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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Mr_64 commented on Review: Kirby's Adventure (Virtual Console / NES):

Shinnok I don't know whether to laugh at you or with you! "books are lazy storytelling too", is that ALL books or just the handful you've read? I used to be wary and quite disinterested in reading but it's something that's really grown on me, particularly with the large amount of time I spend travelling on buses and trains. You'll find there's actually great books that go way, way, way beyond the black and white Hollywood-ist "he's the goody, he's the baddy" that's present in one form or another in all games with a vague semblance of plot. I'd suggest you also set your DVD collecting sights beyond the trash being churned out by Hollywood.

Your argument against Watchmen as an example of poor story-telling in a book is fundamentally flawed logic. Watchmen exists partly as a visual medium, it needs the images to function! The images back up the story, that's the principle of the graphic novel, that's why it's a graphic novel and not a novel. I don't even like graphic novels, but I appreciate and respect the medium and what it does and why people like it.

As for plots or "character development" within games, it's irrelevant to me, some games need it others don't. There's no character development or emotional weight in Pac-Man or Space Invaders - does it make them any less important or seminal? Or more importantly, fun? No, it doesn't! I don't care why Pac-Man has to collect his little pills, how he got in his maze and why the ghosts have got such a beef with him. I also don't care to know where the Space Invaders come from and who's in charge of my little ship at the bottom of the screen. It would actually be a tremendous detriment to the games if those questions were answered too.

And the use of speech is irrelevant! Kirby's got bags of character, just because the developers didn't have the physical resources in the NES, or the wish to make him express pain or delight via a sampled "ooh" doesn't diminish his character. Besides, he has that comedy vaccuum-cleaner sound he makes when he breathes in, that's far better than some cliched sound of pain. Who's to say a "Kirby" feels pain anyway? Maybe his polymorphic capabilities mean he is deprived of the neccessary sensorary neurones? I don't know, all I know is he's a silly little pink blob in a great little game.

Personally as well I find voice acting in surreal games to be a hindrance. The worst post-SNES addition to Mario has been his attrocious (and slightly racist) "Italian" accent. I'd rather he kept mum than open his cake-hole and let that dreadful sound out, it's almost as if part of his mystique has gone for me as now I know what his voice sounds like.

I play games, particularly retro games, for a bit of fun, escapism and nostalgia - not to spent time with a pixellated Hamlet. I guess that's our fundamental difference Shinnok!



Mr_64 commented on Castlevania:

I quite like the ominous tone brought to the music by the PAL slowdown. Perhaps it's because I grew up with the 50hz version? I think it makes the game all the more sinister! At 60hz tempo, the tunes are far too jolly!



Mr_64 commented on Metroid:

This game does absoltely nothing for me. I own the original NES cart. Yes it's alright and it defined a new genre of adventure/shoot em up gameplay but in hindsight it's bland and repetitive. Super Metroid improved on every single aspect of this game. Save your points for Super Metroid, it's one of the best games ever made.



Mr_64 commented on Boulder Dash:

Boulderdash is rock hard, if you pardon the pun. Although it has similarities to Dig Dug it's not really anything like it. I never really got into it to be honest!



Mr_64 commented on Hackers Expand Wii Storage, Door Now Open To F...:

It's a crying shame as the games most likely to suffer from this aren't FIFA 2010 and Wii Sports 2, it'll be the great games that don't make the bulk of casual gamer sales. With the cost of game designing going ever more expensive, long-winded and elaborate and a global recession, this is really bad. If piracy becomes endemic on the Wii, good games will stop being released. It's a simple formula.

And no, I don't pirate films or music either.



Mr_64 commented on Hardware Focus - Commodore 64:

I don't think 500 points is too bad value for money as I'd say a C64 game compares favourably to a NES one. Early games on both platforms can be a bit simplistic (albiet often enjoyable). I'm slightly concerned with the quality of the emulation as it doesn't seem quite as good as the real machine itself.

As for the Commodore Gaming banner, I'm not sure if that's just a company who has bought the rights to lots of C64 software retrospectively. Commodore themselves stopped producing C64 software in the early 1980s. The games released so far are from several different companies, alas none of which are with us any longer. I'm assuming "Commodore Gaming" must have acquired the back catalogue of several companies, hence the glut of Epyx and Hewson games originally. Personally I'd really like to see Creatures, Delta, Turrican 2, and Wizball get released on VC as they're great! Werewolves of London also has a charm too, I actually dug out my old disk and had a go of that the other night. Eating your family members is still as rewarding as ever!



