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  • News Pre-orders for Mario Kart Ride-on Available at Toys 'R Us in the United States

    Comes with a 100,000-mile or 1-Blue Shell warranty

    Remember that sweet-looking Mario Kart ride-on we reported was coming to the UK later this year? Turns out Toys 'R Us customers in the United States can already put money down on the same set of wheels. Pre-orders for the Super Mario Kart Ride-on are currently open at the Toys 'R Us website. The 6V...

  • Weirdness Listen To The Super Mario Theme On A 3,000 Year Old Chinese Instrument

    A bit trickier to play than a warp whistle, probably

    Doodoo doo do dooo do, dah! - It's the Super Mario theme! Known across the globe and endlessly catchy, this tune has been played on every instrument under the sun, as well a few renditions that should barely count. Hearing a cover version is certainly nothing new, but allow us to present one just...

  • News Super Mario Bros. Stop Motion Pixel Art Kickstarter Campaign Hops Over Its Target

    Funding goal passed with weeks of funding remaining

    Nintendo's titles, particularly of the retro variety, inspire many fan projects in the form of music albums and, of course, videos. One example we highlighted in the past was an impressive stop motion video featuring the original Donkey Kong, which was remarkably produced with beads. That was the...

  • Weirdness Super Mario Bros. Record For Lowest Score is Beaten

    A 500 point play-through done without tool assistance

    Normally while playing a game, the goal for most people is to see how many points they can rack up; more often than not they aim for the most points possible. There are, however, a select few who flip that idea on its head and shoot for the lowest score possible. Going out of their way to avoid...

  • News Mario Kart Ride-on Racing into the UK Later this Year

    "Billy, why'd you peel all the bananas?"

    Let's admit it: some things just feel wasted on the young. With Nintendo stating its desire to increase its IP licensing, those of us who are adults can at least get away with buying the new plushies and figures and such that will come of this. But a licensed replica of Mario's very own Mario Kart as a...

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review NES Open Tournament Golf

    Par for the course

    If there's one specific niche of which there is no longer any shortage, it's sports titles featuring Mario. The iconic plumber's unlikely prowess at just about any athletic challenge is now extensively and frequently documented, with the likes of Mario Tennis and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games gracing home consoles on a...

  • Weirdness This Mario Golf Bag Could Help You Hit the Links in Style

    Hole in one

    Mario Golf: World Tour arrives on 2nd May in North America and Europe, ending a fairly long wait for the latest entry in the popular series. With Mii integration, customisation and online tournaments and communities on the way, it's looking like a promising prospect for a below par — in a good way — score. Nintendo's clearly keen to...

  • News These Mario Figures Are All Kinds of Awesome

    He has that 'cheeky chappy' grin

    We do like collectibles here at Nintendo Life, and figurines can be a nice way to decorate our homes with our favourite heroes. While Link is no stranger to gorgeous figurines, Mario's presence is often in the form of plushies, so it's pleasing to find some figures that, while lacking the complexity of Figma...

  • News Super Mario Hopping Into McDonald's Happy Meals in the UK

    And hopefully elsewhere

    When considering some challenges facing Nintendo in the current market, it's common for fans to bemoan what they consider to be undercooked or uninspiring advertising and marketing. To take the undercooked description one step further, there is some positive news for those in the UK that feel the Nintendo brand needs more...


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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

    Super Masochist Bros.

    Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is the famously difficult, Japan-only sequel to the titular plumber's breakout NES hit, expanding on the original formula with deviously challenging level design and obstacles. Western audiences were instead given the comparatively easy 'Super Mario USA' (a re-skinned translation of Nintendo's...

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    3DS eShop / NES

    Review Mario Bros.

    Subpar Mario

    Mario and Luigi’s adventures have been nothing short of fantastical over the years, to the point where you could be forgiven for questioning their occupations as plumbers. But despite the brothers’ incredibly varied employment history as doctors, sportsmen and racing drivers — in which they’ve rarely called upon their supposed...

  • Preview Japanese Gamers Get Their Free Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Download

    Can't grumble at free, right?

    European gamers have to wait a few weeks longer yet, but lucky Japanese 3DS owners should have already received their free download codes for this fondly-remembered port of a gaming legend. First impressions of Super Mario Deluxe aren't, however, particularly good – the VS. game mode and print options simply don’t...

  • News Mario's Iconic Hat Is Now Available From Club Nintendo Australia

    Don't go plumbing without it

    After a surprising end to 2013, Club Nintendo Australia has kicked off the New Year with a bang, adding Mario's famous hat to the local catalogue. As the description on the catalogue states: This is a true-to-life replica of the iconic red hat worn by Mario. Keep it as a collector item, and display it with pride...

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Super Mario Bros. 3

    A truly super Mario game

    Super Mario Bros. 3’s recent arrival on the Wii U eShop seemed like a conspicuously low-key affair compared to the considerable hype that surrounded its hugely anticipated original release back the early nineties. However, that doesn't mean that the lack of booming fanfare should be interpreted as a cause for concern; over...

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    3DS eShop / GBC

    Review Mario Tennis

    Courts of Appeal

    For whatever its name is worth, Mario Tennis doesn’t feature a lot of the red guy — at least at first. That may come as an initial disappointment to some who were drawn to the M-word. Now if you came for the “tennis” part, well, that’s a whole different story. Mario Tennis will let you get into a game right off the...





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