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Sat 26th Jul 2008

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Epyo commented on Castlevania:

Ah, the greatest video game series in history!

Super Castlevania IV is a retelling of Castlevania 1. That is, it has completely different gameplay and levels, but you're still Simon Belmont adventuring to kill Dracula in, 1691.

As for the quality of this game, it's pretty damn fun, as long as you go in expecting extreme difficulty, and slow, feel-good whipping action. It is quite well-designed, it looks great, and has some atmosphere--not very common on the NES! The music is second best on the system, right below Castlevania III, which, as a game, is pretty much superior in every way to this game, and possibly every other game on the NES. SMB3 might put up a fight.

lol opinions.

Anyway, this is a good VC buy, at least until Castlevania III comes, because it's the same general thing, with a crapload of improvements.

And, as for whether this or SCVIV is better, that depends on the player.



Epyo commented on Kid Chameleon:

I've played the game before, but always got stuck on the third level because I didn't know how to climb walls. I always just gave up thinking the game was silly. But lately I really really yearned for a long, difficult platformer with small sprites. I remembered this game, and my brothers really really liking it when I was young, so I downloaded it. This game is EXACTLY what I was looking for. This is probably one of my favorite virtual console buys. I can't stop playing it. The oh-so-slight-nonlinearity of the levels as well as the whole game is quite a bonus, as well.



Epyo commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

This game was light years ahead of its time.

The core design brilliance is in the controls. It is often said that the game is all about speed--this is only semi-true. Yes, the game is fast, sometimes, but the real interesting part is the momentum-based-gameplay. You run up walls. Awesome. You jump off of them and fly through the air. You gain momentum down slopes, and you lose it going up hills and walls. The more momentum you have, the farther you can jump, thus, the more obstacles you can avoid.

It should be noted that in many platformers of the time, if you run faster, you jump higher--(mario, kid chameleon, etc)--Sonic doesn't follow this silly physics fallacy. However, if you jump off a ramp, you'll go really high, or even just off a very small hill on the way up. Strategize with this element to reach rings, lives, high cliffs, or improve your times by skipping obstacles, which improves your level-end-score, which gives you more lives, which helps you later on.

Talk about gameplay depth. And this is just with a d-pad and a jump button. Simple as hell to learn, incredibly, incredibly deep.

The faster you fall onto and bounce off of baddies/boxes, the higher you are thrown into the air. So that's fun too.

The level design is even better. Take a look at one:

That is nonlinearity at its finest. You always know you're going right, so you won't get lost, however, every time you play the game, it will be different. Indeed, the levels are very difficult to memorize as well. The plethora of secrets are a nice attribute. Here is another level: (the bottom half is underwater, but you can't tell here)

In this level (and many others) the upper paths through the level are the fastest and easiest and most rewarding, however, they are designed to be difficult to stay on, especially with gravity pulling you down into the dangerous, slower lower paths.

Mario levels barely have height or multiple paths at all. The game is barely even 2-d, since the height dimension is mostly used for jumping, which is really just a tool the player uses as an attack or to pass pits. It's really mostly a 1.5 dimension game. (this paragraph is tongue in cheek and should be taken lightly)

In fact, come to think of it, mario levels rarely have slopes at all.

Anyway, so, the levels are works of art, and never get stale. Nor does the gameplay, since it is so versatile. Each bouncer gives you 10 options on where to land, or what to land on, or what to bounce off of next. Or you can skip a bouncer all together.

The music is some of the best in video game history.

The ring system needs a whole nother essay. As well as the special levels and chaos emeralds.

The graphics are beautiful. The parallax is exceptionally done and way ahead of it's time. Also, look at this screenshot:

Specifically, look at the shadows under the grass. Other platformers of this time period have a distinct flat quality to them, however, little things like this shadow give the sonic levels a huge extra charm and depth.

I'm not trying to argue that Sonic is better than Mario, or any other platformer. However, it certainly isn't worse.

Oh, and watch this, at least the first level:

Wasn't that one of the most entertaining speedruns you've ever seen? TAS, I know, but it's mostly recreatable without tools. I got :19 on the first level with a similar route, and was able to do it 30% of the time after less than an hour of practice.

Anyway, if you don't have another copy of Sonic 2 around the house available for playing, I highly recommend this work of art, you'll want to start it up again and again and again. (the only flaw: metropolis)



Epyo commented on Super Metroid:

uh well we haven't played it so how would we know? besides, they fill different video gaming roles. this game is an adventure game. mega man 9 is an arcade style challenge game.

anyway, as for Super Metroid, it's excellent while it lasts, but it probably shouldn't be the first game you buy for vc, because you'll only want to re-play it once every sixth months or longer--and never touch it once in between.



Epyo commented on Sonic the Hedgehog:

The greatest platformer of all time....Or is that Sonic 2?

A brilliant game, with brilliant design.



Epyo commented on Gunstar Heroes:

better than contra, but could use more replay value after beating it. the co-op is admittedly excellent.



Epyo commented on Super Castlevania IV:

The main problem is that the game has a few boring levels that really slow down the momentum--level 3 is a definite bummer, as well as the first few castle levels. This problem is emphasized by the extreme linearity of the game-- there isn't a single fork in the road, even within a level.

However, the gameplay is great, because of the incredibly fun controls, the atmosphere is excellent, the game is beautiful, the music is...awesome, but not near the best of the Castlevania series.

An excellent classic action sidescroller, almost a masterpiece of the genre, however, I'd definitely take the god-like Dracula X: Rondo of Blood over this, once that comes to VC, and Castlevania 3 over this as well, since it's nonlinearity and depth adds so much more replay value.



Epyo commented on Lords of Thunder:

downloaded this a few months ago, and it's easily my most satisfying VC purchase. excellent excellent game, for any fan of video games, I highly recommend this. I agree with the above poster that it makes you feel AWESOME. the action is unbelievable.



Epyo commented on Air Zonk:

too short, and not very interesting to replay, but very cute, and the gameplay is pretty good. If you want a shoot em up, get a better one first, and then probably another better one, before going to this one.