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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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El_Vampe commented on Review: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii):

Well, in a few days, Metroid Other M is gonna be released! After reading so much about it and looking at videos, it looks really promising. One of the things that really makes me happy is that Other M contains ALOT of homages/throwbacks to the Prime series. Such examples are the precise Morph Ball camera angles, Samus's ship (the interior look and the way she exists it from below ala Prime 3) and of course, the first person aspects, and many more.
I'm anxious to see whether or not the game suits your specific tastes lockelocke. However, because you said you are a purist and enjoy the retro goodness, im foreseeing (though i could be wrong) that you won't quite enjoy the fully-developed story, Samus's inner dialogues and characters; all of this breaks off from the usual old school Metroid formula that you enjoy immensely.
I hope you aren't too strict/harsh on the game because of those things. You have to remember, franchises need to evolve, and Prime 3 was the first game to add new things to the series (story, voice actors, characters).
I'd like to hear what you think of the game after you've finished beating it, and then give your honest thoughts about it (hopefully you won't return the game after a few disinterested sessions like Prime 3 ). See ya!



El_Vampe commented on Review: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption (Wii):

Are you serious lockelocke? You're complaining about Retro Studio's effort on EXPANDING and EXPLORING the universe of Metroid?

For years, we have played as the famous bounty hunter hired by the so-called Galactic Federation, went on planets alone, with little to no IN GAME story (any real story could only be found on the instruction booklets or back of the game box). In the first Prime game, Retro was the FIRST to reveal Samus' origin in a Metroid game (the chozo caring for her and whatnot).
And in the 3rd game, Retro actually offered us the chance to get a glimpse of the Galactic Federation, the existence of OTHER awesome looking Bounty Hunters (for a time, i honestly believed she was the only one in the galaxy, and i guess Prime hunters was the first to prove me wrong), and give us a nice developed in-game story, and you're complaining bout that? And remember, this game, being on the Wii, demands to be user friendly, so a little more action and slightly different atmosphere is to be expected (though i still felt the metroid ambiance throughout the game, did you at least explore every planet or did you quit right after the first Norion mission?).

I cannot wait to see your complaints when Other M comes out, which will have ALOT MORE characters and development, more SCI-FI esque themes, more story and more ACTION. And all this by Sakamoto himself

For everyone else, this game is still awesome and demands to be replayed a second time once you unlock the Hyper mode difficulty, which i assure you, is where the REAL challenge awaits. I praise Retro Studios for making a spectacular 3D Metroid Trilogy.



El_Vampe commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to get WiiWare Portal?:

I sincerily HOPE this proves to be true, because many (including myself) are very disappointed with Smash Bros. Brawl's final roster of characters. Toon Link and R.O.B.!? Waste of space if you ask me. I haven't even looked at the FULL roster yet for the sake of not spoiling more surprises. There are more deserving villains and female characters (we have to admit, Brawl is a sausage fest!) and others who deserve a spot. This is Sakurai and team's one chance at correcting these mistakes. They should make polls to let gamers vote and decide which character(s) deserve to be developed for Brawl. To those who said that Sakurai deconfirmed this way back in the past, remember that he's said MANY things that have turned out false, such as: third party characters would amount to 2 or 3 excluding Snake. There would be CLOSE to 40 fighters (personally, 35 is pretty far from 40).
The ONLY possible downside to this new downloadable feature is that, in my opinion, it would ROYALLY defeat the purpose of ever making another Super Smash Bros. game. And to those who think space will be an issue, they could easily allow us to throw out a few fighters we'd have in our roster to make space for the new ones. We could easily download the deleted characters if we ever miss them. Same goes for stages, Event matches, etc. Imagine, countless Brawl owners would have their own unique custom selection of characters, Assist trophies, music...



El_Vampe commented on Sonic 3D Blast:

God... I was hoping I would never have to set eyes again on this pathetic game. Don't be fooled gamers, it is NOT worth your wii points, save them for something better. The game gets old quick! A friend lend me the cartridge so long ago, and it did not keep me coming back. Once I had my first game-over I never tried it again cause it was so damn boring! Do yourselves a favor: save your wii points dor something better.



El_Vampe commented on Adventure Island:

YES!!! Me and my brothers were convinced that this would never be released cause we thought that Nintendo wouldn't see the use after releasing New adventure island. THIS is AVENTURE ISLAND at its purest form, with the difficulty that gives no mercy whatsoever! I admit the New Adventure Island has more diversity, but the challenge just isn't there, and the music is not as catchy as the originals(although the boss music was nice). To all players who THINK they are the masters of platformers or are just looking for a HARD or a FUN game, step right up and buy it. The difficulty of this game is CLOSE to that of the Ghouls n' ghost series, but the cheat (which I've never tried) will give infinite continues, but if you're not good enough, you'll just end up dying over and over again. So beware...



El_Vampe commented on Super Metroid:

Ah, yes. This is a gem in every way: gameplay, visually and sound!
Who can forget the classic Deep Norfair theme music? The area in which you find the golden chozo statue boss and Ridley. It's the best in the game!



El_Vampe commented on Bio-Hazard Battle:

2 PLAYER SIMULTANEOUS PLAY!?!? That's good enough for me! I've been looking all over for a shooting game with this feature. I find that all the other shooters that lack a simultaneous multiplayer mode (forget that one player at a time multiplayer crap that most shooters have) do not make it in my top priority download list. No matter how good they are, they are not complete without it. This feature in Biohazard makes it somewhat better than any other shooter. In my opinion, it's very fun to play these kind of games with a friend at the same time cause it can get quite hectic!