't make you slam your controller. Heck, I think it's because its so hard that it's so fun, you play it longer.



Divock commented on Balloon Fight:

Well, it's a great experience. It's fun, no doubt about it, but unfortunately, it's not worth 500 points. Why? Well, you can get Balloon Fight and a bunch of other NES classics on Animal Crossing. That's the only reason it's not worth 500 points. As a game it gets a 4/5, but still, hold off on it. I recommend buying Animal Crossing on the gamecube, and going online and looking up the codes for the NES games. It saves you 30 bucks and gets you a fun game for a gamecube. If you want to contribute to Nintendo's fund of the virtual console, I won't hold it against you. It's just a recommendation after all.



Divock commented on ActRaiser:

The game is pretty original, well, it was back then, and still kinda is now. It's quite enjoyable, even for atheists (just joking around, don't kill me), because of the dual game styles, pretty graphics, and the options. I think the greatst perks of it would be the zooming into the area that you go to when you go to battle, and the IN-CREDIBLE music you listen to when you're fighting enemies. There are a few secrets and the difficulty starts easy and rises to hard. It's great. 5/5. Not the best on the SNES, but it's definetely worth a download.