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  • Review Just Dance 2018 (Switch)

    Strut your stuff

    Just Dance is a series that likely needs no introduction; for the last nine years Ubisoft has regularly released a new version of its smash-hit franchise every October, helping the franchise’s sales to reach staggeringly high figures. This year is (predictably) no different as Just Dance 2018 takes over as the newest entry, hoping...

  • Video Here's the Full 'Just Mario' Song in Just Dance 2018

    Do the Mario!

    Some observant readers will have seen, in our recent 'Out Today' post, that we were both amused and baffled by the 'Just Mario' song that's found in Just Dance 2018. Ubisoft's trailer for the routine certainly caught our eye, in any case. If you want to know just how Mario dances when trying to impress Princess Peach, Nint