It's common knowledge that Ubisoft are the ones behind the ever-intriguing Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle on the Switch, so goodness only knows what could be inside a suspiciously blank box from their UK headquarters.

Obviously we know, as we had to open it to record the video, but we wanted to keep it as much as a surprise for you as us, so a blind unboxing was in order. If you're curious about the contents of this elongated box of mysteries, make sure you check out the video above. If you're not really fussed, check it out anyway as a favour to us.

We'll have much more on Mario's strangest outing to date next week, so keep your sights set on Nintendo Life for a full review of the mascot crossover in the coming days. Do you fancy of the loot our lucky Youtube man received? Will you be picking any of these baubles up along with the game? Let us know with a comment below, and happy viewing.