While Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle proved an unexpected fusion hit here in the West in 2017, the mashup of iconic plumber and Ubisoft mascots has yet to make its debut in Japan and the rest of Asia. With a release date tentatively set for 2018, one eagle eyed site has noticed the game may be getting some extra DLC in the summer.

The tweet from Switch Indies, which you can see below, shows a listing on the Japanese Switch eShop, detailing what looks to be a June release date for the anticipated story expansion. While we're still waiting to hear when the continuing adventures of the world's most bizarre team will hit the West, it seems Japan already has a date marked on its calendar.

Of course, this could be a placeholder, but a release date later in the year certainly makes sense to align the DLC schedule with the game's arrival in the Asian market. So what do you guys make of it? Do you want more Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on Switch? We certainly do...