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Tue 19th Feb 2008

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Marvel_Maniac commented on Helix:

I bought this game for my wife. She absolutley ADRORES it. I've found myself picking up the controllers myself because it turns into a great workout. The ONLY thing you need to worry about is the music style- if you can enjoy synth music then you can enjoy this.

Oh, and if you're one of those fuddy-duddies who thinks its embaressing to be seen using motion controls, then you should probably curl up and read an old book

As far as registering false movements to be correct- well, that really doesn't happen very often. It will only happen:
A) If you happen to whirl your arms around erratically and that movement somewhat matched the correct movement (but not truely)
B) You THINK it's picking up on false movements, but the player can be wrong in these instances. Everything is on a time delay. The robot guy shows you a movement a few seconds (or on harder levels, a split second) before the program looks for the movement. Sometimes you can be "off" in guaging these time differences and you think you're tricking the program. As long as you spend time on refining your reflexes and, in harder levels, on memorization (let's face it, that aspect is no different than hard levels of DDR and Guitar Hero) then you can do very well.

The game does a very good job of balancing the difficulty. Like wesleyh said, sometimes this can make it feel like its going a little easy on you by giving you freebie "correct" registers for movements but this is never a complaint, especially on the harder levels where you need a little bit of grace. Personally, if it wasn't as forgivable as it is, this wouldn't be as fun.

The whole point of this thing is to get a workout and to enjoy yourself. I wouldn't want to come back to this game if it got all anal and told me I couldn't unlock more songs because I wasn't perfect.

Highly recommended!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mega Man 9 - Proto Man Details Revealed:

I like the little dance Mega Man does at the end of the video.

After playing through the game several times, I wouldn't mind something that would make things a little more difficult (but in a balanced way, seeing as it comes wth all of these additions, like the charge shot).



Marvel_Maniac commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

Again, this debate relates back to my comments on the Metroid review on VC-reviews. If we're going to deal with "retro" reviews for retro games (and lets face it, Mega Man 9 might be new, but it is a retro game) then there should probably be two ratings. 1 official rating that gets published for comparison (and this should probably be consistantly aimed at either casual gamers or hardcore gamers) to other reviews and then a secondary set of comments resulting in a secondary review.

So, for example, one could say that for the casual gamer, one that isn't necessarily dedicated to difficult platforming, or someone who doesn't have any nostalia to bolster their opinion- this review could be give the causal gamer a 8/10.

No worries though, because the hardcore review should then be free to say 10/10 for you platform junkies. I think this style of reviewing is truely necessary. The point of reading a review is to see whether or not one should purchase the game. I mean, that's really the whole point, isn't it? So let's do what we can to make it more clear on what we mean when we give a final numerical rating.

Personally I think this particular review tries to do that, althought the points could have been hammered home a little more. This debate is pretty much unneccessary when you consider that.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mega Man 2:

My earlier comments about switiching machines and input, etc was directed at my Playstation 2.

I don't have a lot of Gamecube stuff (never has the system) and I really hate the controller so I can't speak to that particuar system.

I also own an NES but I don't have the thing set up on top of my Wii and Playstation 2. I love it but I don't want to go through all of the trouble of getting it going whenever I feel like a quick play. It's the same mentality as someone who wants their home theatre system all tied together in one remote control.

I LOVE the Virtual Console for that same reason, so, to go out and buy collctions of games and so forth that force me to use different systems (or even a collection where I'm ony interested in one or two games) seems useless to me. It's a personal choice, but I'm a huge champion of the convenience and delight that VC gaming brings me.




Marvel_Maniac commented on Review: Mega Man 9 (WiiWare):

I find this review to be very fair and thorough. I appreciate the lack of "fanboy fervor" that could have accompanied and even coloured the rating. This is really a great game. I've made it as far as one of the last battles with Wily and I've died many many times in getting there. I would however say that the levels do get easier as you find those little methods for exploiting the stages.

I won't ruin for anyone which weapons you should use on which bosses, but I will tell you that they aren't always easy to guess or anticipate. Mega Man 2, this is not. That Concrete Shot is amazing though. You'll use it throughout the game, espeically in Wily's Castle.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mega Man 9:

I agree. Go for Mega Man 2 first. Its easier (IMO) and the music is STILL the BEST in the whole series.

