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United States

Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Amber commented on Sin & Punishment heads our way:

Actually, Sin & Punishment doesn't need translation. All of the voice acting in the game is (American) English. The only things in the game that are Japanese are the start menu and the tutorial but those are easy enough to figure out (plus you can find translations online). I bought S&P of e-bay years ago and modded the cart to work on my US N64. It really is a fantastic game and worth the inflated price I paid.



Amber commented on Super Metroid:


You are aware that aiming in Prime 1 and 2 uses a lock on feature right? All you need to do is aim in the general vicinity of your target to lock onto it.

On Super Metroid, it is absolutely a contender for the best game ever made. I own the cart and have a perfectly functioning SNES compact model so I'll be skipping the VC release. For everyone who doesn't own this game, buy it.



Amber commented on Gradius III:

I figured I'd comment just to put up a differing opinion. What shooters you like is definitely a matter of taste. I love Gradius 3 and hate R-Type 3.

I also found R-Type 3 easier than Gradius 3...up to a point. Then it got stupid, unfairly hard with trial and error death traps. Ugh. I bought R-Type 3 due to its high rating, played it a few times, then deleted it off my system. Gradius 3, however, I thought was utterly sublime to play.