Mr_64 commented on Super Mario Kart:

At long last! This is the game I've been waiting for years to download! Hopefully we'll get the SNES-style controller that the Japanese have as I can't imagine winning the 150cc Special Cup with anything else!

This is without a shadow of the doubt one of the greatest games of all time and by far the best Mario Kart in terms of pure racing. Don't judge it off it's appearance, yes it's a bit blocky but the game moves at an incredible speed on 100cc/150cc for a 16-bit game (far faster than the dreadful N64 game). There is more emphasis on the racing and no blue shell so the game relies on your driving skills and the more tactical use of weapons.

Oh how you'll hate the Princess and her special mushrooms!



Mr_64 commented on Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins:

What a truly great game this is! I can't believe they got such a fantastic, well presented and deep game onto that tiny little Gameboy cartridge. The fact it holds it's own against the other Mario games sums up what an achievement it is. Shame it never got the GBA reboot given to the NES and SNES Mario games as I would've loved to see this game in higher resolution and colour.



Mr_64 commented on Super Mario Sunshine:

I never really got into this game. It takes all the things I dislike about Mario 64 and pushes them to the nth degree.



Mr_64 commented on WarioWare, Inc: Mega Party Game$!:

Pretty much a re-envisioning of the GBA Warioware game but it's still great fun and truly insane with it too. Half the time you'll loose because what you're being asked to do is so stupid!



Mr_64 commented on Animal Crossing:

I really like Animal Crossing, but it's shame you can't pay one of the animals to look after the village for you whilst you are away. Go more than a couple of days without playing and it looks like a tip, which you end up feeling obliged to tidy up.

For a quick, relaxing game to play it's fantastic. Going fishing and fossil hunting is great fun!



Mr_64 commented on Review: Mario Kart: Double Dash!! (GameCube):

It's not as good a pure racer as the SNES one, but this runs it close. Have to disagree strongly with the criticisms of the tracks, I think they're great. There's not one that isn't memorable or enjoyable. Certainly when you compare it to the N64 and Wii versions, Double Dash really stands out as a great game.



Mr_64 commented on Super Smash Bros.:

I think I'm in a minority of one, but Smash Brothers games have never appealed to me in the slightest!



Mr_64 commented on Impossible Mission II:

The prevailing memory I have of this game is the brilliant sampled scream when you die (something I did rather a lot in this game). As with it's precursor, this game is ludicrously hard. I was never a huge fan of the Mission Impossible games, but it's good to see such a seminal title being given a new lease of life.



Mr_64 commented on Last Ninja 3:

I actually dusted off the C64 and had a go on this a couple of weeks ago and it was even harder than I remember! Still, it's a great game.

As for System 3's notions of what a ninja is, yes they did take rather a large amount of artistic licence. I blame Godfrey Ho.



Mr_64 commented on Nintendo World Cup:

To be fair, "soccer" is an interchangable term in Britain, it does crop up from time to time and the term "soccer" originates over here too. It's a concatination of "Association" from "Association Football" (what is now the FA) I believe from the dawn of professional football. Rugby is actually called "Rugby Football", we just choose to chop the "football" bit off and you could argue that American Football is some bizarre off-spring of rugby.

It's certainly not a tap/faucet level of linguistic discrepancy. I personally don't like the word very much, but we are the ones to blame for it, not the Yanks! And the word "soccer" has done far less to harm our beautiful game than the words "Premier League" anyway.

Back onto the subject... Bring SWOS out please!



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

Fair point. Like I say, they're built using standard emulators so from a programming point of view, having a 50/60hz toggle would be a relatively easy feature to implement - compared with the emulator itself. Maybe if enough people complained this could happen eventually.

Like you say, it's a shame as VC would have been the perfect opportunity to address this. It wouldn't have been that much harder to give us even the option to download the US version - especially seeing as the US version is available across the pond.