I will say this for Mega Man 9 though, it does have good music. It has some really fun levels and some very inventive mechanics (just wait until you tackle Wily's first mode).

9 is also noticably harder than any game in the series. I say this not because its harder than Mega Man I, but because it's longer. Mega Man 1's saving grace is that it is mercifully short.

For $10 MM9 is a fantastic buy however. We were paying $60 for these same types of games back in the day, so for anyone who is a fan of platforming, I whole-heartedly recommend this game!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mega Man 2:

There was a comment made about not being able to afford all 6 games individually, but I don't understand that. The Mega Man Anniversary hovers in between $15 (if you can find it) and $30.

Buying each game individually will cost you $30. You get the Wii remote for controls, you get the ability to save in-game whenever you like AND you get the convenience factor. I don't know about all of you, but switching my input over, booting up another machine, finding the disk, inserting the memory card and waiting for it all to come together is a little annoying. I'm not a lazy gamer per se, but there is a nice convenience factor about being able to just cycle through my game windows and selecting classic games from my Wii menu.

Of course, I spend almost all of my gaming time on my Wii. I play PS2 and Game Cube very rarely. For me, the download is a no-brainer.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mario Kart 64:

I never knew this game (or this series) was so controversial! I bought this game back in the 90's and played it's multiplayer option constantly. If it wasn't Goldeneye, it was Mario Kart 64. Personally, for all of the fun I have had with this game (for years and years) I can't give this anything less than a hearty recommendation. If you have the capacity to play this with 4 friends, go download it.

Personally, this has some of the best tracks of the series.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Gradius III:

Matmax, "i like this game but think its to easy"

Have you tried boosting the difficulty in the options list? I've never found this to be easy on difficult.



Marvel_Maniac commented on USA VC Release: Mega Man 2:

Downloaded it at 12:09. Finished it (on Difficult) just now (1:15). Man do I love this game. I already have it on the Anniversary edition AND the original cartridge and this was absolutley $5 well spent. The Wii controller feels just perfect AND I can save whenever I want at the exact spot I want. This is a must for any Mega Man fan or platforming fan. Oh, and if you haven't played this game before, don't let my hour finish time delude you into thinking this is an easy game. It isn't, I've just got everything memorized.

Oh, and Tony (comment #40) as far as you're comments are concerned (re: Metal Man first on Difficult) I did that, and it was great. I usually kill all of the robots with my P-shooter. I can kill all of them "first" on difficult except for Air Man. I need an E tank to beat him without the Wood Shield. This isn't me tooting my own horn, I just thought you'd like a response



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mega Man 9 Release Dated For Japan:

As it SHOULD be! I don't want to pay $10 for a game that I can finish in an hour!

Mr.chippy, I'm pretty sure Canada is in North America, so, we may be getting it on the 22nd. Though, I really can't see us getting this game BEFORE the Japanese. Has that ever happened before?



Marvel_Maniac commented on Secret of Mana:

I have tried and RE-tried to get into this game. I've played it over and over again hoping that somehow I'll care for the characters or enjoy the storyline and to this day I have not been able to do it. I first rented this when it was released for the SNES and I had problems with the difficulty. Years later, on the emulator I realize that it's not the difficulty that I dislike, its the fact that I do not care about these characters. If an RPG can't do that in the first hour of gameplay, then there's nothing for me here. I won't be downloading this when it becomes available.



Marvel_Maniac commented on EarthBound:

From reading the above comments, this game has me concerned. Mickeymac said he had been playing for 30 minutes and didn't like the gameplay of the battles and the reply was "all of your complaints about the battle system will be resolved in the next hour or two of gameplay". An hour or two of gameplay? Do I want to sit through agony for an hour or two in order to get to decent gameplay? That doesn't sound right. There is no way I'd read through 50 pages of a novel that was completly boring and repetitive simply because someone assured me it will get better after a while. Shouldn't a game be fun from the beginning?

