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Mon 4th Feb 2008

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sephiroth79 commented on E3 2010: Ubisoft's Michael Jackson Dance Game ...:

@ bulbasaurus rex:

You either have to be lying or trying to get people riled up over that comment.

Michael Jackson is the most successful and widely-recognized artist of all-time. If you were alive in the 1980's or early 90's, you couldn't go anywhere or do much of anything without hearing his music or recognizing his vast influence on anything and everything.

NONE of today's pop musicians would exist without him (most of them blatantly steal from him...ahem Usher, Justin Timberlake).

I rarely post on this website, but I had to respond to that ridiculous comment.



sephiroth79 commented on Review: Final Fantasy II (Virtual Console / Su...:

@ corbie: I understand the scoring policy, and I still think this deserves at least a 9. Your review was well-written though.

I agree w/ you on final fantasy III (VI). I love FF II (IV), but III (VI), is tide with Chrono Trigger for my all-time favorite RPG.



sephiroth79 commented on Review: No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle (Wii):

Fantastic game.

The Good:
-Cool new weapons
-Great story and voice acting
-Music is good for the most part
-No overworld
-8 BIT SIDE MISSIONS (Bug out is awesome. The sparring mission in the gym makes me want to punch through the television)
-Cool bosses
-Travis is a great character
-Great style and originality
-"Ecstasy" meeter (hah)
-A truly mature game (per the ESRB definition).

The Bad:
-Shinobu's platforming sections are infuriating to the point to where I put the game down for a while.
-The camera angles can get very goofy
-Some of the music sounds like really bad lady gaga remixes
-Repetive death cries from baddies (although they are funny the first few times)
-Motorcycle controls still suck (especially during the fight on the cliff)

I would say rent it vs. buy though. It's pretty short, and there isn't a huge amount of replay value.



sephiroth79 commented on Review: The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruct...:

@ Sean: Sorry but I have to agree with fox, Ultimate destruction is a great game, but I like Arkham Asylum better. I know Arkham isn't a psuedo-sandbox game like ultimate destruction, but it has fantastic graphics and atmosphere, an engaging storyline, and some of the best voice acting out there.



sephiroth79 commented on Neutopia:

I take back what I said in a previous post. I started getting more into this game and I really like it; actually more than the original zelda.

Some things I like:
-bombs don't hurt you!
-no darknuts (stupid things you can only hit in the back)
-good music
-cool items
-cool level design
-addicting, makes you want to keep playing to get more powerful items.

-Spotty hit detection
-monsters don't seem to drop very much life (cherries), mostly just money, adding to frustration in dungeons
-No world map

Despite those minor gripes, I like this game, and I could see it as having been one of my favorites if I had a TG16 back in the day.

I doubt this or neutopia II compares to Link to the Past (not much did back then), so it's not worth comparing. this is a good game, and I would recommend them to anyone who likes old-school zelda type adventure games.



sephiroth79 commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

I actually really liked this game when I was younger, although it does not compare to the later releases.

TMNT Arcade and Turtles in time are probably the best ninja turtles games ever.



sephiroth79 commented on King of the Monsters:

clunky and silly at best. 3-count bout is a much better wrestling game.

The concept of this game is cool, it's just not that good of a game.



sephiroth79 commented on Nintendo Responds To US Release Date Queries:

@ surgical precision

That's cool. I was really hoping for Ys though...I love the old turn-based role playing/zelda/metroid/action type games, and I really couldn't get into neutopia or neutopia 2. They seem cool, just didn't appeal to me for some reason.

I hope the vc eventually releases (short list)
-secret of mana
-secret of evermore
-chrono trigger
-FF II and III (4 and 6 in japan I think)
-Ogre Battle & Ogre Battle 64
-Super Mario RPG
-Dragon Warrior (nes)
-FF1 (nes)



sephiroth79 commented on Samurai Shodown II:

"I think SS4 is better than this, don't you people agree?"

Nope, this one's the best, hands down.

Get it more! Get it more!

Only twinkies have preferences. You Pansy Face.



sephiroth79 commented on Top 10 Neo Geo Games We Want To Come To The Vi...:

I agree whole-heartedly. Neo Geo was out of reach for many of us middle-class kids, and now we know was way more powerful than anything else out on the market.