Mr_64 commented on Operation Wolf:

I dug out the Spectrum from the mothballs to try out a theory and it was right. Yes, the ZX Spectrum conversion (albiet in two colours) is better than this. Why on earth did this come out? Even the C64 version blows this out of the water!



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

That's a fair point, and in thinking about it there were a fair few 60hz only games on the Gamecube too. I'd argue it's not laziness by Nintendo as 50hz refresh rates are used in very few countries. I don't know what it is, it's some bizarre legacy of some kind. As the Wii is emulating the VC systems it'd make no odds to release them at 60hz.

As for the consumer, ignorance is probably the main reason they invest in them. Until I saw the 60hz versions of games emulated I didn't know they ran any faster abroad, or without borders, as I'd never imported a console, so I expect the lion's share of VC buyers share a similar outlook - hence there's not been much of an outcry and they still sell very well.

There is of course another option, which is to simply not buy any VC games whatsoever and make it clear how unhappy you are with it. It'd probably take about ten lines of code tops to build a toggle switch for 50/60hz on the SNES/NES/MD emulators. Fixing the C64 properly probably won't happen as no PC emulator seems to be able to do the C64 perfectly for some reason (possibly because not even Commodore's employees had a totally accurate T&D document for the hardware) and the 60hz issue isn't anywhere near as prevalent as most of the software originated in Europe (certainly post 1985 anyway).

Me personally, I've downloaded the games as I remember them played at the speed I remember them. Call me a luddite if you must. Though having no borders would be nice!



Mr_64 commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

I've got this on the NES and it's a good installment in the series. On the downside I think some of the graphics are a bit confusing at times and it can be hard to work out which parts of the screen you can walk on and which ones you can't. I also don't think the level design is as inspired as the original Castlevania. Still, there's some great levels, some great enemies and some truly brilliant graphical touches in places. Worth a flutter if you're a Castlevania fan but if you're after your first Castlevania experience, go for number 4 as that's just mind-blowingly good compared to the NES games.



Mr_64 commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

I think for completist's sake it might be worth a flutter. I'm not a big Sonic fan but it is quite different to the Mega Drive Sonic 2 and I can vouch for that. Whether the differences are a) worth 600 points or b) make it a better game than the original are purely subjective.



Mr_64 commented on Enduro Racer:

Wasn't the coin-op a Hang-On/Outrun type affair? Still it looks better than the C64 version I had as a kid! If it's half as good as Excitebike, then that'd be great.



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I think the logic Nintendo would use is that as we're a PAL territory, we're having PAL games for good! I really wish there was an option to play them as they're supposed to be played. Still, I have this twisted logic where I grew up playing the old games with borders at PAL speed and that's how I remember them. Having them 17.5% faster would be a new experience altogether.

And think about it this way, there'll be still quite a few portable TVs in kids bedrooms that can't handle 60hz. If just one or two stories came out about little johnny's Christmas being ruined because their Nintendo didn't work with a British telly... There'd be outrage in the media and Nintendo would look like idiots. I'm sure the same problem applies in other nations that also have a 50 hz TV standard.

Mayhem in Monsterland is the pinnacle of this problem as it uses every trick in the book to milk extra performance out of the C64, including a few cheeky tricks working around the exact timing of PAL (50.2hz). Hopefully this fix will also apply to other C64 non-fixed scren games, such as Uridium, where the scrolling is nowhere near as smooth as on the real thing.



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I didn't mean with C64 games, as they're written with PAL in mind - this is part of the reason why Mayhem isn't actually working properly as the Wii emulator (based on Frodo) doesn't do true PAL emulation.

However, with games like Super Mario Brothers, Castlevania, etc it'd be nice to play it at full speed though (and minus borders).



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

X-Box Live definately offers an interesting experience and it's great to see games like Speedball 2, SWOS and SOTN on there. Microsoft have certainly sorted out that side of things, but then they do have a head-start on Nintendo in the field of online gaming. My only quarm with Microsoft is that the failure rate of the 360 is outrageous, every single person I know with a 360 has had to return their console at least once, they really should have sorted that in development before releasing a fundamentally flawed machine.

With regards to the PAL vs NTSC conversion debate on VC, it's a shame that there isn't an option to play it in PAL mode or NTSC mode. It's a real wasted opportunity as it would be nice to play the games how they're supposed to be played in the case of US/Japanese games. Maybe that might happen later on down the line via an update?