I was already going to stay away from this game because I've heard its too "kiddy" and lacks any sort of real RPG depth. Guess these comments solidified it for me.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse:

I've never been able to play through this game "officially". Emulator's have crappy control schemes anyway- I'd much rather own this and beat this as it was meant to be played. Can't wait to see this along with the other three on my VC window.



Marvel_Maniac commented on The Legend of the Mystical Ninja:

I didn't want to buy this. My friend came over and insisted- he even told me he would buy his OWN Classic Controller if I would do it (he doesn't own a Wii, he said he would leave the controller at my place). So I did it. And?

I WILL NEVER PLAY THIS GAME ALONE. I hate it. It is only bearable with a second player, and even then, I have a friend who has played and beat this game before, so that makes it a little easier. If I had to do this on my own, you'd better believe I'd put the controller down after a few minutes.

This is coming from a guy who has no problem grinding through Final Fantasy (NES), Zelda II, Metroid or any other games that demand commitment and challenging gameplay. I really just don't care (and don't see why I SHOULD care) about either of these characters, and, seeing as I'm not Japanese, I don't have a cultural resonance with this mythology. I actually have an interest in learning about all sorts of mythologies, but this game is not the venue of choice. I would recommend to all who read this (and are considering this purchase) to really consider this point.

Read what everyone else has said and understand that there is porbably a 50-50 chance you might like this game. It could go either way. This is such a niche type of game that you've got to consider yourself adventurous as a gamer/consumer. I'm not saying people CAN'T like the game, and clearly there are many (specifically those listed here, and my friend) but you should consider yourself warned.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Axelay:

After being disappointed with Star Soldier: is this much of an improvement over that game?



Marvel_Maniac commented on Balloon Fight:

I remember playing this at my cousins house as a kid at Christmas gatherings. Back at that time, games like Excitebike and Balloon Fight were just so new that I thought they were incredibly deep and fulfilling. Turns out that nowadays, they aren't. Still fun though, I've bought Balloon Fight, but will hold off on Excitebike.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Bomberman '93:

I just don't have enough people around, enough of the time to play multiplayer. This was sort of a waste of a purchase for me because I don't care very much for the single player game. I REALLY should have wated for the Wii Ware Bomberman so I can play with people whenever I like. It can be the middle of the night and I can still strike up a game with 8 people!

This Bomberman however has been deleted off of my Wii after one or two play sessions...



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:

I can't decide whether or not to get this. Has anyone played this AND Ninja Gaiden or Super Ghouls and Ghosts? How would you compare the difficulty to those sort of games? Even to Casltevania? I'm interested to know.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts:

The MD version is easier? Oh man, I didn't know that. I sort of wish I had downloaded that one instead. After my earlier post I've started to realize that this game has little replay value for me. Unless I feel like screaming and throwing stuff, I won't play it. I beat it the first time and have since deleted it from my system. I just can't get the gall up to go through that angsty torment a second time. Maybe next year...



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario Bros.:

I actually never owned this game until the end of the NES. We bought the NES on its own, then went out and bought the grey Zapper seperately. Then bought Duck Hunt seperately. I'm not sure if we even knew about the bundle pack system, but my first Mario game was Mario 2. I did, however play this game at friend's houses, so I'm not a Super Mario virigin. So yeah, I'm probably the only person who has Duck Hunt and Mario on different cartidges. Love the old-school grey Zapper though.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

I think this is a difficult one to get newer players to try. Like Metroid it feels like you sort of had to BE there at the time. I know its possible for anyone to enjoy, its just not going to be as likely. Still, a great game and we played this little guy like crazy! In fact, I remember my mom even got in on it. Once, my brother worked his way to Wart (last boss) with 99 lives. My mom came in and said "I want to beat a Mario game, let me try."

I kid you not, she actually lost 98 lives. On the last life my brother was screaming at her, trying to get the controller back. She wouldn't let him. On her last life, she killed Wart! You can't make up a childhood like this folks.

If you are a Mario fan: PLAY THIS! It really is hard, but good fun. Plus, it introduced the Shy Guys!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

"Restart the whole entire damn level just for running out of lives?"

Ha ha. Um, yes? That's what happens my friend. If it helps, play with a friend. If you run out of lives, the only levels that will be reset are the ones that you completed. His will remain defeated (unless he gameover's too).