My only complaint is the lack of good role-playing games, otherwise the fighters and shooters are the best of the best. I finally got to play last blade, and it's phenominal, but samurai showdown II is still my favorite.



sephiroth79 commented on Samurai Shodown:

It is pretty freaking hard (despite what difficulty you put it on). Who do you use morphballer?



sephiroth79 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

fantastic game, if I could give it more than a 10 I would, all the Zelda games (including II) are in their own category.

Games I wish they would release on N64:

-Ogre Battle 64: Amazing, immersive RPG. The first ogre battle on super nintendo was also amazing, this game just expanded on it. There are almost endless class combinations, and options, and the story is actually good. This game is very rare, so I wouldn't be surprised if it cost like 2000 wii points. I would pay it though, as i'm sure many others would.

-Mario Party 3 : best in the series

-Castlevania 64: for some reason, I liked this game, especially the intro, the violin theme is beautiful.

-Conkers Bad Fur day-amazing, hilarious, awesome game. 17 and up rating
-GoldenEye 007: duh

-Majora's Mask: Great game, but that's a given, it's Zelda! very dark.

-Mario tennis: extremely fun

-Perfect dark: also a great FPS



sephiroth79 commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

I always liked this game, it's not as good as the others, but still very fun. I love RPG's and I thought that was a cool addition.

Be warned though, this game is ridiculously difficult.



sephiroth79 commented on Metal Slug:

Love the series, best run-and gun ever made, the detail (especially on an HD tv) is amazing. Metal Slug 3 (or whichever had the zombie level with vagina aliens @ the end) is the best. MS 5 had an awesome soundtrack as well.



sephiroth79 commented on Fatal Fury 2:

Great game, but not up to par with SF2 in playability/control. The graphics and sound are amazing even today though, it's great to be able to finally play neo geo games without pumping 20 million quarters in or going to your rich friend's house.



sephiroth79 commented on Tecmo Bowl:

Good game (walter payton is all I have to say), but Tecmo Super Bowl improved on it massively.



sephiroth79 commented on US VC Release - 16th June - Samurai Shodown:

SS is a great game, as is SSII (my favorite 2D fighter), i've never played 3,4 or any of the others though.

This is absolutely not shovelware and I got it as soon as I heard it was coming out. It may be worth waiting for the anthology or SNK arcade classics for most people though. I was just happy to be able to play the real version and not the watered down super-nintendo version, there is a world of difference, I can't imagine how bad the Sega Genesis one sucked....



sephiroth79 commented on Samurai Shodown II:

Let's not forget:

Cham Cham: "Oooh! It was scarry!"
Cham Cham: "You really make me mad!"
Charlotte: "In France, there's no impolite person like you! It's reasonable I win!!"
Charlotte: "You imitate my distinguished family. I never forgive you."
Earthquake: "Gosh! I've made it mincemeat! He he he he he!"
Earthquake: "He he he he he, you'd better on a diet!"
Galford: "Hey! Do you like to challenge my American ninjutsu?"
Gen-an: "He he he, I drag your soul in the evil world."
Gen-an: "Who is the real king of the evil world, let's have it our!"
Genjuro: "I'll be never beaten by anyone who lives in confort, like you."
Genjuro: "KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!"
Haohmaru: "How weak you are! I will kill you as well as 'tofu' with my sword!"
Haohmaru: "I don't like this ominous feelings."
Haohmaru: "I slay my imitation with my sword together with Mt.Fuji!"
Kyoshiro: "Go through the beauty of real 'kabuki' by your death!"
Nakoruru: "Power, speed and beauty. I have defeated you in all way."
Nicotine: "What a nice person! You kindly give the palm to such a crock!"
Sieger: "Don't be hateful each other. Love is the best strength."
Sieger: "Give you my knock for justice!"
Ukyo: "..... To cut a same face..... ..... feel bad....."
Wan-Fu: "How foolish, stupid and silly you are! Get away, chicken!"
Wan-Fu: "Look at our great Chinese power!"

Fantastic game, the nonsense above makes it even better!



sephiroth79 commented on Samurai Shodown:

This is one of the best fighting games ever. The graphics, sound and playability are second to none, even today. Samurai showdown 2 is even better, and is probably my favorite fighting game of all time. Does anyone have any idea when this or the anthology package are due to be released?



sephiroth79 commented on The King of Fighters '94:

The graphics and sound on this game are amazing, but the game play is a little odd. The victory screens are hilarious though, bring on the engrish!