Yes, it's a bit of a slow news day! So what better time to take a look at this range of newly launched, officially licensed swimming shorts from Merchoid?

The three sets of Mario swimming shorts feature characters from the game, with one of them having a funky NES Remix style, while the Zelda swimming shorts feature the Hylian Crest and storyboard style artwork from the Zelda games.

Speaking about the brand new swimwear collection Merchoid's Community Manager, Jessica Adams, sought to rubbish stereotypes while still calling us geeks:

The stereotype that geeks spend all their time in darkened rooms is totally wrong, and we think this new range of swimming shorts will prove it. Whether your Summer holiday destination is Koopa Beach, Lake Hylia or you've booked three weeks off to go to the Water Temple, we've got the gear to make your holiday twice as much fun!

The shorts are priced at £27.99/€38,99/$34.99, which includes worldwide free delivery but is arguably quite a lot for shorts. Will you be investing in a pair to show off your love of Nintendo by the pool this Summer, or sticking with those skimpy speedos you love so much?

To repeat, yes, it's a bit of a slow news day.

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