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

Yeah, I don't get what the deal is with people wanting to cheap out with Mario All-Stars. Truthfully, it loses something in the conversion. I feel that the precision of the sprites is "off" a little. For true mastery (and I think, appreciation) of the game, you've got to go old-school. And lets be honest here people, playing the original Mario games is a MUCH more forgiving experience than trying the first Zelda, Metroid or Final Fantasy. In fact, I just turned on my Wii the other day and a family friend had their little boy (10) over and he instantly took an instant liking to it (and played pretty well to boot!). This is absolutley my favourite of the series, but not because its a BETTER game than Mario World, but because it is my preferrable choice. I just like the style and items. And who can forget the movie, The Wizard?



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:

Update: for anyone confused on what happened to me, well, I'm an idiot.

I didn't read the user manual before playing and didn't realize you could run. My tricky spot? Solved by running and jumping. Thanks goes out to the guys on the vc-reviews forums! Thanks! Love this game!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Metroid:

Hey, if Mother Brain is too easy for you, try finishing her with less energy tanks, or less missles. Have you collected 100% of the items? Have you achieved the fastest time? Lots of reasons to replay it (or turn the difficulty up).

Does anyone think there is any chance of Game Boy Games coming to the VC? Has Nintendo ever issued a statement to the effect that they WON'T but up GB games, EVER? I mean, imagine $3 in order to download Metroid II? I think its just a shame that more people cannot play/finish that game due to hardware restrictions.



Marvel_Maniac commented on The Legend of Zelda:

I'm an idiot for buying the Zelda Classic release for GBA. I really should have waited to buy it on the Wii (which I now have). Same thing with the Mega Man games, I bought the anthologies but I would very much prefer to used the VC system of saving mid-game, and easy to pick up and play usability of the Wii menu.

Be that as it may, this game brings back a lot of memories. I remember renting this game when all I owned for my NES was Duck Hunt and Gradius. We came home and started it up and just watched the opening screen. Immediately we were caught up in its fantastic, epic nature. THAT is worth more words than I can use to describe the feeling. Unfortunatley, I fear that most newer gamers will never be able to get that same feeling of mystery and excitement from booting this game up. Even with the newer games like Twilight Princess, the mystery is lessened by the fact that this is an old series. Back in the day, we had no idea what to expect. It was all entirely fresh and new. Maybe this is how people felt about the ground breaking art of the Renaissance. That really IS what we are talking about here with these NES games: a Renaissance of gaming. Love it.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

I find it interesting that the biggest complaint about this game is usually from people who are younger gamers, or, at least, from people who hadn't played it before. What is the complaint? That its too different? Second to this is a complaint about its difficulty. So what I'm hearing here is that these people don't like a challenge (valid I suppose, there ARE different types of gamers) and also that they don't like change or inventive ideas (not terribly open minded if you ask me). Humanity already has a crappy history of hating something because it is different. If you don't like this game, give it a decent critque of why, but don't tell me its because "ITS NOT ZELDA". <stomps foot> <wrings hands> <tear> <cry> <tear>

That really doesn't cut it. You know, the first people who played Metal Gear? Would their complaining that Metal Gear Solid's changed format for PS1 be useful in an intelligent forum? Probably not. Let's talk about the quality of the game for what it is please. And what it is, is epic, magical and magnificent!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Mario World:

Super Mario 3 is still better IMO, but its the sort of "better" that would also qualify the difference between Mario and Luigi themselves. Neither is intrinsically better- its all just preferrence.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Soldier Blade:

Just downloaded it due to all the rave reviews. To be honest, I don't really see what is here that classifies this as a 5 star game. I bought Lords of Thunder earlier this year and have LOVED the thing to death. It just feels like a MUCH better shooter. Heck I'm enjoing Gradius III more than this. The music is really bland and the weapons feel very limited and unimaginative. I hope Gate of Thunder is a better game, since I was also thinking of buying that.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Super Castlevania IV:

