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Thu 17th Apr 2008

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Worenx commented on Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver "PokeWalker" u...:

Oh my god, Pokemon have turned into Digimon! o. o The minigames and battling thing is so much like the old Digimon Digi-pets and that is so many levels of awesome. xD I'm definitely looking forward to this.



Worenx commented on USA VC Releases: Super Mario RPG and Clu Clu Land:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! 8D Nintendo has given me an awesome present!

...Okay, so my birthday's IN September, and I DO have to pay the 800 points to receive it, but I CAN and WILL count it as a gift! ^ ^ I loved this game in the day, now I can enjoy it the way it was supposed to be.



Worenx commented on ToeJam & Earl:

Pure classic. My cousin convinced me to download it with the 800 points I was saving on the off-chance SM:RPG is released, but I would've downloaded this game anyway once I got more points. Yet another trip back to my youth where me and my older cousin would just sit in front of the TV with our many game systems around us and just spend the whole day playing co-op or vs. games. This was one of my favorites.



Worenx commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Game was as hard as twenty year old candy corn, which is pretty bad considering it was targeted for little kids who liked the Turtles (me). Simply put, it has a lot of memories of almost my entire family getting addicted despite its overwhelming difficulty and we finally defeated Shredder, the big pansy. e e 2 / 5 because it's far from the best game around, it's way too hard even for me today, and the final boss is friggin easy. Good for download if you love old school games, and that's about it.



Worenx commented on Super Metroid:

Gotta love the blonde in the Power Suit. She's just so badass it's not even funny. This was the first Metroid game I've ever played, and although I sucked at it, I couldn't put it down. It was a MUST for me, especially now that I don't have to bug my friend to lend it to me anymore. xD



Worenx commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

Any gamer of the NES age has got to have this. That's why I did! Best Mario game EVER. ...Well, next to SM:RPG in my book.

5 / 5 simply because it's GOD for the NES.



Worenx commented on Star Fox 64:

Who in the N64 heyday HASN'T played this!? And if anyone really hasn't, they must play it to see it's awesomeness in all it's glory. It was a MUST for me to download. 4 stars for the awesomeness of it, and 1 star for the nostalgia.

Recently, though, I've played through every possible route, collected all medals, and redid it again in Expert Mode. T T Now, I am saddened for the game is beat in its entirety... * sigh *



Worenx commented on Kirby's Adventure:

Oh GOD yes! I love this game! Ever since I've played this as a child (I sucked at it though), I became a big fan of the little pink ball of... ... o o; What IS he made of? Oh right. Little pink ball of AWESOME!! Biased rating of 5 / 5! xD



Worenx commented on Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest:

Brings back memories of me and my dearly departed cousin. Funkmasta B, I play this for you, cuz. R.I.P.

I gave it a 4 / 5, though, because the controls aren't as responsive as I remember as on the SNES. Must be me. I don't wanna spend more money on one of those retroport adaptors or Super Famicom(it's not out here yet, so I call it the Japanese name) Wii controller, so it's not that bad to make me not wanna play it.



Worenx commented on Breath of Fire II:

FIRST thing I downloaded. This is one of my most favorite RPG's in existence. I'm being a little biased, but I give it a perfect score. Warm, fuzzy nostalgia for me. * has it on the original SNES too *



Worenx commented on Alien Soldier:

Had this downloaded since mid-February, and I'm still playing it. It's insane difficulty curves are strangely addicting and I just can't put it down.