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

Nintendo have always had a reputation for treating it's customers, particular those of us unlucky enough to be European, dreadfully so your story doesn't surprise me. However, I think they paid the price for their attitude and if it wasn't for the success of the DS and Wii, I wouldn't have been at all surprised to see the big N following Sega's path. However, they haven't. We still get the occcasional bum deal on release dates, but I wonder if C64 on the VC for Europe is some kind of small compensation for all the rough treatment we've got over the years? Possibly not, it's probably another money making scam!

As for format wars, it was very different with home computers as Commodore, Acorn, Sinclair and Amstrad did not control releases on their platform and demand format exclusive content. That came in with Nintendo "Seal of Quality" on the NES and has been the inherent post-video game crash model of console marketing ever since. Personally I think format exclusive titles are what's wrong with the console games industry as to play all the great games on any generation of console you need to buy all three machines.

As for the "early adopter tax", you get that with any technology. Think how the price of computer components, DVD players and flat-screen TVs fell so rapidly.



Mr_64 commented on Nintendo World Cup:

Oh my days! Talk about a blast from the past in all the worst possible ways. Absolute garbage! Why not dig out C64 International Soccer too whilst we're here? 8-bit CPUs and football games just don't mix. Novelty footy games have never done it for me either, either Mario Smash Football didn't cut it for me and just got annoying after a bit. Call me a purist but the further away a football game deviates from the grass-roots of meat and potato pies and crumbling terraces, the less I like it!

Please, please, please bring out an Amiga emulator so we can have SWOS! Failing that, the SNES/MD version of Sensible Soccer. SWOS is still the king of football games in my opinion, which is pretty shocking seeing as it was released 14 years ago on a 7 MHz computer!



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I suppose I'm looking at it through rose-tinted glasses. The hindsight irony of a bunch of kids rowing about which tape-loaded machine is better for hours on end and bawling on about how many colours there are on screen, etc.

With regards to the rivalry of today, I've been thinking about it more carefully and in theory it could actually be far worse with console games as in the days of the C64, format exclusive games were very rare (certainly by the late 80s). As a result you could get any game you wanted on each of the big formats, it's just some conversions fared better than others. Consoles always have format-only games, which means you can't get a particular classic game unless you buy a particular console. I see your point now Betagam7!

As for companies not giving a damn about their punters, I'm sure they must do unless they're totally stupid. Atari and Sega were the biggest games companies in the world in their prime and look what happened when they stopped delivering the goods.



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

The colour balance will be down to the fact that the colours you see on the Wii are the actual colours the C64 generates when it is on the VICII chip, what you see on a real C64's screen goes through some cheap and nasty analogue circuits that give it the hue that we all associate with it, and this hue varies from C64 to C64.

The glitches are probably down to the fact that a heck of a lot of programming tricks on the C64 were achieved using undocumented features of the CPU, VIC-II and SID. The SID chip in particular is affected by this. The official Commodore documentation doesn't actually relate in any way to how the chip works apparently! Obviously when someone comes to write an accurate emulator, they've got a monumental task - especially getting later games to work that are milking every last drop of power out of the machine.

Another reason could be down to the techniques used by John and Steve Rowlands (the games creators). They made extensive use of a technique called raster interrupts. This quickly alternates the colour of pixels on the screen (swapping once every 25th of a second) to make new colours. The scrolling in this game was also quite revolutionary and used very clever screen buffering techniques (for a machine without a blitter). Both of these tie exactly to the C64's old PAL timing oscillator. The PAL timing found in early PAL machines (like the C64 and Amiga) was actually 50.21 Hz, I wonder if the emulator is only outputting the game at 50 Hz. It definately makes a difference, just compare any C64 game with scrolling running on a real C64 to the same game running on any PC emulator.

As for the rivalry thing, I appreciate that it creates a zealot culture in extreme cases, but then that's going to happen unless a standardised format is introduced as there'll always be people like that. I quite liked the fact there was banter in the old magazines, that's sadly gone these days. I used to love reading magazines like Zzap and Crash back in the day and actually really looked forward to the next issue coming out, but then I was twenty years younger then!



