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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Peksu commented on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:

Call me crazy, but the whole pirate theme of Donkey Kong Country 2 didn't really reach me. I liked the plastic jungles of first game more, and third game tops both with SCIENCE.
But other than design, DKC 2 is really great platformer, definately one of the best on VC.



Peksu commented on ActRaiser:

ActRaiser is a bit shallow game, but that doesn't change the fact that it's still really great. It blends two totally different game styles really well together. Yeah, the platforming is kinda clunky, but it's there. You gotta hand it to Enix for actually trying something different.



Peksu commented on Smash Bros. Brawl to include VC Demos!:

Awesome, I just hope they won't cut any trials from American or European release. Although that may very well happen.
And Lordbowser, according to the only thing to do for Earthbound's US release is to... I don't exactly remember, but there is not much left. I don't know where those guys get their information, but so far they've proven to be right.



Peksu commented on Harvest Moon:

Bass X, the Gamecube version(If you mean the Wonderful Life) wasn't much like other games on the series. Really, I love Harvest Moon but I ended up hating the Wonderful Life.



Peksu commented on Sin and Punishment:

This game has it's faults, yes, like shortness and the fact that you can't change subtitles into English(the voices kinda hard to understand at some points), but that doesn't change the fact that this game is insanely good. Atmosphere is awesome, story is great and action is non-stop. Treasure quality, propably best shooter on VC.



Peksu commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Heh, I've got this game three times. First on original N64 cart, then with Wind Waker and last time on that Collectors Disc.
Overally, you could argue that some parts of Ocarina of Time are worse than Twilight Princess, and that's true. But Ocarina was first 3D Zelda ever, and it was one that revolutionized the franchise.
The graphics are dated now, sure, but back when this game was new they were something incredible. If you didn't play this back then, you can't understand what was so incredible about this. It's a sad fact.
Even after almost ten years, Ocarina has aged incredibly well. Compared to other games released on same time, it has retained some of it's original charm. And gameplay is still as good as ever.
Great game, and very worth of a download.



Peksu commented on Sin and Punishment:

Virtual Console is shaping out to be real heaven for Treasure games. How about Mischief Makers, Nintendo? Hmm?



Peksu commented on Fatal Fury:

When you compare this to stuff that came out later on NeoGeo, the difference is incredible. I'd wait for some newer games rather than buying this.



Peksu commented on Super Metroid:

The month of Metroid is gonna be probably nice and all(I assume we're gonna have one), but it's annoying to have VC releases bound to actual release dates. And we all know how fast games get to Europe.
Oh, and this really deserves the 5-star rating. The best 2-D Metroid game in the series.



Peksu commented on Ninja Spirit:

I guess this game is pretty decent, but it's just really shallow.
Sure, there's 2 player option, but it's like Super Mario Bros, players take turns playing levels. There's much better games available for download, but if you've got thing for ninjas, I guess this is just the game for you. But othervise, use your points wiser.



Peksu commented on EU VC Releases - 7th September - Sega week:

Europe gets most games before America, Super Metroid was radical exception.
But really, if I were you I wouldn't complain about us getting VC games week or two before you. Atleast you don't have to wait for half an year for normal games to be released there.



Peksu commented on August is the 'Month of Metroid'!:

Just America, eh? Well, we got original Metroid before you, so nobody should mind...

...But I mind anyway, it's Super Metroid! If Nintendo is gonna hold it until Corruption gets relesed here, there will be many sad gamers.