We always knew Super Mario Odyssey was going to be a big game, what with its numerous kingdoms and all that good stuff, but until the most recent Nintendo Direct we didn't know just how big.

At one point during the presentation it could be seen that one of the many worlds you'll get to explore - called the Sand Kingdom - has a total of 69 Power Moons to collect in just that Kingdom alone. After a quick bit of so-called research and so-called maths, we've managed to determine that with a conservative estimation of 60 Power Moons per Kingdom, 9 confirmed Kingdoms and one additional Kingdom leaked on the packaging for the Mario and Peach wedding amiibo, there must be at least 600 Power Moons to collect.

It gets even crazier when you consider that all previous mainline 3D games in the Super Mario series had either 120 or 121 Stars or Shine Sprites to grab, meaning the latest entry in the series has more primary collectibles than all of these previous entries combined.

If you want a more detailed rundown of how we reached this number then make sure you give the video above a quick watch. It's not long, and we've been told it's quite entertaining.