You know what? I'm a HUGE Castlevania fan, but this is probably one of my least favourite in the series. Its okay that I say that, since it still makes it a better game than most games out there. Don't worry, Castlevania for GB is still the worst one in the series, I'm not comparing SC4 to that garbage. I guess this one is just missing the seriously dark mood and theme of some of the other games. Symphony of the Night, Rondo of Blood and Castlevania III do it all very very well, so its hard to compare to them. Nevertheless, this was the second download for my system (just after Super Metroid) so that's got to say something for how cool it is.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Star Fox 64:

I remember going out to buy this the day it was released. We went with my neighbour and his kid brother (+ my bro meant 4). We owned 3 controllers at the time (grey, red and green) and we actually decided to spend the cash on a 4th controller just so we could play non-stop 4 player dog fights with this game. That extra controller served us well in the coming years when we would later get Mario Party, Golden Eye, Smash Bros, Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero X. Ah, high-school...

I've played this so often back in the day that I don't think I'll bother downloading it before games that are new to me. Certainly would be worth the money however.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Sin and Punishment:

So wait, you guys are saying that the GC controller is a better set up than the CC? That doesn't really make any sense. It's GOT to be a preferrence thing. The CC set up/lay out of buttons is actually closer to the N64 controller than the neft up A,B,Y,X abomination on the GC.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Sonic the Hedgehog 2:

This game has brought me one of the most aggrivating moments my career of gaming:

When you collect tons and tons of rings? You know that feeling? And you've got like, over a hundred? And then some stupid random enemy just taps you? AAARRGGHH!!!!!

It's at moments like that, that I opt for Mario again. At least he gets to keep his golden trinkets!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master:

Yeah, I bought this recently as well. I was bored and had a few hour to kill before work. What a great experience. Got myself some raviolli and went to town on this bad-boy. Very entertaining and cinematic feel. For goodness sakes gentlemen: it has a surfing ninja attacking a space/hovercraft! Doesn't get better than this.

Just remember, hold down the attack button to block! He can block most attacks this way!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Paper Mario:

Actually, of the series, so far I like Super Paper Mario the best. The worst thing about it is that it is SO text heavy, but on the upside it is more involving, with tons of platforming elements to keep me happy. Its charming and inventive with the play on 2/D and 3/d effects.

Well, I finished Paper Mario a while ago and it WAS entertaining- yes. Its a solid game but as I play through SM RPG right now, I realize that it is the superior game even though its not part of the trilogy. The one thing I dislike most about Paper Mario games is the lack of extra combatants. I like having a party to use, not Mario and some random "thing".



Marvel_Maniac commented on Ninja Gaiden:

These comments don't leave me with a desire to download this sucker anytime soon. I mean, I KNOW I woll simply because I have II and III and not owning the series would be lame, but it doesn't sound like a picnic. My wife actually prefers to be out of the apartment whenever I play such hard games. She knows I'm likely to throw something...



Marvel_Maniac commented on Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos:

Well to be honest, after my last comments, yes, it isn't as hard as I took it the first time through. Now I play and beat this game on a regular basis without any realy trouble until the end. Once you know the patterns then you've got this think licked. I've actually played harder games. This is really just a gem.

Adamant, I've never recieved a full health bar after beating one of the bosses (to the best of my knowledge). It must be that you're just so good, you never take enough damage to make it obvious!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom:

I actually like this game- not as much as NG II (that would just be silly, wouldn't it?) but I downloaded it before downloading the first Gaiden. I'll tell you why: Ninja Gaiden has terrible colours and its graphics are sub-par for the series. II is excellent all around but III has the nicest detail of the series. Its ONLY harder because of the limited continues. Some of the others (ie: Ness) are right, the bosses are quite easy and the re-spawning problems are gone. I like the game, though I have yet to finish it. I like a good challenge (one that's managable, mind you, not like S. Ghouls and Ghosts) and I personally think the sword upgrade goes a long way to making the game more playable than the first two.

I really don't understand such a low score. Newer players who are unfamiliar with the series may be instantly turned off and never investigate a decent game when they see 2/5. AT LEAST give this thing a 3. Come on!



Marvel_Maniac commented on USA VC Releases: Cho Aniki and Final Soldier:

Um... so if Mega Man 2 hasn't even been released yet, does that mean we'll ever see Mega Man 9 this month? I've been all over the internet looking for a solid release date for that thing and all I ever seem to get is "Sept 08". They have that date for both NA and Japan, but WILL WE ACTUALLY GET IT?



