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Super Mario Odyssey has become the toast of the speedrun community, but not every time-minded player has the game's final credits in mind. Some are all about a bit of skin - Mario's skin, that is. Turns out being the fastest player to unlock his rather fetching red shorts (which require you to reach the game's third world, the Sand Kingdom) has become all the rage, and one player just smashed the current 'record' in just 10 minutes.

Streamer and SMO speedrunner extraordinaire Stravos96 is the man with the impressive new record, which smashed the previous time of 24 minutes (held by DaddyWalrus since mid-November - we've embedded the video below for speedrun posterity). Stravos96 has been streaming his attempts since December and all that hard work has finally paid off. Looks like the race for the 'Nipple%' record (yup, that's really its name) is just starting to heat up.

Have you ever attempted a speedrun before? Think you could get Mario down to his unmentionables in less time? We want to hear from you...