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Thu 7th Aug 2008

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puresthatred commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

One thing noone seems to have mentioned is the great audio. The music for the game is outstanding, some very complicated use of the C64's SID chip to produce some pretty memorable music...use of the SID chip to produce dark detuned synth bass sounds, in game fx..very smart for a machine only capable of 3 channels of basic tones plus 1 channel of noise. A definate purchase for me. Hopefully Turrican 2 will arrive, my all time favourite C64 game and the best version of Turrican on any machine.



puresthatred commented on Bionic Commando Not Approved For Virtual Console:

Bionic Commando Rearmed is about 240 meg in size, so that would be a bit too big for the Wii without having to delete loads of content off. Secondly, its terrible. I just played it having loved the original but wow they made a few terrible decisions. The graphics look like a homebrew game, pseudo 3D rendered characters, terrible colour choices and not worth the 200 meg plus waste of space. Would have been better doing a Mega Man 9 and just rewriting the game in the original style or just improving the graphics instead of what they did. Trust me, youre not missing out on anything by it not being on Wiiware. Wait for Mega Man 9 , Gradius Rebirth, Last Flight...loads of great games are coming.



puresthatred commented on EU VC Update - Samurai Shodown II:

The strange drip-feed of games to regions is baffling. Theres no marketing concept behind releasing games such as Shadow Dancer only to Japan months ago and nowhere else and Samurai Showdown 2 only in Europe tonight. It makes absolutely no sense. I reckon theres a constant breakdown of comms inside Nintendo leading to this kind of stupidity. They obviously can't see the harm in what theyre doing to fans, repeated disappointment and frustration.



puresthatred commented on EU VC Update - Samurai Shodown II:

It seems the Golden Period of game releases is over for Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade and PSN...Were still waiting on SNES Super Mario Kart and a whole pile of other games. Without classics the Wii becomes filled with under par titles to fill the gap. Theres no excuse for dragging releases out at this slow speed. Twice as many games every 2 weeks and lower prices for the consumer please!



puresthatred commented on Metal Slug:

Metal Slug is a brilliantly animated game, full of character and humour, its a slow run and gun game but well worth a few plays. The later games were genious, this one is still pretty amazing but missing some of the later games tweaks. If Nintendo would lower prices even on special offers I'd recommend this easier, but at a high price compared to the compilation, I'd wait for a later MS game to get into it..



puresthatred commented on International Karate +:

A FANTASTIC beat em up. Its a crime that other regions may never get to try this on the Wii but its humour, style, sampled voice fx and incredibly well designed animation/fighting system should be tried out by any beat em up fan. SF2 it aint but its a bit more strategic at times. A great buy for 500 points.



puresthatred commented on Gunstar Heroes:

After years of holding off I bought this game and although it is well made, I didnt like it as much as others have. Its a bit too cutesy, some of the deaths seem a bit unfair, hard to Contra on the SNES but in a colourful fantasy World as opposed to the Terminator 2 stylings of The Alien Wars. If you're a run and gun fan you probably will like it, unfortunately I didnt like it too much. The endless continues are a welcome plus though, eventually ill get through to the end...Remember, only my opinion, a lot of people love this game so watch vids before purchase if possible.



puresthatred commented on Final Fight:

I remember when this game was only on import for the SNES and was the most impressive game pre- Streetfighter 2. Its actually an ok game but you'll get pretty bored of it after a while. Out of this and Streets Of rage I'd pick SoR, more options and a better game even if doesnt look as good



puresthatred commented on Excitebike:

A fun old Nintendo game but will run out of things to do shortly after getting it, the track editor is simple but wont take you long to get bored of it. Great for a quick blast the odd time but if building a killer list of games on your Wii, this might be lower down on the preferences when theres so many other long lasting classics out there.



puresthatred commented on Alien Storm:

Sci Fi Golden Axe. A beat em up with shoot em up Operation Wolf/Space Gun sections. Actually quite a nice game but the main game is a little weak, hitting aliens about the head is a poor idea when you could shoot em but hey, if youre into Golden Axe you'll prob love it



puresthatred commented on Alex Kidd in Miracle World:

One of the first console games I ever played. Kinda hard and unfair at times, but you get used to the control system, exploring and finding items. Its a cuter Mario style game, playable but not essential. Without save points youd need to have a lot of patience to play it through and as games are meant to be fun, a lot of other games would be less frustrating than this.



puresthatred commented on Comix Zone:

Only tried this game recently after Retro Gamer mentioning it so much. It is incredible. Quite hard but the music is brilliant no matter what others say, great use of the Sega's FM chip, music plus sampled audio, large, well animated sprites and decent beat em up action. Didnt sell well on release as was a hard game to market, once you see it running and hear some of the music you'll love it too...but it is hard.



puresthatred commented on Balloon Fight:

Basically Joust for the NES. Not a must have but a bit of fun. Wont last you long and at 500 points, there are better classic games to get first but if you have all the rest, the challenge offered by this game is classic early Nintendo...will make you angry when you repeatedly die, but you will always know next time you will do better.



puresthatred commented on Bonanza Bros:

Bonanza Brothers, one of the first Sega Megadrive games I played and dated as it seems now, it did show off a major difference betwen the Sega Master/Nintendo NES and Sega's 16 bit black box. Graphics were polished and cartooney, music and sfx were perfectly suited and the gameplay was simple but fairly addictive, especially in 2 player. If only was a bit cheaper I'd recommend more people try this...especially for the 2 player mode.



puresthatred commented on Neo Turf Masters:

Its a pretty decent golf game, some strangely excitable voice samples throughout. Enjoyable enough but theres better games out there for that amount of points. A good arcade version of golf though, I wouldnt spend more than 4-500 points on it though. Nintendo must lower their prices.



puresthatred commented on Streets of Rage 2:

Streets Of Rage 2 is a great game, but the Wii version is 800 points and the Xbox Live Arcade version is only 400 points, is online playable and has save states built in. Nintendo really need to lower their pricing on games. I bought the Xbox version as was superior and cheaper. Shouldnt be like this.



puresthatred commented on Super Metroid:

A classic game. Atmospheric like no other 16 bit era game I can think of, a work of art start to finish only missing one thing from later games, an indicator of where to go next. Otherwise, practically flawless. Must have SNES Virtual Console games: Zelda Link To The Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart...even if youve played it on an emulator with auto saves etc, get this and play it as it was meant to be played...5/5



puresthatred commented on Burning Fight:

Burning Fight is actually quite a bit of fun. Final Fight may be a better game but we've all played it to death so something different is welcome. The graphics are pretty ok, the music is actually quite good for 1991 and I think its on stage 4, the shopping mall, that the music reminds me of Ruiner by Nine Inch Nails from 1994. Maybe even an imfluence on Trent Reznor. I have played the game, it doesnt have much longevity, not many scrolling beat em ups did, but it is a bit of fun in the same way Streets Of Rage etc are. If you have points to spare, you could do worse if you're a beat em up fan. Id rate it 3.5 out of 5.