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I'd say that in the days of machines like the C64 and Spectrum, people didn't have the money to buy all three formats. In 80s Britain, nearly everyone was totally skint so you just got the one format and made do with it. Not only that, but the gulf between the technology found in each format was so huge that each format had it's own particular style of game it did best as that was what the hardware excelled at - it wasn't necessarily a design decision. We obviously have a touch of this now with WiiMote vs a joypad but it's nowhere near as extreme.

Besides, I'd argue you're more in the pockets of companies if you do buy all three formats anyway as you've just forked out hundreds of pounds on hardware, before you have to spend the inevitable £40+ a pop on games. I personally only ever back one horse in generation of machines. I might pick another one up once it's bargain bin fodder, but I'll never subscribe to the whole "own everything" ethos.

As for having black and white pages I'd hardly call it disgraceful! I'd say the cover-tape well makes up for that. Commodore Format gave away games like Uridium for free, that's a small price to pay for not having a technicolor-ed magazine, after all you can still read the thing even if it's not in colour!



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

They were reviewed in the same issue of Commodore Force anyway! It must have been neck and neck. Good grief, it took so long for the C64 version of Lemmings to come out! Still, it was quite a good conversion for the spec of the machine, despite the small screen size.



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

To be fair, that was the a-typical response of ALL computer game mags in the 80s and early 90s. Spectrum mags levelled that accusation against C64 games, ST mags claimed their STs were better than Amigas because their CPU allowed for (slightly) faster 3D graphics. Megadrive mags slagged off the SNES for having a feeble CPU and loads of platformers. SNES mags slagged off the Megadrive to high heaven. All nonsense, but that was what the games scene was about back then, rivalaries. Nowadays we tend to be mugs and several machines from any generation of console/computer, but back then people tended to buy one from each. I can't think of many kids in my school who had a Spectrum, CPC and C64 at the same time, Amiga and ST, or a SNES and a Megadrive. I think the magazines definately pandered to that culture and it's something that's gone now and it's a shame as it had a charm slagging each other's (often pathetically slow) machine off to death.

The bitterness of the attitude towards console games is fairly justified if you ask me, there was a hell of a lot of dross on the Megadrive, SNES and PC as well as the gems and at least C64 software was as cheap as chips. In 1992/1993 loads of developers jumped ship to the SNES and PC, even though the C64 was still selling very well (believe it or not). Anyway, I doubt the 100% review would've put anyone off buying a SNES who wasn't already thinking about it in 1993!

Perhaps, as Mayhem in Monsterland was the last full price, bells and whistles C64 game, there was an element of sadness involved from Commodore Format's/Force's review team in the sense of this was the end of the C64 age. Lets put this in perspective, this game was released in the same year as Doom! A game that came on cassette tape and ran on a computer that was barely a hundreth of the power of the 486 you'd need to run Doom. Madness really!



Mr_64 commented on Mega Turrican:

I'm not sure we'll ever see the Amiga versions (though I'd love it if we did), but we might get the C64 originals with a bit of luck. Not as visually/musically impressive as the Amiga games but every bit as good on the gameplay front!



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I'm not sure it was so much a sales gimmick as just an acknowledgement that this was the swansong of the C64. It was a bit daft. If you want to check out the Commodore Force (aka Zzap 64) review, check out the scan of issue 102 on



Mr_64 commented on Mayhem in Monsterland:

I can't believe people are judging the gameplay off a video! And the "I can't use up for jump" arguement is fundamentally flawed. I grew up in the one fire-button generation and there's plenty of great games that have up for jump and it doesn't hinder the gameplay in the slightest. By that logic you could argue that Street Fighter 2 is a fundamentally flawed game because you have to do all sort of weird combinations of movement and button bashing to do special moves. It's not of course.

My only criticism of the game is that it's insanely hard. The fact that you do the sad levels before the happy levels doesn't do anyone any favours either as they're always harder! If you can get over the insane difficulty levels you're rewarded with a fantastic advert of how great the C64 actually was - proving once and for all it could blow the other 8-bits out of the water.

I've noticed opinions are split between those who've actually played and owned it on the C64 and like it and those who've never seen the game but have watched a video of it. Before criticising it, give it a chance! Just because Miyamoto didn't design it doesn't mean it's not a good game!