Marvel_Maniac commented on Metroid:

After reading through all of these comments (and there are a lot) one just has to conclude that rating a game like this is exceptionally difficult. The arguement that a "gamer today" who has never played this game before should be warned beforehand, and thus score the game as low as 3/5 in order to convey how "today's gamers" won't like how it has aged is only indicitive of the reviewer's thoughts on said gamers.

If, for example the reviewer thinks that all gamers from all generations are alike, that is, that in all ages of gaming there are both people who play for fun (casual), and there are people who play for total immersion (hardcore), then this game should never be scored on how it has aged. If it was a 5/5 in the 80's then it's a 5/5 now. Why? Well, because any of the complaints about the game such as a lack of a map can be easily rectified by making your own map. We did it back in the day, and if we were smart enough back then, then certainly newer players are just as smart and resourceful.

If however the reviewer feels that gamers have changed- that these "gamers today" are a new breed, who aren't willing to explore non-user friendly environments, make their own maps and sift through online tips and walkthroughs (the closest you can get to NP guides these days) then well, OF COURSe you rate it as a 3/5. Heck, this game is so harsh to the user that it should probably get a 1/5. When I first played this game as a kid, we couldn't get past the first room because we never considered to shoot the door! We took it back to the rental place an hour later and exchanged it.

So we have to decide (or at least declare) what perspective we are using in these forums. I submit that, for any game from the NES era (or older) there should be a seperate ranking system. Not a different review, but two ranks: one for casual gamers and one for hardcore. You can clarify what those two terms mean if you like, but to a gamer who is persistant, commited and resourceful, Castlevania II and Metroid should be getting 4 or 5 stars. Then, safely we can put a disclaimer for anyone who is casually glancing at some of these quaint games of yore and see that for their style or experience of gaming, that this game rates as a 2 or 3.

To continually debate about "old school" versus "user friendly" perspectives, well, its never going to resolve itself. Personally this sucker is an awesome game and I don't think it should be minimized just so new gamers who don't want to put in the same effort as we did (and lets be honest, it was probably harder for us because there was no internet) don't "accidentally" download it. Just disclaim it! I downloaded Super Ghouls and Ghosts and its SUPER HARD! It is so hard, that there is not ONE SINGLE casual gamer I know that would play it for longer than 5 min. It is a cruel and inaccessable game. It got 5 stars... why, because it looks pretty?



Marvel_Maniac commented on Mega Man 2:

I think one of the reasons why we all like this game so much (and most consider it the best in the series) if because of the quality of the bosses. Have you ever noticed how elemental they all are? You have fire (Heat Man), water (Bubble Man), earth (Wood Man), air (Air Man) and metal (Metal Man) and then you have lightning/speed (Quick Man) and ice/slow (Flash Man) and finally bombs/explosions (Crash Man). They are so iconic and they are the best versions of these elemental type characters. Pharoah Man has nothing on Quick Man.

I wish they would have resued these characters in other games, with updates pattens and levels. The only other bosses that had similar "cool" factors were the ones that either used similar iconic powers (such as Gravity Man or Magnet Man) or the animal based ones (like Snake Man). Mega Man's frustration as a series is that they keep repeating these elemental types, but to a lesser success. I think the next Mega Man (after Mega Man 9) could stand to see the likes of Mega Man 2 villains!



Marvel_Maniac commented on Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards:

I'm actually a pretty decent Kirby fan. I bought this the first day it came out (never having played it before) for both me and the wife. We both tried it, played it for a few days and now...

Now its been deleted from out channels to make more room for other games. We have yet to finish it. I wouldn't say its a bad game- just, there's no real spark.



Marvel_Maniac commented on Ice Hockey:

I've never really figured out why some people like super realistic, overly complex sports titles for consoles. If people want that sort of experience, they can really just go out and join a sports club. To me, video games are about a fantasy experience, something not quite real. This is why Ice Hockey is among the best sports titles EVERY made in my opinion (only tied by the likes of Wii Tennis). It is so simple, that it becomes the epitome of virtual sports.