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United States

Mon 4th Feb 2008

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Master_Chief53 commented on Super Metroid:

First of all, yay, there is someone else in here in belgium.

Second, this is the best 2D metroid ever. If you dont have this game now, the nget it! You wont regret it.



Master_Chief53 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

Oot is pretty good, but not the best game ever like some people say. The graphics are good for its time, and the gameplay is like any other zelda game. I dont see whats so revolutionary about this game though... Overall though, its worth the money.



Master_Chief53 commented on Dungeon Explorer:

I didnt like this game that much. I bought it because I liked Gaunlet, but its a lot worst. The only good part is playing with 5 people. Now thats pretty fun. Only get this game if you have many brothers/sisters to play with or if you like absoulty loved Gaunlet or any other Dungeon crawling game.



Master_Chief53 commented on Gunstar Heroes:

This game is awesome. Though it is hard even on Normal with 2 players. I beat this game with my bro on Normal, it was a great experince. Anyone with a friend looking for a good co-op game need to chekc out this game.