The problem I think is the hyperboly that Commodore Format threw at it. There was no way it deserved 100%, no game does and personally I don't think Mayhem in Monsterland is the greatest C64 game of all time. It doesn't stop it being a good game, it just forces people to look for faults.

Next I'd really like to see the orignal Thalamus/Apex Creatures game released, now that is a barn-stormer of a platform game (albiet still insanely difficult)!



Mr_64 commented on Uridium:

It's also worth noting that the video doesn't do justice to how smooth the scrolling actually is. You'll never have seen anything like it on an 8-bit game!



Mr_64 commented on Double Dribble:

I have to be honest, my critique would be "Double Drivel"! My mate had it for his NES and even as a kid I thought it was awful. Also, why on earth are Nintendo bothering releasing baseball and basketball games in Europe? It's about as logical as releasing Graham Gooch's Cricket on the C64 in Japan and the US!

I'm hoping that Sensible Soccer in some form or another will appear, even if it's the slightly ropey console versions!



Mr_64 commented on Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine:

Lets agree to disagree. I personally think the Cybernoids are great games, though maybe as a VC upgrade, the aforementioned Joe Pasquale soundtrack would be an added bonus.



Mr_64 commented on Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine:

Jesus! That's a harsh critique! I think you'll find an element of luck is involved in the fundamentals of most shoot 'em ups, otherwise you'd just be able to plot your route though the levels. I admit the game is an acquired taste, but it's not exactly an abysmal game is it? You've obviously not played Double Dragon on the C64!



Mr_64 commented on International Karate+:

This is still a great game to this day. The C64 version isn't quite as polished as the Amiga version, but if you compare the specs of the two machines, it's no wonder. The C64 version is without a shadow of a doubt the best 8-bit beat-em up and the sub-game with the shield is worth the download on it's own.



Mr_64 commented on Chase H.Q.:

Thank goodness it's not the C64 version! I'm still scarred by the playground ridicule of my Spectrum owning friends at the sight of that attrocious port!



Mr_64 commented on Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine:

This and it's sequel were truly great (if somewhat hard) games. The exploration/shoot 'em up gameplay, along with the ludicrous amount of weapons and upgrades on offer make it a really interesting game. The soundtrack and graphics are further proof that in the world of the 8-bit machines, the C64 was king!

Lets hope the Hewson back-catalog gets extended to include Exolon, Lightforce and Eliminator. They too were favourites of mine back in the day!



Mr_64 commented on Last Ninja 3:

A fitting end to the Last Ninja saga. Although it was released on nearly every format under the sun, the three games released on the C64 were by far the best. Stunning presentation, better than many 16-bit games of the era, offer a mind blowing scene for this finale. In the true Last Ninja tradition, it's rock solid so you'll have your work cut out to complete it.



Mr_64 commented on USK Rated: International Karate+ and Cybernoid...:

IK+ is a truly great game! I can't wait to download that! Me and my mates spent many an hour on that back in the day. Having the third fighter on the screen really brought something to the game. Can't wait to play the ball and shield mini-game in betweeen rounds!

Cybernoid was also great, fantastic graphics and music and a great game to boot. It was a bit hard at times though. It'd be nice to see Cybernoid 2 on the Wii too at some point. I'm sure that's inevitable though!



Mr_64 commented on Nebulus:

Quimby how on earth can you judge a game you've never played. Tetris has worse graphics than Nebulus, does that make it a terrible game? For an 8-bit game in 1987, the presentation is pretty top notch. The game itself is very challenging and the 3D ascent of the tower is a truly imaginative concept for a puzzle game. On the downside, it's rock solid!



Mr_64 commented on Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance:

Good to see another classic System 3 game out on Virtual Console. Last Ninja 2 is rock solid to play but very rewarding and the graphics and soundtrack are amazing for an 8-bit game.

Fingers crossed for Flimbo's Quest, Myth, Tusker and Turbo Charge now!



Mr_64 commented on International Karate:

Sashaboo, your argument is ridiculous. By your logic, Space Invaders and R-Type are piles of rubbish as they don't offer half the level of sophistication of a modern shoot 'em up. Maybe you think Doom 3 is a better game than Doom?

And I have to be honest, I've had far more fun playing IK and IK+ than I've ever had from Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat. And I also challenge you to find a better 1985 beat em up than this.