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It's been the worst-kept secret in quite some time, but Ubisoft finally formally lifted the lid on Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle during its E3 press conference. The previous extensive leaks were, as expected, on the money - Ubisoft has no doubt been hunting moles for a number of weeks. It's out soon, too, with a 29th August release date.

As expected it's a hugely colourful game in which the Rabbids bring their trademark chaos to the Mushroom Kingdom. Essentially a turn-based strategy RPG, you explore and then fight with the varied characters to clear battlegrounds from an isometric angle.

Ubisoft @ E3 2017
Image: Ubisoft
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The eight different characters shown (half of them Rabbids plus Mario, Yoshi, Luigi and Peach) have their own distinct weapons, while we also saw some teases of tougher foes and bosses.


There's an extensive official website to check out, too.

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